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Tampon Tax Community Fund

The purpose of the Tampon Tax Community Fund is to allocate the funds generated from the VAT on sanitary products to projects that improve the lives of disadvantaged women and girls. Grants between £5,000 and £10,000 are available via Somerset Community Foundation to support​ ​women​​ ​to​ ​overcome​ ​barriers that​ ​prevent​ ​them​ ​from​ ​fulfilling​ ​their​ ​potential.

Who can apply?

This fund is open for applications from:
  • Registered UK charities
  • Constituted Community groups
  • Companies Limited by Guarantee with charitable aims
  • Community Interest Companies
  • Co-operatives - registered Community Benefit Societies and registered Industrial and Provident Societies
  • Credit Unions
  • Social Enterprises

If you are applying in partnership or as part of a consortium the organisation that submits the bid must be an eligible entity from the list above, this organisation will manage the funds if successful.

Funding to Community Interest Companies and other non-charities may include conditions to restrict funding to charitable objectives only.

What Somerset Community Foundation will fund:
  • Volunteer expenses: budget for training, travel, telephone calls, travel and meals.  
  • Activity costs: budget for resources to facilitate a project/activity; costs that fall outside capital, volunteer or staffing costs, e.g. event catering, volunteer costs.
  • Project staff/sessional staff costs: budget for external consultants and staff who are employed for the specific project/activity that is being funded, including the cost of permanent staff to deliver specific projects.

Who can't apply?

This fund is not open for applications from:
  • groups in receipt of Tampon Tax funding from another funder for the same project, unless it can be clearly demonstrated that this programme is funding different activity
  • statutory organisations, including schools
  • individuals or individual sponsorship

What Somerset Community Foundation won’t fund:
  • Use for activities of a party political or exclusively religious nature.
  • Paid for marketing and advertising.
  • Purchases of capital equipment.
  • Costs reimbursed or to be reimbursed by funding from other public authorities or from the private sector.
  • Interest payments (including service charge payments for finance leases).
  • Statutory fines, criminal fines, or penalties.
  • Trips abroad.

How much is available?

Grants of between £5,000 and £10,000 are available.

How long are grants for?

Grants must be spent within 12 months of the award date. Somerset Community Foundation will ask you to submit a short report back to them within six weeks of the end of your grant. Reminders and a report form will be emailed to you.

What do Somerset Community Foundation want to fund?

The Tampon Tax ​Community Fund ​aims​ ​to​ ​support​ ​women​ ​who​ ​are​ ​most​ ​marginalised​ ​to​ ​overcome​ ​barriers that​ ​prevent​ ​them​ ​from​ ​fulfilling​ ​their​ ​potential. ​The​ ​programme will benefit women and girls, investing in a wide variety of projects that make a tangible and long-term difference to health, well-being, confidence and social/economic activity, as well as addressing equality gaps.

​This​ programme aims to fund ​small​-scale interventions, ​​which​ ​will​ ​make​ ​a​ ​considerable difference to the lives and happiness of women and girls by raising their aspirations and combating the influences that affect their confidence.

Women and girls can be disproportionately disadvantaged by multiple issues which are often complex in nature. Combined with these barriers and differing needs within population and geography, specialist and local support is often necessary. Within this context applicants will need to demonstrate how they meet one or more of the following objectives:
  • Building skills and confidence, for example, supporting women and girls to learn new skills, giving them the ability to apply for new jobs and/or return to the workplace.
  • Improving health and well-being, for example, teaching women how to look after and improve their own mental or physical health and live in good health for longer.
  • Building social networks, for example, connecting women to others they can share similar experiences with, supporting them to feel less lonely, more valued, more able to pass on that support.

Priority will be given to:
  • women and girl organisations
  • grassroots organisations offering localised support
  • organisations working with beneficiaries with multiple disadvantages
  • user-led organisations that have a clear understanding of the needs they are supporting
  • sustainable projects that provide long-term solutions to the people they are helping

Video: Britain's most decorated female Olympian, Rebecca Adlington, discusses periods.

How do I make an application?

The full fund criteria can be viewed here.

The fund is now open for applications and closes on 5 November 2018.

We encourage all applicants to use the online application form, which can be accessed by clicking on the 'Apply for a grant' link below. This form allows you to save draft versions of your application and return to it later (via an email link sent to your inbox).

However, if you require a paper version of the application form then please call 01749 344949.

The form requires you to complete a series of questions about your group and your project, including your budget. You will also be asked to provide a referee (if you have not received a grant from Somerset Community Foundation in the last three years) and upload supporting documents.

Apply for a grant

Somerset Community Foundation, Yeoman House, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 6QN
Telephone: 01749 344949
Email: info@somersetcf.org.uk

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