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Government launches review of exemptions to data handling fees

The UK Government has announced it will review the provisions that exempt some businesses and organisations from paying fees to handle user data, in an ongoing effort to ensure that data protection enforcement is adequately funded.

A new model was announced in Feb 2018 for funding the data protection work of the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Since General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) became law in May, businesses now adhere to a three-tier system of payments of either £40, £60 or £2,900 depending on the size and turnover of the company. Most businesses now pay either £40, if they're a micro business of fewer than 10 employees or have a turnover less than £632,000, or £60 if they're a small business of fewer than 250 employees or have less than £36 million turnover.

There are a number of exemptions for data controllers from paying the charges. This consultation is seeking to obtain views as to whether the current exemptions from paying charges are still appropriate and whether there should be any new exemptions. This consultation will help inform the Government’s decision as to whether any exemptions should be removed and whether any new exemptions should be introduced. 

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