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Processing Meet Entries and Submission of Results to Rankings

Most of the failed data being sent to rankings from Hy-Tek meets is due to the entry club's Team Manager membership data not matching the data stored in the rankings database supplied from the Home Country databases.

Club Meet contacts need to run the report on the Team Manager Data Check page to enable a check that the data you have in your Team Manager matches the data stored in the rankings database. This is not necessary for Sportsystems users where the data is synchronised.

If Club Meet contacts check the report and amend any Queries before submitting any entries for events, event organisers will have no rejections for your swimmers and therefore the times for your swimmers will be uploaded to Rankings with no problems.

Kelly Podbury, Competition Secretary has resent a batch of reports to Rankings who didn't upload all the results for County Championships 2018 sessions 11 & 12.  They now have these and will upload them shortly.

Kelly commented: "I have had to sort out a number of rejections again this year due to incorrect data being submitted with entries - misspelt names, incorrect dates of birth, club mismatches etc. against what is held in Rankings. Please do check beforehand. Any queries found in future County entries may well result in entries not being accepted so please do check to avoid disappointment. Thank you all."

The Competition Entry Check page will allow Club Meet contacts to check that the entrants to a swimming competition being run on Hy-Tek or Sportsystems are current members of a club.

The Competition Times Check page will allow Club Meet contacts to check that the entrants to a swimming competition being run with Hy-Tek Meet Manager are using times from British Rankings. Sportsystems (version 5.3 and above) automatically selects times from British Rankings and does not need to use this service. Many Hy-Tek users do not use the official swimmer or club name as published here. This should be discouraged if the organisers wish the times to be included in British Rankings.

The MRF Results Data Validation page allows Meet organisers to validate results against current members in the rankings system. It checks the .MRF data file generated by Hy-Tek and other systems not using Lenex. Sportsystems users do not need this facility and should validate their data by reading and actioning any error messages in the LenexRank\MEET.LEF or session file.

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