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How do you prepare for an open water swimming event?


It is essential that swimmers prepare and train well in advance for any open water swimming event they choose to enter. Ideally, the training site environmental conditions should be as close to the competition conditions as possible to include water temperature, salinity and water motion (currents and waves).

It is suggested swimmers swim the race distance for shorter races without stopping and 85 per cent of the distance for races over 10km one month to two weeks prior to the race. This is in order to gain the necessary self-confidence and to determine feeding times, food items and support personnel needed.

No one should undertake any competitive open water event unless physically fit, in excellent health, and fully expect to finish. It is advisable for any person undertaking any athletic event to be checked by a qualified medical expert. This is especially important in distance swimming.

The swimmer is responsible for all personal support needs. 


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