What's involved with being a Team Manager?


The Team Manager is vital to the well-being and success of any team. They are responsible for the smooth running of aquatic activities away from the club's home pool. For example at an evening gala all the way through to international competitions. 

There are many different roles which a Team Manager needs to carry out. Some for example are to: 

- Administer and coordinate aquatic teams
- Be the central point of contact for team, staff and parents and provide relevant information.
- Be responsible for the safeguarding and well-being of athletes and staff
- Arrange transport, accommodation and itinaries as appropriate. 
- Be responsible for any lodged protests on behalf of the team.
- Organise kit as required. 
- Prepare and submit event results and reports. 
- Promote positive team spirit and behaviours. 

What skills does a Team Manager need?
Do you have any Top Tips for Team Managers?

For more information on Team Manager roles and how to get involved, please visit the Volunteer section on the Swim England website

If you are interested in becoming a Team Manager or running a course in the Region please contact Stacey Millett (stacey.millett@swimming.org) for more information.


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