What is the Safe Sports Events Management Tool?


All children and young people have the right to enjoy their sport safely. This applies whether playing in a local park, participating in a local club activity or representing their school, county, region or country.

The 112-page CSPU resource, Safe sport events, activities and competitions (PDF), will help you to ensure that you meet the safeguarding responsibilities for your event and take steps to promote the wellbeing of all participants and other young people involved, including volunteers and officials.

It's appropriate for events held anywhere in the UK.

The online safe sports events management tool brings this document to life. The tool allows you to work through all elements of planning an event, at any level, and also provides supporting resources to further assist you.

You do not necessarily need to work through each section of the tool - you can just identify which parts are relevant to you and work through these at the appropriate level.

CPSU Event-planning flowcharts Further CSPU resources


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