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What information can a Club Welfare Officer provide?


To help ensure your children’s safety at swimming clubs here are a few questions you can ask
  • How do I contact you should I need to?
  • Is the club SwimMark accredited? If not, why not?
  • Can I see the club copy of Wavepower and specifically section six which is written for parents?
  • Are there any procedures in place for dealing with concerns, complaints and disciplinary issues and who do I need to approach to raise such issues?
  • Are all coaches and teachers suitably qualified and experienced?
  • Does the club follow Swim England guidance in Wavepower on away events?
  • Does the club follow the Swim England anti-bullying policy?
  • Does the club arrange for all appropriate coaches, teachers and volunteers involved with the supervision of children at the club to attend approved child safeguarding training?
  • Are parents encouraged to watch or become involved in the club and their child’s training in an appropriate manner?


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