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How can we generate income for our club by selling Swim England Awards?


Swim England AwardsMany leisure centres sell awards as part of their learn to swim scheme and generate considerable income by doing so. Here are some of the benefits:

– Awards motivate children thus helping you to retain them within your club.
– Parents/ Guardians can see that their child is progressing.
– Clubs can generate income on each award sold.
– Clubs can use the Adam Peaty campaign to promote the awards.
– There are awards for all disciplines and all levels up to competition.
– SwimMark accredited clubs receive a 5% discount on award purchases.

So is there a business case for selling awards?

If your club has learn to swim and pre competitive squads then yes. The average profit for every award sold is £1. There is also the additional income generated by retaining swimmers within your club programme. 


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