Do you have any Top Tips for Team Managers?


- Welfare is your Number 1 priority
- Keep a diary to record important information and events
- Integrate able-bodied and disabled athletes
- Be clear and consistent with instructions
- Establish protocols within the team
- Know the doping procedures within the sport
- Try to speak to every athlete in the team
- Be prepared for anything
- Know the technical rules of the sport
- Maintain a sense of humour!

Team Management isn't just a club based opportunity - roles are available at County, Regional and National level.

What's involved with being a Team Manager?
What skills does a Team Manager need?

For more information on Team Manager roles and how to get involved, please visit the Volunteer section on the Swim England website

If you are interested in becoming a Team Manager or running a course in the Region please contact Stacey Millett ( for more information.


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