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2016 General Meeting Clubs

Scroll down for audio clips, presentations and documents from the meeting held on 19 Nov 2016 at Ring O'Bells, Ashcott.

Minutes of the Meeting

Audio clip below accompanies slides presented in "County Pathway - condensed version" to representatives attending Somerset ASA General Meeting of Clubs:
County Pathway - condensed version (Slide timings)

Financial Position presentation    (Slide timings)

Development Plan presentation - with apologies to Keynsham for omitting them from Young Volunteer Programme - now amended.  (Slide timings)

Proposed Development Plan 2017/18

Mentoring Workshop Presentation given by Graham Jones who would welcome feedback as he is keen to improve on any areas of his delivery. Please send feedback to Fiona Bowen to pass on to Graham.

Fiona Bowen, County Secretary (fiona@bowenfamily.me.uk) would welcome your “one-liners” on what you felt was positive about the meeting and will in turn be finding out from clubs not attending why they were unable to send a representative.

Some  important information highlighted at the meeting:
  1. Kelly Podbury’s request to ask whoever deals with your Club's meet entries to ensure that swimmers’ details are correct and compatible with the information on the ASA database so that they are not missed off Rankings.
  2. If anyone knows of a SSSM Practitioner (Sports Science Sports Medicine) who may be interested in becoming involved in the County Programme please advise Diane Elliott at the ASA - diane.elliot@swimming.org
  3. Off the Blocks” is new online resource for teachers and coaches. We wish to thank everyone who attended for supporting members, clubs, networks and  colleagues.
  4. Our website and social media are updated daily with information relevant to athletes, club development, committee members, coaches, officials, volunteers and parents / guardians. Videos have been viewed over 400000 times!
Please remember we are here to help and support you, so if you have any questions or need advice / help, then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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