64th Management Committee incl. Swimming Committee 4 Jan 2020

Saturday 4 January 2020 (10am to 1pm) - The Ring ‘O’ Bells Public House, Ashcott

Luncheon was served afterwards.

Please download
- Minutes of Management Committee meeting held on 4 Jan 2020
Minutes of Management Committee meeting held on 7 Sep 2019
- Development Report
- President and Swimming Competition Secretary Report
Synchro Report
- Water Polo Report

The meeting agenda included approving arrangements, dates and Promoter's Conditions for Synchro, Open Water, Water Polo and Masters Championships.

Appropriate Secretaries were asked to ensure these details and any amendments to Promoter's conditions were available for consideration by emailing them to Fiona Bowen prior to the meeting for circulation. The current versions are available on our website on About Us page.

We also had to consider nominations for our President Elect which will be down to the Management Committee, so some food for thought.

Please also note that nominations for the Harold Fern and AH Turner awards are open. We would appreciate consideration whether there is anyone or any club we could put forward as a nomination..

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