General Meeting of Clubs 2018

Saturday 17 November 2018 - The Ring O’Bells, Ashcott (Skittle Alley)
From 10am for coffee, 10.30am followed by lunch at 1pm.

We were delighted to welcome members to our General Meeting and thank Ray Warren, Mark Wells and Kelly Podbury for their superb presentations.  Powerpoint file presentations are marked with pptx below. 

Our main theme of the day was 'Shaping the Future of our Development Meet'.  We received lots of very interesting and useful feedback both during and after this year's Meet.  We felt now, whilst it is fresh in everyone’s minds, was a good time to evaluate and consider the purpose of the Development Meet and whether the criteria and conditions are set to ensure that the right level of swimmer is getting the opportunities they should.  Kelly Podbury led an open forum of discussion on the subject with coaches / representatives from their clubs given the opportunity to air their thoughts and put forward ideas and suggestions. We thank all who wished to be involved in moulding the Development Meet of the future.

There were some lively and enthusiastic discussions, all generally extremely positive.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to make the meeting so successful.  

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