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National PE Institute 2015 - Keynote by Dr Ash Casey

Dr Ash Casey of Loughborough University is a physical educator / practitioner-researcher aiming to make research accessible. "Research in physical education suggests that things are not changing as they might (and perhaps haven't for forty years). In short, we are living out our own collective 'Groundhog Day'. This keynote explores some of these repetitive messages and what we …
Date: 13:14:21 14.10.2015
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  PE

Parental Behaviour in Youth Sport

A webinar from Dr Camilla Knight at Swansea University working with sports coach UK that covers research on parents' behaviour and how children's experience can be enhanced in sport participation.
Date: 17:24:56 30.09.2015
Categories: General
Keywords:  Behaviour

Supplements in Sport from an Anti-Doping Perspective

The recent BASES webinar, “Supplements in Sport from an Anti-Doping Perspective”, is now available for download on the Human Kinetics website. This highly relevant webinar provides an overview of the anti-doping risks associated with nutritional supplements, the potential impact and how to minimise these risks. Presenter, Anne Sargent has been working at UK Anti-Doping for four …
Date: 16:53:03 22.09.2015
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Anti-doping, Webinar