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Open water Swimming: The joys and the myths

Her Spirit is a global community of like-minded women all getting fitter, stronger and healthier together who believe your mind, body and fuel are intrinsically linked and taking small achievable steps will lead to big changes. Regardless of your ability, location or stage of life Her Spirit has something for everyone.  Join an inclusive bunch of women who believe that being fit and health…
Date: 12:04:41 20.04.2022
Categories: Open Water
Keywords:  Tips,Mental Health,Motivation

Rebuilding your Membership: Top Tips for Attracting and Retaining New Members

Over the past year, many clubs have lost swimmers due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In the second session of Swim England's Foundation Coach Conference, delegates were presented with case study examples of how aquatic clubs and coaches have implemented innovative initiatives to attract new members to their clubs. During UK Coaching Week, Swim England Coaching made the session video open …
Date: 09:25:37 11.06.2021
Categories: General
Keywords:  Membership

The Teenage Athlete's Guide to Mental Fitness

Dr Josie Perry is a Chartered Sport Psychologist, working mainly 1-1 with athletes – from novice athletes just starting out through to world champions. She teaches athletes the skills they need to overcome barriers to success and ensures they feel more comfortable and confident when they compete. Josie is also an author, writing features for magazines including cycling weekly. She has writte…
Date: 12:03:14 07.06.2021
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Psychology

Swim training talk

Ian Armiger is a professional swimming coach, former Director of Swimming at Loughborough University, Great Britain Team Head Coach, and Olympic coach.  In the episode below published in Dec 2020, full-time triathlon coach, founder of Scientific Triathlon, and host of the top-rated podcast 'That Triathlon Show', Mikael Eriksson interviews Ian who discusses His coaching style …
Date: 16:35:00 28.02.2021
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Triathlon,Technique

Club Natters Episode 8

This episode of Club Natters, the audio podcast from Sport England's Club Matters, explores LGBT+ participation in clubs. Jamie Hooper (Senior Equality and Diversity Manager at Sport England), Lou Englefield (Director at Pride Sports) and Tom Oliver (Project Officer at Living Sport) discuss the key insight around barriers, enablers and share top tips around what you can do …
Date: 11:09:34 06.07.2020
Categories: General
Keywords:  LGBT+, Participation, Inclusion

Mental Health and Wellbeing

In the April 2019 pilot episode of The Youth Sport Trust podcast, Dr Pooky Knightsmith (Mental Health Educator, Author, Speaker & Advisor), Kate Weiler (Trainer Consultant, Young Minds), Tim Buckle (Skills Mentor, Chimp Management) and Vicci Wells (National Manager - Targeted Interventions, Youth Sport Trust) chat about mental health and wellbeing. From who is most at risk, what needs …
Date: 11:32:55 21.11.2019
Categories: General
Keywords:  Health

Harassment and abuse

What is abuse and how does it manifest itself in sport? In this hard-hitting episode from the BMJ Talk podcast series, Karen Litzy hosts Dr Margo Mountjoy, IOC medical commission, FINA executive board member, and associate clinical professor at McMaster University. Dr Mountjoy explores the various types of harassment, how it can occur, and what safeguards can be put in place to help athletes …
Date: 16:55:30 05.08.2019
Categories: GeneralCoaching

Swimming Technique June 2019

This issue features the science of racing strategies for 100 & 200 distances. Author Curt Altschul, M.S. believes that at no time should a swimmer be going faster than the speed he or she can maintain for the remainder of the race, and that that theory should become the basis for race training and planning. Also read about third-year medical student Jane Ehret, herself a former NCAA Divisio…
Date: 12:24:35 12.06.2019
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Strategy, Physics, Sleep, Shoulder, Technique

Swimming World Biweekly - December 7, 2018

In this issue of SW Biweekly... Is Andrew Seliskar the best NCAA Swimmer? Read about the 2018 U.S. Winter Nationals full Finals recap, Coach Denny Harper's 39 year history with San Diego sees the Tritons move to a Division I schedule, Coach Dante Dettamanti takes a look back at the 50 years of NCAA men's water polo, find out what makes a pool fast, and pick up a few tips on training alone …
Date: 14:45:26 12.12.2018
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Anti-doping, Facilities, Water Polo,

Inclusive sport - transgender participation

In this special podcast LawInSport partnered with the Sport & Recreation Alliance for 'Alliance Learning Week' to produce a short talk that will discuss how sport and recreation organisations can create an inclusive culture, specifically for trans people. The podcast covers current legal guidance and features practical advice from the Amateur Swimming Association’s experience …
Date: 12:44:21 30.10.2018
Categories: General
Keywords:  Transgender, Participation, Inclusion

Tim Don Training Guide

Ironman World Record holder, Tim Don shares his top tips on training, race preparation, what to wear and more, in this new Zone3 sponsored guide.
Date: 10:34:32 18.10.2018
Categories: General
Keywords:  Ironman, Triathlon

Swimming World Biweekly - July 21, 2018

Find out what motivates Ryan Held, go on the record with Water Polo's Kristin Rodriguez and Brenda Villa, get up to date with the latest Swimming news and check out some great tips for swimmers or swim parents. Plus access the 2018 Aquatic Directory.
Date: 16:14:40 27.07.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Stereotypes

Club Natters Episode 2

This episode of Club Natters, the audio podcast from Sport England's Club Matters, focuses on volunteering and gives tips on promoting minority sport.
Date: 11:08:18 15.06.2018
Categories: General
Keywords:  Volunteering

What limits sporting performance?

A great conversation between the fascinating Dr Alex Hutchinson and sports physiotherapist Chris Napier. Alex Hutchinson will be known to many because of his sports writing for Runners World (in the past) and Outside Magazine (now). He spent 9 years asking the question that is the title of this 'BMJ talk medicine'podcast – you get the answers in 20 minutes! In addition to the discus…
Date: 11:15:47 17.05.2018
Categories: General
Keywords:  Muscle, Mind

Swimming Technique Magazine March 18, 2018

This issue features stories on the Nations Capital Swim Club's success from the 2017, Wayne Goldsmith on coaching, an analysis of the new format for the World Cup Series, articles on special training sets for college and age group swimmers; a dryland training program to improve your starts; heart rate response during repetition training; and great photo technique tips.
Date: 10:05:29 20.04.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Starts, Dry-land, Repetition

S&PA Professional - Autumn 2017

Dive into the Autumn 2017 issue of the membership magazine of the Chartered Institute of Sport and Physical Activity for an immersive look at the increasingly popular sport of wild swimming with author and experienced wild swimmer Daniel Start. Quality scheme Quest dives into swimming lesson accreditation. S&PA also joins athlete and physiotherapist Laura Penhaul on the road to learn …
Date: 09:29:15 17.11.2017
Keywords:  Wild, Accreditation, Technique, Finance

Stop swimming upstream - a new model for swimmer’s shoulder

Struggling with swimmers and their shoulders? It’s something clinicians struggle with, and have been for a long time. This BMJ podcast tackles the subject head on and how to move the model from external impingement to anterior superior internal impingement (ASII). Andrew Delbridge and Craig Boetcher join the podcast from Australia. Craig completed his PhD through Sydney University …
Date: 08:14:50 26.06.2017
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Shoulder, BMJ

Nutrition pearls for sport performance

Fresh from the BMJ UK undergraduate student conference, Professor Graeme Close shares pearl after pearl on this top podcast. What do you do in a first consultation? How does nutrition in team sport vary from individual sport? What’s the key to a successful pre-game routine? How should nutrition change when an athlete is injured? Supplements? Coffee? Sleep? Take home tips – all in …
Date: 13:49:59 23.02.2017
Categories: General
Keywords:  Nutrition

20 steps to swimming success

Designed to prepare you and your team mates to each swim 1,000m comfortably, the SwimBritain programmes below are based around training in a 25m pool. There are 20 sessions and plenty of handy tips – so, whether training together or alone, you’ll all be ready for your next swim challenge. Beginner Cards Intermediate Cards Advanced Cards
Date: 13:37:12 14.10.2015
Categories: General
Keywords:  Training

Triathlon Training Plan Zone October

Training plan zone octoberStay injury free. Change your attitude. Nail your open water swim with performance enhancing tips.
Date: 02:52:10 12.10.2015
Categories: General
Keywords:  Triathlon