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Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport

Are you eating enough to fuel your active life? Are you training too often or too intensely? Could your digestion problems, low mood and frequent injuries be a sign that you haven’t got the balance right? In episode 24 of the Active Health show recorded: 24 Feb 2022, Dr. Juliet McGrattan is joined by leading sports dietician Renee McGregor to dive deeply into the condition of Relativ…
Date: 19:41:38 06.04.2022
Categories: General
Keywords:  Nutrition,Red-S

Eating disorders 1 – Exploring terminology

In part one of a five part mini series on body image, weight management and disordered eating in sport, the CPSU talked with Dr Carolyn Plateau, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Loughborough University and former 800 metre international athlete. This content may be sensitive to some individuals, it may bring up distressing memories, thoughts or feelings. If you need further support or know …
Date: 15:28:25 06.09.2021
Categories: General
Keywords:  Nutrition,Welfare,Eating Disorder

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport

In Session 66 episode of The Physio Matters Podcast,  Jack M. takes over the interviewing duties, recorded live at The COPA show in London and talks in great detail to Anna Boniface (@AnnaBoniface) about Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport or RED-S. Anna is an absolute expert in this field lecturing on the subject but also with personal experience as an Endurance Athlete, her insigh…
Date: 10:33:05 26.06.2019
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Red-S