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Catching Breath

'Catching Breath' is a film from Fierce Beastie Productions about the healing power of cold water swimming. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Scotland has witnessed a spectacular rise in those participating in cold water swimming. In a country that enjoys thousands miles of dramatic coastline, an abundance of beautiful lochs, waterfalls and rivers, folk up and down the country …
Date: 10:30:11 29.05.2022
Categories: Open Water
Keywords:  Health

Tonic of the Sea

'Tonic of the Sea' is a 2017 mini-documentary from Jonathan J Scott Films showing the link between mental health and sea swimming. Katie swims off the rocks of Penzance, UK nearly everyday of the year. Open water swimming has helped her overcome some of the struggles that life all too often throws our way. The hope is that her story may help others who are faced with similar …
Date: 10:22:33 29.05.2022
Categories: Open Water
Keywords:  Mental Health,

Huw Edwards, Talking Sport & Tech

The first episode of Talking Sport & Tech podcast featured Huw Edwards, CEO of ukactive, the not-for-profit health body with a mission to get More People, More Active, More Often. Huw has played a key role in shaping ukactive’s strategy, as well as leading the organisation’s engagement with government.   In this episode, Huw shares how his career to-date has been …
Date: 09:28:01 18.05.2022
Categories: General
Keywords:  Leadership

Open water Swimming: The joys and the myths

Her Spirit is a global community of like-minded women all getting fitter, stronger and healthier together who believe your mind, body and fuel are intrinsically linked and taking small achievable steps will lead to big changes. Regardless of your ability, location or stage of life Her Spirit has something for everyone.  Join an inclusive bunch of women who believe that being fit and health…
Date: 12:04:41 20.04.2022
Categories: Open Water
Keywords:  Tips,Mental Health,Motivation

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport

Are you eating enough to fuel your active life? Are you training too often or too intensely? Could your digestion problems, low mood and frequent injuries be a sign that you haven’t got the balance right? In episode 24 of the Active Health show recorded: 24 Feb 2022, Dr. Juliet McGrattan is joined by leading sports dietician Renee McGregor to dive deeply into the condition of Relativ…
Date: 19:41:38 06.04.2022
Categories: General
Keywords:  Nutrition,Red-S

Playing The Hand You're Dealt With: Siobhan-Marie O’connor

Siobhan-Marie O'Connor is an Olympic Silver Medalist & World Champion Swimmer who was forced to retire from her sport at the age of 25 due to health complications caused by Ulcerative Colitis. Siobhan's story is one of how against physical struggle she was able to make it to the top and achieve success. In Episode #93 of the Raising Your Game Podcast published in Sep 2021, Lewis …
Date: 11:05:17 10.03.2022
Categories: General

The Open Water Swim Traverse

On 17 October 2019 at 13:45 pm, a team of six swimmers set out to cross the Mediterranean Sea in an Open Water Swim Traverse from Cyprus to Lebanon. The swim, which covered an average distance of 180 km, was undertaken to raise awareness on the harmful impact of single-use plastics in the Mediterranean Sea. Each swimmer swam an average of 30km; equivalent to 3 marathons in 2.2 days! In doing …
Date: 10:29:33 01.09.2021
Categories: Open Water

Identity: Siobhan-Marie O'Connor

Simon Mundie has made it his mission to share a fresh approach to self-development, inspired by insights he has gathered from some of the best performers in the world. As one of Britain's best swimmers, Siobhan-Marie O'Connor's sense of self-worth was often bound up with her performance in the pool. When she recorded the third fastest time in history at Rio 2016, she was on cloud …
Date: 14:41:46 22.06.2021

The Coalition Tackles ... the wellbeing crisis

In the first episode of The Coalition Tackles... Ollie Dudfield, Executive Director of the Sport for Development Coalition chats with Hayley Jarvis, Head of Physical Activity for Mind about the role of sport and physical activity in tackling the mental health and wellbeing crisis brought on by COVID-19.
Date: 09:12:51 11.04.2021
Categories: General
Keywords:  Mental Health,

Michael Phelps opens up about his struggles with mental health

"Outside The Lines" is an Emmy Award-winning show on ESPN that examines off the field trends and issues in the world of sports. Decorated Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps sat down with Jeremy Schaap  to share his journey with depression and discusses the impact of other athletes coming forward with stories of their own struggles with mental health. View video below and article…
Date: 10:24:01 19.05.2020
Categories: General
Keywords:  Mental Health,Depression

Recovery Experience

​Leisure-net provides Customer Insight, Business Intelligence and Consultation services to the cultural services, active leisure, health and fitness industries. The  key objectives of Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport' (LRS) are to increase participation and widen access to sport and active recreation. See and hear how Active Partnerships are working within localities in Leisure-ne…
Date: 14:09:15 09.05.2020
Categories: General
Keywords:  Partnership,Recovery

How can athletes use this period of lockdown to work towards long term success?

The ‘Experts in Sport’ podcast is a regular series that brings together experts from across Loughborough University with external thought leaders to discuss the latest research and hot topics in sport and academia. With competition across the globe currently on pause, attention within sport has turned to maintaining athlete health and well-being. In episode 11 of the Experts …
Date: 19:15:10 05.05.2020
Keywords:  Health,Illness,Training,Immunity

Athletes’ mental health - a major issue

Assistant Dean at McMaster University, member of the FINA (World Swimming) and the IOC Working Group on Mental Health in Athletes, Dr Margo Mountoy (MD, Dip Sport Med [CASEM], PhD) shares practical insights in Episode 421 of the BMJ Talk Medicine podcast.. What 4 things should a team physician do to help an athlete who has mental health symptoms or a diagnosed mental health disorder? Read …
Date: 13:02:44 19.03.2020
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Mental Health,

Technology Use and Mental Health

A new study into young people’s mobile phone use and the effects it can have on their mental health has found that it matches addictive behaviour. 23% of young people that took part in the study from King’s College London displayed behaviour consistent with addiction, including anxiety over being unable to use their phone, being unable to moderate the time spent using mobile phones,…
Date: 16:55:43 03.12.2019
Categories: General

Mental Health and Wellbeing

In the April 2019 pilot episode of The Youth Sport Trust podcast, Dr Pooky Knightsmith (Mental Health Educator, Author, Speaker & Advisor), Kate Weiler (Trainer Consultant, Young Minds), Tim Buckle (Skills Mentor, Chimp Management) and Vicci Wells (National Manager - Targeted Interventions, Youth Sport Trust) chat about mental health and wellbeing. From who is most at risk, what needs …
Date: 11:32:55 21.11.2019
Categories: General
Keywords:  Health

Optimizing Athletic Recovery—The Importance of Sleep Pt1

One of the most important aspects of athletic performance is something we all do for a third of our lives, but until recently, had rarely been discussed. In the first of this two-part BMJ Talk Medicine episode, Dr. Krys Bigosinski and Dr. Cindy Chang discuss the role of sleep in sports medicine. They cover topics including the role of sleep in sports performance, the challenges of travel …
Date: 12:31:35 08.11.2019
Categories: General
Keywords:  Sleep

Youth Athlete Development (IOC Consensus): Specialisation, Talent Identification, Injury Prevention

"The goal is clear: Develop healthy, capable and resilient young athletes, while attaining widespread, inclusive, sustainable and enjoyable participation and success for all levels of individual athletic achievement. Yet, this is a considerable challenge for all stakeholders in youth sports - parents, coaches, administrators, sport governing bodies and, especially, youth athletes" …
Date: 10:56:40 30.09.2019
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Maturation, Injury, Talent

Exploring Coaching and Mental Well-being

In this 2017 podcast UK Coaching explore the positive impact coaching has on mental well-being with Dr Karen Howells, a sports psychologist working as a sports and fitness lecturer at the Open University. The discussion focused on several topics, including: Why coaching the whole person was beneficial for participant long-term welfare; why it is important for coaches to be cognisant about …
Date: 12:20:22 28.09.2019
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Mental Health

Never too Old - 360 Swimming Squad

The documentary video below artistically portrays the story of four Australians who achieved, for the first time in their country’s history, the national age record for the 360 Yrs category in swimming competitions. The youngest member of the team is 87 years old and the oldest is 92. Their combined age is more than three and a half centuries. Their amazing achievement as well as their …
Date: 12:32:07 30.08.2019
Categories: General
Keywords:  Documentary

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport

In Session 66 episode of The Physio Matters Podcast,  Jack M. takes over the interviewing duties, recorded live at The COPA show in London and talks in great detail to Anna Boniface (@AnnaBoniface) about Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport or RED-S. Anna is an absolute expert in this field lecturing on the subject but also with personal experience as an Endurance Athlete, her insigh…
Date: 10:33:05 26.06.2019
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Red-S

Swimming World Biweekly June 6, 2019

In this issue there is a recap of the FINA Champions Series Finals in Indianapolis, an interview with Captain Tom Popp of Navy Water Polo and Annie Lazor wins the 200m breaststroke at the TYR Pro Swim Series, becoming the 9th fastest performer in history. Russia is facing a possible 2020 Olympic ban over allegations of a doping cover-up for high jump champion Danil Lysenko. Japan’s Kosuke…
Date: 12:30:49 12.06.2019
Categories: General
Keywords:  FINA, Health, Entertainment

Plans for Sea Lanes pool on Brighton seafront

Sea Lanes Brighton propose to transform the former Peter Pan site on Madeira Drive, Brighton, by delving deep into its history and culture and reviving competitive and recreational sea-swimming on Brighton Seafront. The vision is to create the UK’s first national open water swimming centre of excellence. As the wider master plan for the area is finalised Sea Lanes will be taking the …
Date: 08:36:01 05.04.2019
Categories: Open Water
Keywords:  Facilities

Swimming World Biweekly - February 21, 2019

In this issue, read about Miranda Tucker on her best season yet, and how she hopes to help Michigan win its fourth straight Big Ten title. Keep informed about Nathan Adrian's progress in the pool following testicular cancer surgery, as well as Rikako Ikee's recent Leukemia diagnosis. Meet Calypso Sheridan, the Northwestern swimmer from Australia whose speed can't be kept out of …
Date: 10:24:56 25.02.2019
Categories: Water Polo
Keywords:  Health,

The mental health of young people

By many measures the UK is better than it was in the 1950s, but is it a better place in which to be young? Teenagers are more likely to be depressed today than they were during the Great Depression. Self-harm and suicide are on the rise. What’s going on? How far should we feel collectively responsible for the mental health of young people? Improve your promotion of postive mental health …
Date: 11:58:34 07.02.2019
Categories: General
Keywords:  Mental Health,

Time to Share

A very high percentage of posts on social media generated by Clubs and parents around swim meets  celebrate medal successes. And while there may be hundreds of 'medal winners' during weekends of competition, it's still only a small proportion of overall numbers competing in our sport. There will be many progressive 'steps' before athletes demonstrate podium potential …
Date: 13:29:34 29.01.2019
Categories: General

The Global Syndemic of Obesity, Undernutrition, and Climate Change

Obesity is still increasing in prevalence in almost all countries and is an important risk factor for poor health and mortality. The Global Syndemic Commission is one of a series of initiatives on nutrition led by The Lancet in 2019. Editor Sabine Kleinert and Commissioners William Dietz and Boyd Swinburn define the Global Syndemic and discuss some of the main points from The Lancet Commis…
Date: 12:45:44 29.01.2019
Categories: General
Keywords:  Obesity

Kick Set: Allison Schmitt

In this episode of the USA Swimming podcast, Olympian Allison Schmitt talks about her journey in the sport of swimming and brings awareness to the importance of mental health. Listen on Soundcloud.
Date: 11:37:31 13.11.2018
Categories: General
Keywords:  Mental Health,

Swimming World Biweekly - October 21, 2018

In this issue, read about the importance of mental health as presented by prominent advocates in the swimming world, including Michael Phelps, Ian Thorpe, Missy Franklin, and Allison Schmitt. Ryan Lochte's latest rehab strategy to dominate the Tokyo Olympics, and Sean Hutchison's ban from coaching. Plus, catch up on the latest news from the pools, like the exciting results from the …
Date: 02:27:45 01.11.2018
Categories: General
Keywords:  Mental Health

Movement is Medicine

In this episode of the Yoga Talk Show  with Lucas Rockwood, meet Leon Taylor, Olympic Diving Athlete who is on a mission to share his "movement is medicine" concept with the world,. Listen & Learn: How at just two years old, Leon was already unmanageable How swimming, diving, and gymnastics calmed him down and gave him focus How this physical outlet turned into a passion, …
Date: 13:47:28 18.10.2018
Categories: General
Keywords:  Health

Will one in four people develop a mental health problem?

The claim that “one in four” of us will suffer from a mental health problem is popular amongst campaigners, politicians and the media. But this leads you to a simple question – where is this figure from and what’s the evidence? This was exactly what neuroscientist Jamie Horder asked, and far from being simple, it led him on quite a journey. So do we really know how …
Date: 12:51:55 11.10.2018
Categories: General
Keywords:  Health

Volunteering and Well-being

We might all think that volunteering – through meeting new people, learning new skills and getting involved in your community – is good for wellbeing, but is there any evidence that backs this up? And how can charities and organisations measure the wellbeing benefits of their volunteering projects? On 9 February NCVO brought together more than 50 organisations to discuss all this …
Date: 17:20:56 28.04.2018
Categories: General
Keywords:  Volunteering

Health Club Management Handbook 2018

This essential resource for health and fitness professionals offers an up-to-date guide to the UK health and fitness market, bringing together expert commentary on trends, analysis of the latest consumer research and briefings on industry development, plus 'Who's who' profiles of industry leaders and organisations .
Date: 10:11:32 20.04.2018
Categories: General
Keywords:  Fitness

Cardiac risks of excessive exercise: can too much physical activity damage the heart?

View public lecture by Professor David Stensel, Professor of Exercise Metabolism, Loughborough University from 1 Nov 2017.
Date: 12:38:17 14.02.2018
Categories: General
Keywords:  Cardiac, Exercise, Health

How to keep athletes healthy when travelling

In this BMJ podcast, Sean Carmody is joined by David Dunne to discuss practical considerations for the travelling athlete. During his time with Orreco, David has worked closely with athletes from professional golf and the NBA, most of whom face gruelling travel demands during competition. David and Sean delve into the strategies the practitioner can employ to help reduce the risk of illness, …
Date: 15:01:20 30.12.2017
Categories: General
Keywords:  Travel, Health

Do you know athletes who have a wheeze and get short of breath easily? Surely asthma, right?

Respiratory conditions are often neglected in the world of sports medicine. In this BMJ talk medicine podcast recorded at the famous Centre for Health & Human Performance in London, two world leaders enlighten us on respiratory conditions in sport. Guest Dr James Hull is Consultant Respiratory Physician with a specialist expertise in assessing athletes with unexplained breathlessness. …
Date: 07:52:49 10.10.2017
Categories: General
Keywords:  Asthma, Breathing

Stop swimming upstream - a new model for swimmer’s shoulder

Struggling with swimmers and their shoulders? It’s something clinicians struggle with, and have been for a long time. This BMJ podcast tackles the subject head on and how to move the model from external impingement to anterior superior internal impingement (ASII). Andrew Delbridge and Craig Boetcher join the podcast from Australia. Craig completed his PhD through Sydney University …
Date: 08:14:50 26.06.2017
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Shoulder, BMJ

The science of sports performance and injury prevention

Dr James Bilzon joined the Department for Health at the University of Bath in May 2008 following a 13-year career as an Exercise Physiologist in various Ministry of Defence (MOD) departments. Following a 3-year period as Director of Studies for the MSc in Sport & Exercise Medicine, he became Head of Department for Health in August 2011. He currently holds a number of Honorary appointments …
Date: 12:43:03 23.09.2016
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Sports science, Injury

Health Club Management June 2016

Health Club Management June 2016 Health Club Management is the magazine and online community for decision-makers in the global health club, fitness and gym industry. | Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's millions of monthly readers.
Date: 14:42:43 31.05.2016
Categories: General
Keywords:  Marketing, Health

Health Club Management May 2016

Health Club Management May 2016  Health Club Management is the magazine and online community for decision-makers in the global health club, fitness and gym industry. | Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's millions of monthly reader…
Date: 09:59:02 07.05.2016
Categories: General
Keywords:  Technology, Equipment

The 1st GCC-Aspetar Sports Medicine Conference Sessions

Aspetar hosts the first ever GCC Sports Medicine Conference in April, 2016. Experts from around the world descend on Doha to lead lectures and workshops on topics ranging from athlete to community health. Download Conference Agenda View lectures on a variety of areas, including managing groin pain, sudden cardiac death, imaging in sports medicine, sports injury prevention & Exercise …
Date: 08:38:40 24.04.2016
Categories: General
Keywords:  Nutrition,Injuries,Medicine,Health

Nutrient Timing and Dietary Routines

Often when athletes and coaches think about nutrition they tend to focus on the dilemma of making the best choices in foods and fluids to support health and performance.  However, one other important factor that is frequently overlooked is the structure and routine of their daily diet.  As EIS Performance Nutritionist for British Swimming, Alex Popple produced these guidelines to …
Date: 16:41:55 17.04.2016
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Nutrition, Diet

Health Club Management April 2016

Health Club Management April 2016 issuu . Health Club Management is the magazine and online community for decision-makers in the global health club, fitness and gym industry. | Title: Health Club Management April 2016 issue, Author: Leisure Media, Name: hcm_april2016_issuu, Length: 118 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2016-04-06T00:00:00.000Z
Date: 11:57:14 08.04.2016
Categories: General
Keywords:  Fitness,Loyalty

NHD Magazine March 2016

NHD Magazine March 2016  Issue 112 The Magazine for Dietitians, Nutritionists and Healthcare Professionals | Title: NHD Magazine March 2016, Author: NH Publishing Ltd, Name: issue_112d_web_file_1, Length: 68 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2016-03-04T00:00:00.000Z
Date: 16:40:07 17.03.2016
Categories: General
Keywords:  Nutrition,Diet

Health Club Management February 2016

HCM February 2016   Health Club Management is the magazine and online community for decision-makers in the global health club, fitness and gym industry. | Title: HCM February 2016, Author: Leisure Media, Name: hcm_feb2016, Length: 92 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2016-02-01T00:00:00.000Z
Date: 15:10:25 06.02.2016
Categories: General
Keywords:  Health

Health Cub Management Handbook 2016

2016 is shaping up to be a year of exciting opportunities for the fitness sector. Health Cub Management Handbook 2016 nbsp; Author: Leisure Media, Name: hcmhb16, Length: 260 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2016-02-01T00:00:00.000Z
Date: 15:06:09 06.02.2016
Categories: General
Keywords:  Health

Effects of Quitting Smoking

Looking to boost the health benefits from swimming regularly? Quitting smoking today can result in immediate benefits to your circulation, not to mention adding years and years to your life. Visually created this eye-catching infographic as part of a CVS campaign in conjunction with Huffington Post. Read more by HuffingtonPost.
Date: 12:28:20 09.01.2016
Categories: General
Keywords:  Health

Health Club Management January 2016

Health Club Management January 2016 Health Club Management is the magazine and online community for decision-makers in the global health club, fitness and gym industry.
Date: 13:13:53 06.01.2016
Categories: General
Keywords:  Health

Impact of PE and school sport premium

Research into the impact of the PE and school sport premium has found that 99% of schools reported a positive impact on fitness and healthy lifestyles. The PE and sport premium is a cross-government funding initiative for schools to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision. The results from the current report are from a survey of 586 primary schools in the first year …
Date: 18:11:12 22.12.2015
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Schools, PE

Health Club Management Nov - Dec 2015

Health Club Management November_December 2015Health Club Management is the magazine and online community for decision-makers in the global health club, fitness and gym industry.
Date: 09:20:13 10.11.2015
Categories: General
Keywords:  Health

Health Club Management October 2015

HCM October 2015Health Club Management is the magazine and online community for decision-makers in the global health club, fitness and gym industry.
Date: 09:52:39 22.10.2015
Categories: General
Keywords:  Health

PE and school sport for health

The Association for Physical Education (afPE) has updated their Health Position Paper which outlines the crucial role of physical education (PE) in public health and the promotion of physical activity. This paper introduces physical activity for health guidelines and draws on BHFNC’s resource Interpreting the physical activity guidelines for children and young people to explore …
Date: 09:48:33 22.10.2015
Categories: General
Keywords:  PE, Health

Promoting physical activity in schools

"What works in schools and colleges to increase physical activity?" is a new evidence review by Public Health England designed for head teachers, college principles, staff working in education settings, Directors of public health and wider partners. Eight promising principles have been identified to promote physical activity in these settings. Develop and deliver multi-component …
Date: 09:39:30 22.10.2015
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  PE, Activity

Swimming Biomechanics & Shoulder injuries

Swimming is a sport that requires optimal shoulder mobility and strength in order to compete, train, and perform at an elite level.  Speakers: Dr. Erik Yuill, FRCCSS, DC, MSc, BSc, Mr. Liam Donnelly, SFU Head Coach, Swimming This talk focuses on:  - The biomechanical demands of swimming as it relates to the shoulder.  - Examine how these demands influence the should…
Date: 20:43:22 05.10.2015
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Injuries, Biomechanics, Shoulder

Improving Sporting Performance

The EIS Performance Solutions team work to help coaches and Performance Directors to improve the performance of their athletes by developing the Performance Pathway to feed the pipeline of new talent into sports, optimise training programmes, improve the health and availability to train of their athletes and to maximise performance in competition. EIS: Improving Sporting Performance BrochureThe…
Date: 15:48:09 05.10.2015
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Performance