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iSpy Sound Detective – Swimming Pool

Your favourite CBeebies Sound Detectives find themselves in deep-water on their latest mission. They are transported to a diving competition at a swimming pool to discover which swimmer is soaking all the sandwiches. To fully enjoy this episode turn down the volume on your device, put on your headphones and find yourself transported to a swimming pool, thanks to 3D binaural technology. …
Date: 21:19:41 31.08.2017
Categories: General
Keywords:  CBeebies

Nina and the Neurons: Get Sporty – Swimming and Diving

Have you ever wondered how we swim? Join Nina in this #CBeebiesRadio radio episode to investigate, experiment and find out!; Nina and the Neurons: Get Sporty encourages little listeners to explore the science around sport. In this show we find out how swimmers use their arms and legs to move through the water. What’s your little listener’s favourite thing to do …
Date: 21:15:44 31.08.2017
Categories: General
Keywords:  CBeebies

Shhh, Listen – We're At A Swimming Pool

Splish splash splosh! Where will Alex take us on today’s #CBeebiesRadio sound adventure? Shhh, listen… This series encourages little listeners to engage with the world of sound around them.   
Date: 21:11:50 31.08.2017
Categories: General
Keywords:  CBeebies