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Interview with Jon Rudd

Jon Rudd started coaching swimmers in 1989 and is presently the National Performance Director for Swim Ireland. Along the way he has coached on international teams for seven different nations - Great Britain, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Lithuania, Turkey and Kenya at World and Continental Championships events. He is also the first and only swimming coach worldwide to achieve the Internationa…
Date: 13:34:05 03.07.2022
Categories: Coaching

Perfectionistic Climate Animation

The short animation below by Andrew Hill, Laura Fenwick and Michael Grugan of York St John University introduces the concept of Perfectionistic Climate - informational cues and goal structures aligned with the view that performances must be perfect and less than perfect performances are unacceptable. A perfectionistic climate has five components - expectation, criticism, control, conditional …
Date: 11:34:24 27.06.2022
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Perfection

Ibrahim Aksoy Coach Story

Ibrahim Onur Aksoy is the Swimming Head Coach for the National Women’s team of the Turkish Swimming Federation. Under his leadership Turkish Swimming has won its first women’s medal at the European Championships in 2017 and he is progressively turning Turkey into a powerhouse of swimming. In the interview below with AthlytsCoach, Aksoy shares his coaching philisohpy. Part …
Date: 10:30:00 08.07.2021
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Olympics

The Teenage Athlete's Guide to Mental Fitness

Dr Josie Perry is a Chartered Sport Psychologist, working mainly 1-1 with athletes – from novice athletes just starting out through to world champions. She teaches athletes the skills they need to overcome barriers to success and ensures they feel more comfortable and confident when they compete. Josie is also an author, writing features for magazines including cycling weekly. She has writte…
Date: 12:03:14 07.06.2021
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Psychology

Swim training talk

Ian Armiger is a professional swimming coach, former Director of Swimming at Loughborough University, Great Britain Team Head Coach, and Olympic coach.  In the episode below published in Dec 2020, full-time triathlon coach, founder of Scientific Triathlon, and host of the top-rated podcast 'That Triathlon Show', Mikael Eriksson interviews Ian who discusses His coaching style …
Date: 16:35:00 28.02.2021
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Triathlon,Technique

World Swimming Coaches Association Newsletter 21

Download here.
Date: 13:01:04 06.01.2021
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Strength Training,

Interview with Euan Dale

London 2012 Olympians Amy Smith and Joe Roebuck are committed to giving back to swimming and formed Swim Swift Elite to maximise swimmer potential. GB 2008 Olympian, Commonwealth & European Silver medalist and now Director of Swimming at Millfield School, Euan Dale, talks to Swim Swift Elite in episode 10 of their podcast. The interview covers his athlete to coach journey, the pastoral …
Date: 16:19:25 04.06.2020
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Philosophy,Olympics,LTAD

Athlete-Centred Coaching

The International Council for Coaching Excellence  (ICCE) is a not-for-profit, global organization with the mission of leading and developing sport coaching globally. ICCE members seek to enhance the quality of coaching at every level of sport.  On 15 Apr 2020, ICCE held the online discussion below: What does athlete-centred mean - what behaviours does an athlete-centred coach …
Date: 14:24:20 09.05.2020
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Behaviour,Relationship

Interview with Dr Rod Havriluk

Dr John Mullen of Swimming Science has interviewed Dr Rod Havriluk, an internationally-recognized expert on swimming technique and President of Swimming Technology Research. Dr Havriluk specializes in biomechanics as applied to swimming and has helped improve times for every level of swimmer, including Olympians, while working with teams and individual swimmers in more than 20 countries.
Date: 12:54:26 02.05.2020
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Biomechanics

Strength Training for Swimmers

Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas has a PhD in Biomechanics and is a former Performance Director with USA Swimming and Styku® 3D Biomapping Engineering. Replay Dr Sokolovas presenting four live 45 minutes sessions on FINA's learning platform Part 1 (22 Apr) - exercises to improve strength and swimming technique Part 2 (24 Apr) - strength training methodology when …
Date: 15:13:26 29.04.2020
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Strength

Interview with Mark Skimming

Mark Skimming, head swimming coach at the University of Bath, is used to helping students and athletes reach their peak physical condition. In 2016 he also trained for his own monumental challenge – trekking 6,000m to Everest base camp to raise funds for the hospital that saved his young son.  In Episode 10 of The Poolside Pass podcast, Skimming talks about how he is adapti…
Date: 16:37:59 20.04.2020
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Adapting

Interview with Mel Marshall

Mel Marshall is a former British international swimmer who has won numerous medals for her country as well as Swimming Coach of the Year for her work with Adam Peaty in Derby and later Loughborough. In Episode 9 of The Poolside Pass podcast, Marshall talks about her experiences in the sport, the barriers she faced crossing over from being an athlete to being a coach and her perspective on …
Date: 16:31:51 20.04.2020
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Barriers, Perspective

Interview with Adam Peaty Race Clinics team

Adam Peaty is  one of the most iconic swimmers on the planet.  In Episode 8 of his The Rogue Monkey podcast series, Kevin Pickard, offers insight into the journey of Ed Baxter, a swimmer from Cumbria, Managing Director of the race clinics programme and one of Adam's training partners. Hear from members of the race clinics team Tim Shuttleworth and Harriet West and…
Date: 17:20:35 06.04.2020
Categories: Coaching

Launch of Swim With Jazz

Jazz Carlin has launched an online training platform called 'Swim with Jazz'.  She commented: "With everything going on at the moment and all the uncertainty, I really wasn't sure if now was the right time to put it out there and go live. But, I believe that now more than ever, we need encouragement and support through this time.  "It all started with an …
Date: 00:01:47 21.03.2020
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Training

Athletes’ mental health - a major issue

Assistant Dean at McMaster University, member of the FINA (World Swimming) and the IOC Working Group on Mental Health in Athletes, Dr Margo Mountoy (MD, Dip Sport Med [CASEM], PhD) shares practical insights in Episode 421 of the BMJ Talk Medicine podcast.. What 4 things should a team physician do to help an athlete who has mental health symptoms or a diagnosed mental health disorder? Read …
Date: 13:02:44 19.03.2020
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Mental Health,

Support for parents managing difficult discussions

Richard Shorter - aka Non Perfect Dad, has previously worked with Swim England East Region before supporting parents. Please check out the Swim England East Region Channel on Youtube. Richard shares some ideas on how to manage conversations with athletes at this difficult time in episode 2 of the Region's podcast. If you want to interact with Richard on twitter, he is …
Date: 12:56:08 19.03.2020
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Welfare

Reframing the challenge - It is an opportunity

With so many athletes, parents and coaches facing difficult times due to the currently global situation, Swim England East Region has set up a podcast to help share stories and guidance that they hope will help everyone feel more optimistic. They aim to share resources, ideas and stories on a whole range of areas, covering psychology, nutrition, land work as well as many other themes. Their …
Date: 12:46:01 19.03.2020
Categories: GeneralCoaching

Interview with Jon Rudd

Jon Rudd, National Performance Director at Swim Ireland, is the first and only swimming coach worldwide to achieve the International Coaching ‘Grand Slam’; coaching at least one athlete to all 14 major international gold medals at both senior and junior levels - the Olympic Games, World LC Championships, Commonwealth Games, European LC Championships, World SC Championships, Europe…
Date: 21:20:53 06.03.2020
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Olympics

Setting the Scene on MISW

The Millfield Institute of Sport and Wellbeing supports pupils in everything from their athletic to emotional development.  In Episode 1 of The MISW Podcast hear from its practitioner leads across athletic development, physiotherapy, performance analysis and nutrition who provide insights into the key objectives for each provision and share experiences of MISW work across a number …
Date: 10:12:43 04.03.2020
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Physiotherapy,Performance Analysis,Nutrition

Interview with Dave Champion

Dave Champion has coached on the national team at the Olympics, World Championships and the Commonwealth Games and been at Team Ipswich Swimming since 1988 and . That’s a long time, giving him a wealth of coaching experience In Episode 6 of The Poolside Pass podcast - Coaches talking to coaches about coaching - Champion talks about his experiences in coaching and how he keeps …
Date: 11:05:06 02.03.2020
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Planning

Interview with Ian Armiger

Ian Armiger, a former Loughborough University staff member, devoted 15 years to swimming at Loughborough from 1997-2012. His 40 years’ experience as a professional swimming coach helped a host of swimmers to achieve their dreams.  In Episode 5 of The Poolside Pass podcast - Coaches talking to coaches about coaching - Armiger shares how he managed to build a dominating programme …
Date: 10:59:12 02.03.2020
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Olympics

Swimming Science and USRPT

In this episode of the 'Playing with Science' channel, hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice dive into the deep end, exploring swimming science and Ultra Short Race Pace Training alongside some of the sport’s insiders – Dr. John Mullen, Dr. Brent Rushall, and coach Peter Andrew.  Dr. G. John Mullen graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the Universi…
Date: 16:49:03 14.02.2020
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  USRPT

Millfield Swim Parents Workshop Feb 2020

Millfield Swimming has produced 24 Olympians in its short history and has had a swimmer at every Olympics since 1968 including champions like Duncan Goodhew and Mark Foster. To support their program which produces international, national and regional champions year on year, the Coaching Team live streamed their first Parents workshop of 2020. Topics included: reflections of a sport psychologis…
Date: 16:17:01 14.02.2020
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Psychology,Nutrition

Interview with Emma Collings-Barnes and Greg King-Limb

Emma Collings-Barnes is a former British Open Water Champion who competed at the European Championships, while Greg King-Limb has successfully coached swimmers at a county, regional and national level. They are - respectively - Director of Swimming and Assistant Director of Swimming at Mount Kelly: a school in Devon with a programme that has produced scores of international swimmers, including …
Date: 23:39:13 15.01.2020
Categories: CoachingOpen Water
Keywords:  LGBT,Coaching

Interview with Nik Diaper

Loughborough University appointed Nik Diaper as its new Head of Para Sport from 1 Jun 2019, the first role of its kind within higher education. This episode of the Supporting Champions podcast features an interview with Nik who discusses parasport's rise in global interest, equality, parasport's role in our world and the future of disability sport. Take a listen to a compelling intervie…
Date: 18:53:22 15.01.2020
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Pararport,Disability

Youth Athlete Development (IOC Consensus): Specialisation, Talent Identification, Injury Prevention

"The goal is clear: Develop healthy, capable and resilient young athletes, while attaining widespread, inclusive, sustainable and enjoyable participation and success for all levels of individual athletic achievement. Yet, this is a considerable challenge for all stakeholders in youth sports - parents, coaches, administrators, sport governing bodies and, especially, youth athletes" …
Date: 10:56:40 30.09.2019
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Maturation, Injury, Talent

Exploring Coaching and Mental Well-being

In this 2017 podcast UK Coaching explore the positive impact coaching has on mental well-being with Dr Karen Howells, a sports psychologist working as a sports and fitness lecturer at the Open University. The discussion focused on several topics, including: Why coaching the whole person was beneficial for participant long-term welfare; why it is important for coaches to be cognisant about …
Date: 12:20:22 28.09.2019
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Mental Health

Harassment and abuse

What is abuse and how does it manifest itself in sport? In this hard-hitting episode from the BMJ Talk podcast series, Karen Litzy hosts Dr Margo Mountjoy, IOC medical commission, FINA executive board member, and associate clinical professor at McMaster University. Dr Mountjoy explores the various types of harassment, how it can occur, and what safeguards can be put in place to help athletes …
Date: 16:55:30 05.08.2019
Categories: GeneralCoaching

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport

In Session 66 episode of The Physio Matters Podcast,  Jack M. takes over the interviewing duties, recorded live at The COPA show in London and talks in great detail to Anna Boniface (@AnnaBoniface) about Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport or RED-S. Anna is an absolute expert in this field lecturing on the subject but also with personal experience as an Endurance Athlete, her insigh…
Date: 10:33:05 26.06.2019
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Red-S

Swimming Technique June 2019

This issue features the science of racing strategies for 100 & 200 distances. Author Curt Altschul, M.S. believes that at no time should a swimmer be going faster than the speed he or she can maintain for the remainder of the race, and that that theory should become the basis for race training and planning. Also read about third-year medical student Jane Ehret, herself a former NCAA Divisio…
Date: 12:24:35 12.06.2019
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Strategy, Physics, Sleep, Shoulder, Technique

What it means to be person-centred

In this episode of UK Coaching's Great Coaching podcast series, swimming coach Helen Holmes, inclusive programme manager at Bradford Council Karla Burton and Professor of Psychology at Loughborough University Sophia Jowett explore: what it means to be person centred how the relationship between the coach and athletes is crucial to helping people thrive.
Date: 20:11:49 03.06.2019
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Relationship, Learning

Swimming World May 2019

In this issue check out the features and photographs covering the 2019 Division I Championships in Austin. Read about Cal men's win against Texas, as well as Stanford women's win against the University of California. Take a closer look at this year's DI stars with athlete spotlights on Brooke Forde, Beata Nelson, Abbey Weitzeil, Lilly King, Daniel Carr and Dean Farris. Take a look …
Date: 11:41:00 03.05.2019
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Technique, Conditioning

Swimming World Biweekly - March 7, 2019

In this issue, Justin Ress switches up his game senior year and still continues to win for the Wolfpack at NC State. Youngstown State is to bring back their men's swim team, while Oregon State cuts their swimming and diving. Ryan Harty makes it back to swimming his best times after an elbow injury, while NC head coach Rich Deselm steps down after 12 years to treat a cancer-related mass. Lilly …
Date: 11:59:34 08.03.2019
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Taper

Swimming World March 2019

In this issue, read about Andrew Seliskar 's impressive work ethic toward training, and how he is preparing for his final year as a Cal Bear. Catch up on the exciting history between the teams of the upcoming NCAAs, take a lesson from legend Gus Stager, pick up a few swim sets for the 10-and-under crew, train with Maddie Kauahi, and consider the view from a different perspective - what coaches…
Date: 11:57:19 08.03.2019
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Training

Exploring Coaching and Mental Well-being

Sports psychologist Dr Karen Howells of Cardiff Met University delivered a presentation to masters swimmers in Jan 2019 on using psychological skills to build confidence. Dr Howells regularly provides sport and performance psychology support to athletes from a wide range of individual and team sports competing at a variety of levels. In the episode below via Mixcloud, she explores the …
Date: 14:19:59 24.01.2019
Categories: Coaching

Swimming World Biweekly - January 7, 2019

In this issue of SW Biweekly, read how Olivia Smoliga dominated the 2018 FINA World Short Course Championships, capturing more gold than any American woman all-time at a single short-course championship. Find out how Ariarne Titmus is sneaking up on Katie Ledecky, and who took home "Best Team" from the champs. Read about two female NCAA coaches who are trailblazing the deck in a male-dom…
Date: 10:57:54 10.01.2019
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  FINA, Shoulder

G Ryan

G Ryan is a former US National Team athlete and recent graduate from the University of Michigan. They swam outside of the traditional gender binary, while identifying as trans, non-binary and genderqueer. G shares their story and talks about how to create a safe and inclusive environment for all athletes, coaches and administrators on your team. Listen on Soundcloud.
Date: 09:07:07 23.12.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Gender

Swimming World Biweekly - December 7, 2018

In this issue of SW Biweekly... Is Andrew Seliskar the best NCAA Swimmer? Read about the 2018 U.S. Winter Nationals full Finals recap, Coach Denny Harper's 39 year history with San Diego sees the Tritons move to a Division I schedule, Coach Dante Dettamanti takes a look back at the 50 years of NCAA men's water polo, find out what makes a pool fast, and pick up a few tips on training alone …
Date: 14:45:26 12.12.2018
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Anti-doping, Facilities, Water Polo,

S&PA Professional Magazine - Summer 2018

The summer issue of S&PA Professional is sizzling with information and insight about new coaching standards agreed by CIMSPA with UK Coaching, the Sports Business Council that seeks to maximise sport and physical activity's economic potential and the GoodGym programme fuelling runners to 'do good, feel good'. Also meet the new members of CIMSPA's board of trustees and learn …
Date: 16:09:51 18.11.2018
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  CIMSPA, Standards, Technology

Loughborough Sport's Coach & Volunteer Academy

Loughborough Sport's Coach and Volunteer Academy (CVA) provides the University's students, staff and local community members with valuable sport based coaching, volunteering and leadership opportunities to enhance their experience and personal development. View their 2017/18 Impact report.
Date: 11:51:07 13.11.2018
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Volunteering

Kick Set: Brendan Hansen

This episode of the USA Swimming podcast features Olympian Brendan Hansen. Brendan is now the head coach of Austin Swim Club and the general manager of Austin Aquatics & Sports Academy. Brendan talks about his experience as an elite athlete in the sport, his coaching goals and perspectives and how he built his program from the ground up. Listen on Soundcloud
Date: 11:34:20 13.11.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Goals

Sports Management Issue 3 2018

In this issue, Jennie Price reflects on how sport and Sport England have changed during her 11 years as CEO and Andy Reed discusses Learning from failure,  UK Coaching CEO Mark Gannon talks about building a robust network of great coaches. How will the new European Learn to Swim standards be implemented? The #BeAGameChanger Awards celebrate the visionaries who are driving the future …
Date: 02:21:15 01.11.2018
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Strategy

Interview with Bob Bowman

This Finding Mastery podcast with Michael Gervais features an interview with Bob Bowman, Hall of Fame swimming coach and now Head Coach for the Men’s and Women’s programs at Arizona State University. The conversation covers common traits of high performers, how he gets the most out of his swimmers, and his experiences coaching Olympians Michael Phelps, Allison Schmitt and …
Date: 12:35:47 04.09.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Process

Kick Set: Lindsay Mintenko

In this episode of 'Kick Set', Lindsay Mintenko, USA Swimming National Team Managing Director. talks about her experience in the sport as an athlete from the age group level to the 2000 & 2004 Olympic Teams, the importance of a work-life balance for everyone, especially coaches, and changes to expect moving forward to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Listen on Soundcloud
Date: 12:25:58 04.09.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Olympics

Fatigue Management in Sport

This episode of the BelievePerform Radio podcast features Professor Andy Lane talking about the different techniques and strategies that athletes can use to manage psychological / physical fatigue in training and competition.
Date: 11:43:07 18.08.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Fatigue

Kick Set: Greg Meehan

Greg Meehan was on USA Swimming's 2016 Olympic team staff and coached individual gold medalists Simone Manuel and Maya Di Rado. In this episode of 'Kick Set', the Director of Women's Swimming at Stanford University touches on the impact sports had on his life growing up in Philadelphia, the importance of relationship building and mentorship and other topics coaches are …
Date: 11:37:03 18.08.2018
Categories: Coaching

Swimming World Biweekly - July 21, 2018

Find out what motivates Ryan Held, go on the record with Water Polo's Kristin Rodriguez and Brenda Villa, get up to date with the latest Swimming news and check out some great tips for swimmers or swim parents. Plus access the 2018 Aquatic Directory.
Date: 16:14:40 27.07.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Stereotypes

BSCA Podcast interviews - Graham Wardell

In this BSCA podcast, Head Coach of the City Of Cardiff Swimming Club, Graham Wardell, gives an insight to his club and coaching philosophy, that has generated ongoing success year on year. Wardell took over from Dave Haller MBE in January 2015,  An Olympian himself, representing Great Britain in the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, he has been one of the most successful swimming coaches …
Date: 10:52:15 20.07.2018
Categories: Coaching

BSCA Podcast Introduction

Matt Tutton explains what a podcast is and how the BSCA would like to use the podcasts for you.
Date: 11:01:00 09.07.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Coaching

S&PA Professional magazine Spring 18

This issue includes coverage on how investing in staff development is paying dividends for CIMSPA employer partner York Sport, an in-depth conversation with Max Quittendon about cross-sector collaboration at Elevate 2018, interview with Steve Parry expert advice on swimming pool safety, and new studies which help to draw the line between fitness fanatic and exercise addict. 
Date: 10:41:52 04.05.2018
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Safety, Exercise

Elite Sport Performance & Rehabilitation Expo 2018

The Elite Sports Performance & Rehabilitation Expo is the most interactive and comprehensive event for the European elite sports profession Over two days, exhibitors, seminars and workshops will allow you to access a world of innovation and education, delivered by sports performance experts and rehabilitation practitioners from professional sports clubs and elite level universities from …
Date: 10:22:26 04.05.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Strength

Swimming Technique Magazine March 18, 2018

This issue features stories on the Nations Capital Swim Club's success from the 2017, Wayne Goldsmith on coaching, an analysis of the new format for the World Cup Series, articles on special training sets for college and age group swimmers; a dryland training program to improve your starts; heart rate response during repetition training; and great photo technique tips.
Date: 10:05:29 20.04.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Starts, Dry-land, Repetition

Should Females Train Differently Than Males in Swimming

It's a tough question to answer when males and females with similar fitness often train alongside each other; almost in equal proportion in the early age group and masters environments. In this paper, Allan Phillips, regular contributor to Swimmer magazine, examines in three parts the research and differences. Download here.
Date: 03:30:04 10.04.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Gender

You're only limited by what you think you're limited by

This episode of the Ritter Sport Performance podcast features Tom Rushton, current mid-distance coach at Energy Standard who has been in post since May 2017. In past years, Tom spent 4 years as a club coach in western Canada, 2 years at the University of British Columbia as an age-group coach and 4.5 years in Montreal as an NTC coach. Under his care, 100% of his athletes from the coaching …
Date: 03:10:43 10.04.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Performance

Gluteal Function in swimmers

This SSC Sports Medicine podcast features a talk with Dr Adam Semciw about his paper " Gluteal Muscle function and Size in Swimmers" his background, the study in more depth and where the research is going.
Date: 11:44:43 14.02.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Muscle

Strength and Power for Swimming with Vern Gambetta

SSC Sports Medicine* podcast features a talk with Vern Gambetta on the pool deck in Portland, Oregon about strength and power training, periodisation and timing of dry land training for swimming.  Topics cover 'go to' exercises, the role of multi chain single arm symmetry lifts, the need to prepare to swim, not swim to prepare and also touch on the performance benefits of …
Date: 11:35:44 14.02.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Starts, Turns, Periodisation, Dry-land

Swimming World Biweekly - January 7, 2018

Feature on Margo Geer. Coach Bill Rose, Recap of Best Of 2017 Series, How They Train, TYR Pro Series Update and more.
Date: 17:45:41 16.01.2018
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Training

IOC Athlete Learning Gateway

The IOC offers free courses from world-leading institutions designed for elite athletes and their entourage. Courses include: The Art and Science of Coaching; Sport Psychology; Exercise Physiology; Nutrition, etc.. Visit
Date: 11:13:40 10.12.2017
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Olympic, Psychology, Physiology, Nutrition

Highlights from the Youth Physical Development Model

In this UK Coaching podcast, David Turner, Children's Lead, picks out his personal highlights from the Youth Physical Development Model - developed by Rhodri Lloyd and Jon Oliver from Cardiff Metropolitan University and integrated into UK Coaching’s new Fundamentals of Movement workshop. Sport Scotland, in partnership with UK Coaching, developed a video animation explaining the …
Date: 09:30:49 20.11.2017
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Development

The Relative Age Effect

In this UK Coaching podcast, David Turner, Children's Lead,, discusses the relative age-effect, something both sports coaches and parents should be aware of. Many sports clubs and organisations mirror the educational system and use the academic year to register their players for participation. These specific academic year age groups provides consistency for children in regards to friend…
Date: 09:24:58 20.11.2017
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Age

The ‘C’ System of Coaching Children

In this UK Coaching podcast, David Turner, Children's Lead at UK Coaching, looks at the ‘C’ System of coaching – a model for the holistic coaching of children. The system forms an important part of UK Coaching's Children 5-12 workshop, designed for children's coaches. Essentially the system is a set of characteristics all coaches should look to develop in childre…
Date: 09:22:23 20.11.2017
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Children

Possible strength deficits in shoulder rotation for hypermobile swimmers

Generalised Joint Hypermobility (GJH) is considered an intrinsic risk factor for shoulder injuries and has a high prevalence in swimmers. Winner of the 2017 SCIENTIFIC POSTER COMPETITION Behnam Liaghat - Possible strength deficits in shoulder rotation for hypermobile swimmers — sportskongres (@sportskongres) 8 February The aim of a study by Behnam …
Date: 10:54:56 07.07.2017
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Injury

Stop swimming upstream - a new model for swimmer’s shoulder

Struggling with swimmers and their shoulders? It’s something clinicians struggle with, and have been for a long time. This BMJ podcast tackles the subject head on and how to move the model from external impingement to anterior superior internal impingement (ASII). Andrew Delbridge and Craig Boetcher join the podcast from Australia. Craig completed his PhD through Sydney University …
Date: 08:14:50 26.06.2017
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Shoulder, BMJ

Ady Hinchliffe departs British Diving

Bob Ballard's interview for  talkSPORT Extra Time with Leeds diving coach Ady Hinchcliffe on the best options for future success.
Date: 12:29:27 13.03.2017
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Diving

Swimming World Biweekly - September 22, 2016

Swimming World Biweekly - September 22, 2016 Featuring full coverage of the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games! USA Today Sports was present on deck capturing beautiful images of the action and excitement, including the Biweekly cover featuring Nikita Howarth of New Zealand.
Date: 11:01:36 02.10.2016
Categories: GeneralCoaching

Swimming World Biweekly - September 7, 2016

Swimming World Biweekly - September 7, 2016  FINA World Cup Series Underway | Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's millions of monthly readers.
Date: 10:58:50 02.10.2016
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  FINA World Cup, Pan-Pacs, Doping

Taking The Plunge - Learning To Swim As An Adult - Episode 3

David Spencer is a broadcaster with more than twenty years experience in radio in the UK, a music lover and mentor to budding journalists and broadcasters, He presents a series looking at the challenges of learning to swim as an adult. David, a complete beginner at the age of 46, has had a fear of water (or drowning) all his life. In edited version of episode 3, he continues his lessons, moving …
Date: 15:02:17 30.09.2016
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Teaching

WS More or Less: Swimming World Records

World Records are being set at a much faster rate in swimming than in other sports. At the Rio Olympics, British swimmer Adam Peaty managed to break the men's 100m breaststroke world record twice in two days. Tim Harford speaks to swimming coach, Rick Madge, about the reasons swimmers keep getting better results in the pool. Also, science writer Christie Aschwanden makes the case for …
Date: 15:40:29 24.09.2016
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Olympics

Taking The Plunge - Learning To Swim As An Adult - Episode 2

David Spencer is a broadcaster with more than twenty years experience in radio in the UK, a music lover and mentor to budding journalists and broadcasters, He presents a series looking at the challenges of learning to swim as an adult. David, a complete beginner at the age of 46, has had a fear of water (or drowning) all his life. In edited version of episode 2 we hear from Olympic medal swimmers…
Date: 15:38:12 24.09.2016
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Teaching

The science of sports performance and injury prevention

Dr James Bilzon joined the Department for Health at the University of Bath in May 2008 following a 13-year career as an Exercise Physiologist in various Ministry of Defence (MOD) departments. Following a 3-year period as Director of Studies for the MSc in Sport & Exercise Medicine, he became Head of Department for Health in August 2011. He currently holds a number of Honorary appointments …
Date: 12:43:03 23.09.2016
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Sports science, Injury

Hall of Fame Olympic swimming coach Pete Malone

In this podcast, Dr. Andrew Jacobs is joined by Hall of Fame swimming coach Pete Malone to talk about cheating in the Olympics. Malone served as Head Coach and General Manager for the Kansas City Blazers Swim Team in Kansas City, Kansas & Missouri from 1975 to 2010. Some of Coach Malone's accomplishments/positions include: USA Swimming's Top 25 Most Influential …
Date: 13:47:48 17.09.2016
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Sports Management September 2016 issue 126

Sports Management September 2016 issue 126  Sports Management is the magazine and online community for decision-makers in the global sports facilities, major events and host cities industry | Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.
Date: 13:39:46 17.09.2016
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Taking The Plunge - Learning To Swim As An Adult - Episode 1

David Spencer is a broadcaster with more than twenty years experience in radio in the UK, a music lover and mentor to budding journalists and broadcasters, He presents a series looking at the challenges of learning to swim as an adult. David, a complete beginner at the age of 46, has had a fear of water (or drowning) all his life. In Episode 1 we hear about his first ever lesson and from …
Date: 11:01:27 15.09.2016
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Documentary on Teri McKeever

Documentary below on Teri McKeever, an American college and Olympic swimming coach. She has been the head coach of the California Golden Bears women's swimming team at the University of California, Berkeley for the last twenty seasons. Her Cal Bears teams have won three NCAA national championships. McKeever's Cal Bears program has produced several members of the US Olympic team, …
Date: 09:36:52 10.05.2016
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Nutrient Timing and Dietary Routines

Often when athletes and coaches think about nutrition they tend to focus on the dilemma of making the best choices in foods and fluids to support health and performance.  However, one other important factor that is frequently overlooked is the structure and routine of their daily diet.  As EIS Performance Nutritionist for British Swimming, Alex Popple produced these guidelines to …
Date: 16:41:55 17.04.2016
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Swimming World Biweekly - February 10, 2016

Swimming World Biweekly - February 10, 2016   The importance of female coaches features exploring the racial disparities in competitive swimming; Mount St. Mary’s to add Men’s Swimming and Diving; a letter to my swimming classmates; Sarah Sjostrom runs roughshod over Swedish Grand Prix with 6 wins; the importance of female coaches; Michael Phelps - Matt Grevers duel leads …
Date: 15:06:26 11.02.2016
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Psychology of Swimming with Sian Harkin

Believe Perform Radio podcast featuring Sian Harkin, a British Champion and Scottish National record holder for 50m butterfly. Sian was born and spent her early years in Wales moving to Plymouth in her teens. She studied Psychology student at the University of Stirling and is a member of the University Swimming Team.
Date: 13:37:51 30.01.2016
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By George that was a Talent Camp to remember

George Symonds of Clevedon ASC shares some of the great memories of the Youth Sport Trust National Talent Camp he attended for young athletes, coaches and officials. On arrival we were given our bags for the weekend. This consisted of a blue t-shirt which we had to wear that day, a pink top, a white one and a yellow one. Also I had a work booklet, hoodie, water bottle and lanyard.   …
Date: 09:54:47 15.01.2016
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Swimming World Biweekly - January 12, 2016

Swimming World Biweekly - January 12, 2016  featuring 4 ways to get through the January; Trust the process: 5 New Year’s resolutions for 2016; watch Ryan Hoffer’s record-setting 100 freestyle from Austin; 5 New Year’s resolutions for divers; Michael Phelps joining Arizona State University staff for ‘16 - ’17; Michigan rolls to victory in the Orange Bowl …
Date: 04:11:29 13.01.2016
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Developing team captains

Developing team captains. Every team needs a leader. This is not just another sporting cliché, but something that has been demonstrated by research. Given that only 30% of leadership is hereditarily based - in other words, leaders are made and not born - how much time do you spend developing the leadership skills of your captain?
Date: 12:20:19 09.01.2016
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H2Open Issue 1

H2Open Feb / Mar 2011  A bi-monthly Open Water Swimming magazine, produced for ZG Publishing Ltd.
Date: 18:45:49 06.01.2016
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Sports Management Issue 4 2015

Sports Management Issue 4 2015  Sports Management is the magazine and online community for decision-makers in the global sports facilities, major events and host cities industry
Date: 00:26:41 05.01.2016
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Swimming World Biweekly, December 21, 2015

Swimming World Biweekly - December 21, 2015 The Year in Review
Date: 17:09:51 25.12.2015
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Impact of PE and school sport premium

Research into the impact of the PE and school sport premium has found that 99% of schools reported a positive impact on fitness and healthy lifestyles. The PE and sport premium is a cross-government funding initiative for schools to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision. The results from the current report are from a survey of 586 primary schools in the first year …
Date: 18:11:12 22.12.2015
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Coaching Bootroom

In the sports coach UK Talent and Performance videos below, Danny Kerry, 2015 High Performance Coach of the Year and Head Coach of England and Great Britain Women's Hockey team, offers his experiences to other coaches.
Date: 23:51:11 20.12.2015
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Core Strength for Dummies

Core strength for dummies (isbn 0470417773)Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's millions of monthly readers.
Date: 10:51:40 08.12.2015
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Coaching Tools

Coaching Workforce Workbook Providing practical tools to guide you through workforce auditing and planning in sport coaching (sports coach UK Research)
Date: 13:13:25 25.11.2015
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Swimming World Biweekly, November 11, 2015

Swimming World Biweekly, November 11, 2015Heavily-stacked line-ups announced for duel in the pool; Katie Ledecky on Time Magazine list of 30 most influential teens; Bill Furniss named British Swimming Olympic Head Coach; Lafontaine takes job as Head of Canadian Ski Federation; story of paralympic swimming champion Brad Snyder to become feature film; Clark Smith gives Eddie Reese “chills” …
Date: 13:37:20 17.11.2015
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Swimming Technique, Fall 2015

- The Role of Assistant Coach Technique Preparation for the 2016 Olympics - Effect of an Instructional Intervention on Swimming Technique & Performance - Improve Your Backstroke Starts - Diving Into Meet Warmup - A Little Bit of Magic - Swimming Breaststroke From the Hands Down - Developing the "Boxer's Muscle' for Swimming - Brain Over Brawn - The Breaststroke Turn - Out In …
Date: 10:36:43 07.11.2015
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100 years of water polo in Croatia

HVS monografija ENGIn 2010 Croatian Water Polo Federation celebrated its 102nd anniversary by publishing a history of the first 100 years of water polo in Croatia.
Date: 10:22:21 30.10.2015
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Swimming Technique Issue #2

Swimming Technique June 2015 Issue #2The Importance of Technique For Swimmers; How to Train for Long Course in a 25-Yard Pool; Using Warm Up to Improve Weaknesses; URSPT - "A Statement of Conviction"; Reaction To Sergei Beliaev’s Article “Ultra-Short-Race-Pace-Training”; 5 Swim Sets You Have Try Before You Die; The Best Swimming Streamline; Writing to Learn in Swimming; The Truth About …
Date: 10:17:05 30.10.2015
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Looking for signals

Small clues can give away so much about someone's mood. In the BBC Sport video below, Professor Geoff Beattie of Edge Hill University has analysed the body language of Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho.
Date: 09:46:34 30.10.2015
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Promoting physical activity in schools

"What works in schools and colleges to increase physical activity?" is a new evidence review by Public Health England designed for head teachers, college principles, staff working in education settings, Directors of public health and wider partners. Eight promising principles have been identified to promote physical activity in these settings. Develop and deliver multi-component …
Date: 09:39:30 22.10.2015
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National PE Institute 2015 - Keynote by Dr Ash Casey

Dr Ash Casey of Loughborough University is a physical educator / practitioner-researcher aiming to make research accessible. "Research in physical education suggests that things are not changing as they might (and perhaps haven't for forty years). In short, we are living out our own collective 'Groundhog Day'. This keynote explores some of these repetitive messages and what we …
Date: 13:14:21 14.10.2015
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Swimming Biomechanics & Shoulder injuries

Swimming is a sport that requires optimal shoulder mobility and strength in order to compete, train, and perform at an elite level.  Speakers: Dr. Erik Yuill, FRCCSS, DC, MSc, BSc, Mr. Liam Donnelly, SFU Head Coach, Swimming This talk focuses on:  - The biomechanical demands of swimming as it relates to the shoulder.  - Examine how these demands influence the should…
Date: 20:43:22 05.10.2015
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Improving Sporting Performance

The EIS Performance Solutions team work to help coaches and Performance Directors to improve the performance of their athletes by developing the Performance Pathway to feed the pipeline of new talent into sports, optimise training programmes, improve the health and availability to train of their athletes and to maximise performance in competition. EIS: Improving Sporting Performance BrochureThe…
Date: 15:48:09 05.10.2015
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Effects of bullying

The ASA with the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) operates Swimline - 0808 100 4001. Swimline is a confidential freephone number provided for anyone involved in aquatics, adults or children, who believe that the welfare of someone under the age of 18 is at risk. This concern could be neglect, abuse, bullying or fear of someone or anything that is worrying …
Date: 10:31:39 04.10.2015
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Supplements in Sport from an Anti-Doping Perspective

The recent BASES webinar, “Supplements in Sport from an Anti-Doping Perspective”, is now available for download on the Human Kinetics website. This highly relevant webinar provides an overview of the anti-doping risks associated with nutritional supplements, the potential impact and how to minimise these risks. Presenter, Anne Sargent has been working at UK Anti-Doping for four …
Date: 16:53:03 22.09.2015
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Sports Science Infographics

If you are interested in sports science and like infographics, then we may just have made your day. Visit Yann Le Meur's site dedicated to coaches and athletes aiming to improve their performance. Click here to find out what is new in Sports Science. Follow @YLMSportScience  
Date: 19:12:09 11.09.2015
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The importance of starts and push-offs

View presentation (52m 50s) on the importance of starts and push-offs given by Frank Busch (USA) at the 1st FINA Gold Medal Swimming Coaches Clinic on 30 October 2012 in Moscow. More than 400 swimming coaches from a hundred nations exchanged ideas, experience and knowledge with top-level coaches from swimming powerhouse nations over two days. Busch was one of eleven leading figures representing…
Date: 11:36:34 08.09.2015
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The Finer Points of a Good Swimming Start

USA Swimming's Biomechanics Co-ordinator Russell Mark went over the finer points of a good forward start and analyzes National Teamer Whitney Myers' technique at the 2009 National Select Camp held 29-31 Oct in Colorado Springs.
Date: 16:18:05 07.09.2015
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The science behind the perfect swimming dive

The swimming start is broken into three phases: on-block flight underwater Take a look at some of the research which could help athletes set themselves up for better start performances. Cate Campbell of Australia starts in the Women's 50m Freestyle Final...Cate Campbell of Australia starts in the Women's 50m Freestyle Final during day sixteen of the 16th FINA World Championships …
Date: 14:23:46 06.09.2015
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Career Planning: Age Group to International

Bob Bowman Clinic Presentation - Sunday 6 Jan 2013 Part 1 (22m 28s via Norcal Swim Shop) Part 2 (22m 38s via Norcal Swim Shop)
Date: 14:13:33 06.09.2015
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Orchestrating success

Orchestrating successThe responsibility of a coach is not just to prepare athletes for competition but also to help them through the action. Research with Olympic athletes has shown coach behaviour during competition can have both positive and negative effects on performance. New research with successful coaches has identified what coaches can do during competition. The results suggest a theory…
Date: 23:13:01 02.09.2015
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How to find undervalued talent

For six months Rasmus Ankersen ( travelled around the world to crack the secrets of the world's best performance hotbeds. The Gold Mine Effect talks about the sporting 'gold mines' of talent that he visited whilst researching his book, and what they can teach sports people - and their coaches - about achieving the very best in their own sports. In this …
Date: 08:18:01 02.09.2015
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Training Fast Twitch Muscle Fibres

Presentation (58m 37s) from the Joy of Sculling Conference on February 9, 2013 at the Hotel Sofitel in Redwood Shores, This video is a compilation of Dr. Maglischo's PowerPoint slides and a recording of his lecture. See usage rights published by LakeNatomaInvite. Ernie Maglischo retired from active coaching in 1998 after 35 years during which he coached at both the college and …
Date: 19:31:07 23.08.2015
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