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Beth French tackles Seven Oceans Swim Challenge

16:50:22 26.03.2016 posted by admin at 16:50:22 26.03.2016
Milverton's Beth French was the first person to ever swim from Cornwall to the Isles of Scilly - and now she is preparing to take another record-breaking dip in the ocean. The mother-of-one, who had to use a wheelchair as a teenager, will try to complete 7 of the world's toughest swims in a single calendar year - something that's never been done before! She's been talking to BBC Somerset's Jack Murley.

Beth will be taking on the
  • North Channel 22 mile crossing from Ireland to Scotland.
  • the 20-mile Catalina Channel in USA
  • the 26 mile swim across the Molokai Channel, Hawaii.
  • the Cook Strait in New Zealand, 
  • the Strait of Gibraltar and 
  • theTsugaru Strait off Japan
  • the English Channel which she has crossed successfully in July 2012.
Visit www.bethfrench.co.uk for more information.
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