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Impact of PE and school sport premium

18:11:12 22.12.2015 posted by admin at 18:11:12 22.12.2015
Research into the impact of the PE and school sport premium has found that 99% of schools reported a positive impact on fitness and healthy lifestyles. The PE and sport premium is a cross-government funding initiative for schools to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision.

The results from the current report are from a survey of 586 primary schools in the first year and 533 primary schools in the second year. It aimed to explore how the premium has been spent, understand the impact of the funding and the decision making process.

Key findings
  • 84% of schools reported an increase in pupil engagement in PE.
  • 87% of schools felt that the quality of PE teaching had increased.
  • 99% reported a positive impact on physical fitness and healthy lifestyles and 98% reported a positive impact on skills, and pupil behaviour (96%).
  • The most common uses of the premium were to upskill and train existing staff, buy new equipment, provide more extra-curricular activities and employ new sports coaches.
  • There has also been an increase in the number of specialist PE teachers, introduction of new curricular and extra-curricular sports, improvements in sporting equipment and increased participation in sport competitions.
In the future, primary schools plan to make the funding sustainable by investing in CPD for teachers, planning their sporting offer to align with external sports clubs in the area and measuring the impact of their spending to use the money effectively in the future.

The current survey was commissioned by the Department for Education and carried out by NatCen Social Research.

Download: The PE and sport premium: an investigation in primary schools
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