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Swimming World Biweekly, October 21, 2015

09:30:19 22.10.2015 posted by admin at 09:30:19 22.10.2015

Swimming World Biweekly, October 21, 2015

15 things swimmers are tired of hearing. 5 pieces of advice from a college swimmer. 5 ways to mentally stay afloat in the pool. Olympian Claire Donahue sets world records in Masters swimming debut. Tony Azevedo named PAC 12 water polo player of the century. Swimmers without borders: international student-athletes adjust to swimming in the US. 6 simple lessons from coaching legends you should implement now. Illinois Masters relay, 90-year-old tom maine set masters world records. No viral testing of Open Water venues for 2016 Rio Olympics? A call for mandated childhood heart check-ups. 4 reasons why you should start kickboxing. Indianapolis returns to Arena Pro Swim series: 2015-2016 dates announced. Diver Kristin Day named NCAA Woman of the Year.

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