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Swimming Biomechanics & Shoulder injuries

20:43:22 05.10.2015 posted by admin at 20:43:22 05.10.2015

Swimming is a sport that requires optimal shoulder mobility and strength in order to compete, train, and perform at an elite level. 

Dr. Erik Yuill, FRCCSS, DC, MSc, BSc, BPHE
Mr. Liam Donnelly, SFU Head Coach, Swimming

This talk focuses on: 

- The biomechanical demands of swimming as it relates to the shoulder. 
- Examine how these demands influence the shoulder anatomy to cause injury.
- Discuss training and treatment strategies that coaches and athletes can use to avoid shoulder injuries in the future. 

​​About Dr. Erik Yuill:
Dr. Erik Yuill joined the Fortius Institute from practising as a Sports Specialist Chiropractor in Toronto since 2009 after graduating at the top of his class. Erik specializes in working with athletes of all skill levels and ages. He is the former the team chiropractor for the York Region Shooters in the Canadian Soccer League and the Mississauga Chargers in the Ontario Junior A Hockey League. As an athlete himself Erik enjoys running, rock climbing, and ultimate frisbee. His passion however remains with swimming, where he enjoyed great success as a competitive swimmer competing at the national level while in high school and university. 

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