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Strength and Power for Swimming with Vern Gambetta

11:35:44 14.02.2018 posted by admin at 11:35:44 14.02.2018
SSC Sports Medicine* podcast features a talk with Vern Gambetta on the pool deck in Portland, Oregon about strength and power training, periodisation and timing of dry land training for swimming. 

Topics cover 'go to' exercises, the role of multi chain single arm symmetry lifts, the need to prepare to swim, not swim to prepare and also touch on the performance benefits of rate of force development in starts and turns alongside the timing of training sessions.

A founding father of athletic development, movement skills and coaching of multi sport athletes for over 40 years, Vern Gambetta is described as the 'Coaches Coach'. A physical educationalist and teacher at heart, he has been strength and conditioning coach for professional sports from baseball to soccer, swimming to track and field. Currently working with multiple cross code athletes and swim teams, his views are always stimulating.

His website www.gambetta.com
Blog www.functionalpathtrainingblog.com/about.html 
Twitter @coachgambetta

SCC Sports Medicine is Europe's largest Biomechanics, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation & Research Centre located in Dublin, Ireland as part of the Sports Surgery Clinic Campus.  This is part of a Sports Medicine and Science Podcast series hosted by Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller the Centre Director. Andy is a leading Sports Medicine Physician, having worked with elite sports teams in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US. His sub-speciality interests are athletic groin pain , biomechanical imaging and running analysis and he is a regular contributer to mainstream media for opinions on doping, injury , performance and injury prevention.
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