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Do you know athletes who have a wheeze and get short of breath easily? Surely asthma, right?

07:52:49 10.10.2017 posted by admin at 07:52:49 10.10.2017
Respiratory conditions are often neglected in the world of sports medicine. In this BMJ talk medicine podcast recorded at the famous Centre for Health & Human Performance in London, two world leaders enlighten us on respiratory conditions in sport.

Guest Dr James Hull is Consultant Respiratory Physician with a specialist expertise in assessing athletes with unexplained breathlessness. He is an invited member of the American Thoracic Society expert committee for Exercise Induced Bronchoconstriction and is widely published in this field. Dr. John Dickinson is an Exercise Respiratory Physiologist with a specialist in assessing exercise respiratory symptoms in athletes. He has tested over 1,000 elite athletes from a range of sports including all Olympic and many professional sports, such as rugby and Premier League football.

Discussed in this podcast:
  • What are the common respiratory conditions that every sport & exercise medicine clinician should be comfortable with?
  • What work-up do these athletes need?
  • What is the gold-standard management of exercise-induced bronchoconstriction in athletes?
  • What is EILO – and why is it important we know about it?
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