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Water Polo Resources

Stages 8-10 Water Polo have now been re-written as part of the Learn to Swim Aquatics Framework, with new video resources produced for IoS Learning Solutions to support delivery by non-waterpolo coaches.

Water Polo Stage 8.1


8.1 Tread water vertically and comfortably for 30 seconds, using eggbeater kick.

Water Polo Stage 8.2


8.2 Maintain a vertical position whilst moving forwards, backwards, left & right, using the sculling and eggbeater kick for 5 minutes.

Water Polo Stage 8.5


8.5 Swim 5 metres head up front crawl.

Water Polo Stage 8.6


8.6 Swim forwards 5 metres whilst controlling a ball in front.

Water Polo Stage 8.7


8.7 In vertical eggbeater, pick up the ball from underneath the surface with alternate hands into a throwing position.

Water Polo Stage 8.8


8.8 Hold a tripod position, with a ball, for 30 seconds.

Water Polo Stage 8.9


8.9 Play a simple water polo game, score by placing ball on the side of the pool and demonstrate skills learnt during this stage.