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Routine Grade 1

The England Artistic Swimming Routine Grade 1 focuses on basic entry, travel and hybrids in artistic swimming.

Swimmers will be required to perform 10 elements to judges. Each grade has three levels (gold, silver and bronze) so all athletes have the ability to perfect their figures before moving to the next grade.

To view full descriptions of artistic swimming basic positions (BP), basic movements (BM) and figures (Fig), download the FINA artistic swimming manual.

10 Elements to Artistic Swimming Routine Grade 1
  1. Walk on with good posture, step entry into water with two breaststroke to surface in eggbeater.
  2. Stationary eggbeater for 10 seconds
  3. Eggbeater travelling sideways for 2m into side flutter kick for 3m.
  4. Torpedo scull for 10m.
  5. Straight arm backstroke to a metronome at 160 bpm for 15m.
  6. Tub 360 degrees from back layout and returning to back layout.
  7. Travelling fast bent knee switches.
  8. Back layout followed by a rapid back tuck somersault, surfacing in eggbeater for five seconds.
  9. Eggbeater press/eggbeater ‘pop’.
  10. Table top position held for five seconds.

Download a judging guide for the England Synchro Routine Grade 1 where you can read more details about each element.

Synchro Routine Grade 1 Video Demonstrations

Watch the clips below for video demonstrations of each of the 10 elements for Routine Grade 1.