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SASA 2019 Swimming Championships Day 4

26/27 Jan & 2/3/9/10 Feb 2019 at Millfield, Street


- Heat Sheets for Sessions 5 to 8 and Volunteer Allocations (see news item).

We do hope that all rostered officials will make it, but if there are any parents attending who are qualified at J1 or above who had not already volunteered for 2 Feb, please can they be ready to officiate if needed. Thank you!

We still need an announcer for Saturday both sessions and a recorder for the afternoon session. Please ask anyone who is willing to help to contact Kelly Podbury directly.

Updated warm up timings - a small change is that all of the swimmers will warm up together for the 800m Freestyle. All other warm up timings remain the same.
Saturday Session report
Sunday Session report
Volunteer allocations (Excel)
Overview of Volunteer Roles (pdf)
Spectator Notice (pdf)
Revised Entry Conditions, Qualifying Times and Meet Programme arising from two earlier announcements.

Pre-order your Hoodies and Swim Hats via SRS Leisure.

Zipped Hy-Tek file for Club Meet contacts (a corrected file suffixed -011 was published 4 Nov 2018. Please do not use any earlier version.)
List of 2018 Trophy Winners by Club *

Kelly Podbury, Competition Secretary writes: "Thank you to everyone who took the time to feedback from last year - all of your comments have been considered and I hope in some way incorporated this year.

"As you can expect, we can’t please everyone all the time but I hope the changes we have made will be welcomed in the County.

What has changed:
- We have amended the QTs, having listened to feedback, analysing them against 2018 results, rankings, regional times and the time we have available to us we anticipate a good number of entries from all age groups.

- We have changed the programme and taken it back to heats/finals in the same session but there will be a break of 30 minutes between the last heat and the first final.

- Long distance 800m/1500m events are mixed, however, results will be produced in age group by gender.

- The long-distance days will be the first two Saturdays, followed by an afternoon of relays.

- We will be asking swimmers to sign in for 400m, 800m & 1500m events, no exceptions. They must sign in before the start of the warm up.

- All clubs need to run the data checker to ensure that all information being submitted is accurate with what you have registered with Swim England.

- Coach passes are only £5 this time, we want to reduce the amount of paper produced and therefore will publish the heat sheets for 50m, 100m & 200m on our website and by email for Club Contacts to print/download as is your preference.  All information will be on Meet Mobile. Coaches will still receive start sheets for finals and all events 400m upwards in distance,

- With the update of Data Protection in May 2018 - GDPR - there is a requirement for Clubs to be aware of the declaration they are making. Please ensure you read Clause 8 and fully understand what is being asked of you.

"Before you import the Events for TM file please ensure your Team Manager / Swim Manager / Team Unify software is set to convert using UK ASA conversions (something I’ve learnt in the last 24 hours, thanks to Pete Bowen!). With this setting SC times will convert to the times converted from SC to LC in the conditions and Hy-tek file.

* Please can I ask Clubs speak to all those Junior and Senior Trophy winners from 2018 and ask them now to return the trophies to Millfield, engraved, cleaned and ready to go for 2019.  They just need to hand to the Life Guards who will put them safely in the trophy cabinet for sorting out.  Download a reminder of the winners by club.

Counties Merchandise

Somerset ASA Swim Cap   Somerset ASA Hoodie
Pre-order your Hoodies and Swim Hats via SRS Leisure.


"Please forward the above information if your Club has new Contact, and copy me in so that I can update my list.

"Finally, we are still in need of a Trophy Controller please for Somerset. Please can Clubs ask if one of their volunteers would like to take on this role. If you have anyone interested, then please ask them to contact me or Fiona Bowen."

Kelly Podbury
07780 733 512
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Date 03.02.2019 - 03.02.2019
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Millfield Pool 50m



Competition Secretary