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Clips posted below are from the heat declared Development Meet events of Session 2 held at Millfield on 4 October 2014.

With 7+ hours of swimming per day, we are unable to feature every heat / full race clip. As this is a development meet we hope you will find those clips from Session 2 featuring mainly starts of use in improving technique and reaction time. The later heats appear at the start of each slide reel. Flashplayer required to view.

Event 201 - G 9&O 200m Backstroke

Event 202 - B 9&O 200m Breaststroke

Event 203 - G 10&O 200m Butterfly

Event 204 - B 11&O 100m Backstroke

Event 205 - G 12&U 50m Breaststroke

Event 206 - B 12&U 50m Breaststroke

Event 207 - G 50m Butterfly

Event 208 - B 50m Butterfly