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Somerset County Championships 2022 - D3

23 Jan 2022 at Millfield (50m)

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Session 5


Girls 400m Freestyle

Our 2022 Senior Champion is Tamryn van Selm (Millfield, 4:23.86). Breaking the 2017 record of 4:25.57 set by team mate Jess Podger, van Selm wins the 18 & Over age group and will be joining the Class of '26 at North Carolina State University from September on a swimming scholarship. She has also been selected for the British Swimming World Class programme. She took over the lead from winner of our 800m event, Lottie Wynne-Jones (Uni of Bath, 4:26.42) on lap 3, opening up a lead of 2.17s by averaging 33.07 for the first 200m before pacing around 33.45 for the second half. Jemima Hall (Uni of Bath, 04:26.51) in third produced the faster finish but Wynne-Jones beat her entry time by 0.16s.

A Millfield 1-2 in the 17 Yr age group followed a similar strategy as Emma Fleming (4:40.03) took over from early leader and 2020's 15 Yr silver medallist Isabella Woollard (4:40.98) after 150m. Improving nearly 2.5s, Ruby Varney (Street District, 4:50.52) hung on to win the battle for a podium place with faster finishing team mate Bella Moore (4:50.64).

A fast 31.10 first 50m enabled Millfield's Nicole De Pree (4:43.39) to take control of the 16 Yr age group and go on to improve on her entry time by 6.43 in a race which produced a 1-2-3 for the School. Eleanor Hall improved by almost 4s to finish second in 4:48.71 and Zahra Davies (4:49.29) came third.

Fractions of a second separated Isabel Blackhurst from Millfield's Sophie Davies after the A.N.T racer took over the lead from her from 50 to 300m but the decisive move by 800m Junior Champion Davies came with a 36.07 penultimate lap to restore a 0.32s lead which she increased after a 34.95 finish. Davies (4:39.66) wins gold and the title of Junior Champion. 2020's 13 Yr winner Blackhurst (4:40.54) takes silver on this occasion and Annabel Chan (Millfield, 4:57.66), improving over 5.5s, claimed bronze.

The 14 Yr age group saw Millfield and Taunton Deane swimmers contest the top five places. Winner of 2020's 12 Yr age group, Eva Lawson (Millfield) recorded almost an 11s improvement in clocking 4:49.79 and again takes age group gold. Taunton Deane's Evie Linden (4:58.24) and Frankie Hanson (5:02.17) reversed their 2020 placings in completing the podium.

Street's Alesha Nisbet found herself 3.64s down with 50m to go in the 13 Yr age group. A blazing last 50m helped her improve over 15s on her entry time and narrow Sasha Hart's lead at the finish to just 1.14s to take silver after the Millfield swimmer clocked 5:16.65, itself an improvement of over half a second. Entered on 5:36.36, Phoebe Poole gave A.S.T. Burnham's points score another boost with a third placed 5:27.02, 

800m placings were repeated over 400m in the 12 Yr age group as Iona Murray claimed gold in 5:07.78 ahead of Ailsa Main (Backwell, 5:15.05) who improved over 11s and  Sienna Chillingworth (Bridgwater, 5:30.04) who held off the challenge of Liberty Jones (Taunton Deane) to secure bronze by 0.08s and better her entry time by 3.31s. 

Taunton Deane enjoyed a 1-2 from Paige Taswell (6:02.89) and Alba Davidson (6:09.26) after monster improvements of 16.33s and 22.69s. Pollyanna Warman (Millfield, 6:12.67) claimed bronze.

Boys 100m Backstroke

This event kept the watching swimmers and volunteers entertained as swimmers from each senior age group could break Tom Thornley's 2018 record of 58.40.

Conor Cherrington, entered on 57.16, clocked 58.57 in the 16 Year old prelims, a full 6.64s ahead of his main rivals who included Millfield team mates. Cherrington (58.73) threatened the record again after another fine swim in the final in which Richard Jenkins (1:05.26) placed second and Clevedon's Sam Ledward (1:06.20) third.

Next to try, in the 17 Yr category, was Oscar Barlow (Taunton Deane) who succeeded in lowering the mark to 58.16 after surging down the final 50 to recover a 0.46 deficit to Matthew Cairns (58.58) at the turn. Adam Graham (Millfield, 1:00.48) claimed third.

That left Barlow holding his breath to see if he would be crowned Senior Champion with a strong contingent due to compete in the 18 & Over section. Bath Uni duo Lewis Maxwell (58.59) and Miles Drabwell (59.61) were the two sub 1 minute swimmers who led their prelims. The final was decided by the faster first 50 with Maxwell turning 0.64s ahead of his team mate and also finishing in 58.36, again under his 59.09 entry time and also under  Thornley's previous record of 58.40. Drabwell responded well with 58.66 and was rewarded with silver. The battle for age group bronze went to the wire as Millfield's David O'Loughlin, ranking seventh after his 1:01.76 heat swim, reversed a 0.1s deficit to Mark Edmundson (Team Bath AS) to finish 0.09s ahead on 1:00.72.

That result meant Barlow, who had narrowly missed claiming a Junior record in 2020, takes the Senior honours this year and leaves with his new Senior record in tact.

Millfield swimmers occupied the first five places in the 15 Yr age group which saw fastest qualifier and 2020's 13 Yr gold medallist Adam White progress from a 1:02.60 heat swim to win gold and the Junior Championship in 1:01.97. His team mates Ewan Pedersen (1:04.31) and Zac Cooper (1:06.05) placed second and third.

The 1 to 8 prelim placings in the 14 Yr category were replicated in their final. A Millfield 1-2-3 saw Reuben Alty progress from a seventh ranked pre race 1:13.32 through 1:07.84 to 1:06.52. Joshua Ulyatt (1:10.75) and Max Higgins (1:11.22) placed second and third.

Millfield's Leo Mixer won the 13 Yr age group, progressing from 1:22.68 through 1:17.98 to 1:16.26, finishing ahead of Taunton Deane's Reuben Thomas (1:18.46). Third in 2020 as an 11 Yr old, 2022's fastest qualifier Theodore Perrin (Yeovil District) again claimed bronze with 1:18.47.

1 to 5 placed prelim swimmers were mirrored in the 12 Yr age group final which was won by Tom Barnett (Taunton Deane, 1:20.33) ahead of Sam Dowding (Team Bath AS, 1:23.85) and Alex Parish (Clevedon, 1:24.59).

James Pearce (1:24.80) and John Angelosanto (1:29.61) improved 7.66s and 1.23s respectively and secured a Millfield 1-2 in the 10-11 Age Group with Bridgwater adding to their Club points tally as James Freeman (1:31.25) went almost 2s faster than entry time in adding bronze.

Girls 50m Breasstroke

Fans will be enjoying a heyday for Somerset breaststrokers after their performances on Sunday.  

Just three swimmers have produced faster swims than Chloe Brown (Taunton Deane) in the last 12 months after she engaged warp drive and clocked 33.63 in the 16 Yr final to earn both age group gold and the title of Senior Champion. Swimming just outside her best ever 33.28, she clocked 33.98 in the prelims to lead the qualifiers who included another prodigious talent, Lucy Buckingham (34.31). The final saw Buckingham clock 33.97 for silver, finishing almost 2s ahead of third placed Eleanor Hall (Millfield, 35.92) and that left her fourth fastest nationally. It seems like only matter of time before these two will be chasing down Abigail Hurst's 32.90 Senior record.

The 18 & Over age group saw more quality racing. Two swimmers likely to mount a serious challenge for the Senior title were 2020's 16 Yr silver medallist Georgia Gussey (Keynsham) and Nellie Clark (Millfield) who had led the qualifiers with 34.39 but didn't swim the final. Gussey won age group gold in 35.29, Cora Lanham (Street & District, 35.55) silver and Ella Jenkins (Clevedon, 35.77) bronze.

Team Bath AS gave their medal prospects a boost after Rue Fowler (36.13) and Amelie Bartlett (36.14) led the qualifiers for the 17 Yr age group final which turned out to be another tightly contested race. Entered on 36.67, Fowler dropped her time again to 35.70 to take age group gold. However pre-racing top ranked Lara Turner (A.N.T) who had won the 15 Yr gold in 2020 denied Team Bath AS their 1-2 by stopping the clock at 36.03, just 0.02s ahead of Batlett (36.05) in bronze medal position.

The talent pipleine continued in the 15 Yr age group as Charlotte Hardy (Millfield) belted out a 35.08 in the prelims and then 35.04 to win gold by 1.54s. Poppy Williams (Team Bath AS, 36.58) won the battle for silver with 2020's 13 Yr winner Isabel Blackhurst (A.N.T, 36.76) taking bronze.

Lilly Bowen (Keynsham, 37.70), Katherine Bolton (Millfield, 37.82) and Tilly Anderton (Millfield, 38.02) led the qualifiers for the 14 Yr final. But it was Anderton, dipping under her entry time by 0.03s, who raced to a 37.58 age group gold. Bowen (37.78) claimed silver and Bolton (38.59) bronze.

Millfield's Evie Twelvetree added another gold to her collection in the 13 Yr final with 38.00, a 1.06s improvement. Alesha Nisbet (Street & District, 39.45) and Maisie Swain (Team Bath AS, 40.54) completed the podium medals.

There was a Millfield 1-2 in the 12 Yr age group from Vivienne Lubbe (40.36) and fastest qualifier Maisie Fisher (40.86) who both improved - 0.14s and 0.45s respectively - with Amelia Lewis (Team Bath AS, 42.60) lowering her time almost 4s to take the bronze medal.

In 2020, 12 contested the 10-11 Yr age group, sadly just 3 this year. G-S-B went to Daisy Redman (Bridgwater, 47.45) who improved 1.61s, Ella Delin (Millfield, 49.25) and Paige Taswell (Taunton Deane, 52.75).


Session 6


Boys 200m IM

In 2020, the top 4 in Somerset's rankings in this event over the previous 12 months - Tom Dean, Jacob Greenow, Brodie Williams and Jakob Goodman - had all regularly been competing internationally in events.

The next generation stepped up in 2022 with the senior age groups offering up the likelihood more would be destined to produce big performances in international arenas.

Evan Jones is already the fastest Scot over the distance in the last 12 months and led throughout the 18 & Over final to win gold in 2:07.73 and become our Senior Champion. That time was over 4s faster than any the 16/O age group produced in 2020. Fifth in 2020 as a 16 Yr old, team mate Wyatt Walsh (2:09.86) claimed silver in 2022 and Lewis Maxwell (Uni of Bath, 2:12.99) secured bronze.

Fresh from setting his 100m Backstroke record in Session 5, Oscar Barlow (Taunton Deane, 2:10.86) improved 0.42s and won the 17 Yr age group gold, finishing 3.18s ahead of Millfield's Elliot Woodburn (2:14.04) who was followed in by Adam Graham (2:15.33).

The winning run  ofConor Cherrington (Millfield, 2:14.28) continued in the 16 Yr age group. Reagan Gallagher (Taunton Deane, 2:19.26) claimed silver and Thomas Duddridge (Millfield) improved almost 2s to 2:23.00.

Jamie Steadman's trophy collection may soon be affecting the price of metals after the Clevedon swimmer notched up another Junior Championship win by 3.48s, and a 2.29s improvement to 2:19.67. Harvey Pike (Street & District, 2:23.15) and Adam White (Millfield, 2:24.52) placed second and third.

Millfield's Max Higgins (2:22.47) improved 4.12s in racing to victory over team mate Reuben Alty (2:27.13) in this year's 14 Yr age group final. That time was almost 11s faster than any from 2020, with Ronan Hill (Taunton Deane, 2:34.83) claiming third.

Caleb Gifford-Groves was another Millfield swimmer registering a big drop, 6.05s to 2:45.26 in winning 13 Yr gold. He took over the halfway lead from Theodore Perrin (Yeovil District, 2:47.09) who also smashed his entry time by 5.06s. Tristan Aspinall (Millfield, 2:52.02) bettered his entry time by 1.29s for bronze.

Tom Barnett's powerful performance gave the Taunton Deane swimmer a 2:49.72 win in the 12 Yr age group but the battle for the remaining medals went to the wire. Xander Powell (A.S.T Burnham, 2:58.62) hung on for silver after Alex Parish (Clevedon, 2:58.85) found another gear to reduce a 5.43s deficit at 100m to just 0.23s for bronze with Leo Burns (Team Bath AS, 2:59.83) and Freddie Macpherson (Street & District, 3:00.03) following.

There was also an exciting fight for the final podium place in the 10-11 Yr age group. A scintillating swim by James Sercombe (Taunton Deane, 3:10.19) knocked 11.75s off his entry time with Leo Woordrow (A.S.T Burnham, 3:14.29) claiming silver. Fine margins separated James Freeman (3:18.09) and Charlie Phipps (Millfield, 3:18.10) throughout their race which ended in a Bridgwater bronze.

Girls 100m Backstroke

In 2020, 200m Senior Champion Niamh Ward (Team Bath AS) secured silver over the 100m distance by 0.01s in 1:06.63 despite being among the youngest then contesting the 16 & Over age group. Ward comfortably led this year's qualifiers by a margin of 1.32s clocking 1:04.18. Calling on another finger tip finish would then enable her to take down Tatiana Tostevin's 2019 1:04.17 record. Ward didn't disappoint, going 0.09s faster than her prelim swim over the first 50m and 0.32s quicker to the pads to set the new mark at 1:03.86. Elena Pedersen (Millfield, 1:05.10) and Jemima Hall (Uni of Bath, 1:05.89) maintained their heat ranking for silver and bronze respectively.

Three fastest qualifiers in 2022's 17 Yr age group were 2020 Junior Champion Leah Evans (A.N.T, 1:06.38), Rue Fowler (Team Bath AS, 1:06.53) and Isabella Woollard (Millfield, 1:09.23). All three went faster in the final and maintained their prelim ranking order as Evans overcame a 0.14s deficit at the turn to win age group gold in 1:05.28 with Fowler 0.3s back and Woollard clocking 1:07.64.

Team Bath AS enjoyed another age group gold as the 16 Yr fastest qualifier Laura-Ann Marshman (1:07.98) powered down the first lap and improved on her 1:08.68 prelim swim and 2020 silver placing as a 14 Yr old. 2020's 14 Yr gold and bronze medallists Jessica Lawton (Keynsham, 1:08.70) and Frankie Hatchard (Millfield, 1:09.61) completed this year's podium places.

This year's Junior Champion is Millfield's Sophie Davies (1:08.95) who had to overcome the challenge of 2020's 13 Yr gold medallist Isabel Blackhurst ( A.N.T., 1:10.63) to win the 15 Yr age group. The improvement of Frome's Alisha Freeman from 1:13.75 entry time to 1:11.36 was rewarded with bronze as in 2020.

Millfield occupied places 1 to 6 in the 14 Yr age group final with fastest qualifier Meghan Higgs (1:10.34) leading throughout to earn gold, 2020's 12 Yr silver and gold medallists Augusta Maddox (1:11.12) and Eva Lawson (1:12.07) completed this year's podium places.

2020's 10-11 Yr winner Alesha Nisbet (Street & District) swam 0.19s outside her 1:14.38 entry time and led this year's 13 Yr prelim qualifiers. She surged to a 1:12.81 finish in the final to take age group gold ahead of Millfield's Sasha Hart (1:15.68) and Evie Twelvetree (1:16.69) in second and third.

G-S-B in the 12 Yr age group followed the prelim order. Vivienne Lubbe (Millfield, 1:16.02) overcame the narrow lead of Ailsa Main (Backwell, 1:16.43) and next to the pads was Iona Murray (Millfield, 1:18.44).

In 2020, 15 contested the 10-11 Yr prelims. In 2022 just Annabelle Godson  (Team Bath AS) swam but it was made more enjoyable with a time drop from 1:27.81 to 1:25.54.

Boys 100m Butterfly

While Millfield OM and Olympian James Guy's Senior 100m Butterfly mark may prove hard to dislodge from our current records, there are plenty ready to test themselves in the event. Sean Tsai won the 16 & Over age group last time out in 57.15. This year's 18 & Over prelims saw six swimmers sub 60s with the fastest three being Uni of Bath's Miles Drabwell (59.01, dropping 0.93s) and Aidan Mitchell (59.10 dropping 0.65s) and Millfield's Evan Jones (Millfield, 59.30). All three improved on their heat swims in the final after Jones had given himself a narrow lead at the turn. Drabwell overtook him to secure gold and Senior Championship in 57.54. Jones' 57.60 was rewarded with silver and Mitchell's 58.79 with bronze.

The 17 Yr old prelim ranking order proved the indicator for medal placings in the final as Team Bath AS duo Max Adams (1:00.02) and Oliver Saunders (1:00.99) attacked the sub 1m mark for a 1-2 with Millfield's Alexander Mufti (1:02.23) third.

It was a similar story in a Millfield medal sweep in the 16 Yr age group. The 0.33s separating the two fastest was reduced to just 0.13s in the final as the top three all went faster. 2020's 14 Yr gold medallist Leo Ferguson (1:01.42)  claimed gold, Conor Cherrington (1:01.55) silver and Thomas Duddridge (1:01.82) the bronze.

Lauchlan Parrott's 15 Yr age group gold medal time of 1:01.47 makes him our 2022 Junior Champion in another 1-2-3 result for Millfield. Fastest qualifier Zac Cooper (1:03.41) improved on his 1:04.88 entry time,  1:04.11 heat swim and 2020's 13 Yr fifth place for silver in 2022. Adam White moved up 5 places on his heat ranking for his 1:05.23 bronze.

Millfield's clean sweep of the medals in the 14 Yr age group came via Reuben Alty (1:05.31), Max Higgins (1:06.17) who improved 0.63s and Dexter Townsend (1:07.58) who dropped 4.45s from his entry time for bronze which he also achieved in 2020.

The run of Millfield 1-2-3s had started in the 13 Yr age group final from Billy Chatterjee (1:17.54) who had moved through the field from fourth at the turn, followed in by Caleb Gifford-Groves (1:18.97) and Jack Guppy (1:20.55).

Taunton Deane enjoyed success in the younger age groups. Tom Barnett (1:24.26) won another 12 Yr gold. Alex Parish (Clevedon, 1:31.34) and Freddie Macpherson (Street & District, 1:32.33) improved 3.76s and 2.13s respectively to claim silver and bronze.

James Sercombe (1:39.24) won the 10-11 Yr gold, holding off the challenge of Burnham-on-Sea's Caspar Payne who attacked the final 50m and reduced a 2.23s deficit at the turn to just 0.77s to take silver with 1:40.01. That registered a 3.35s drop which could no doubt be heard at the seaside. James Freeman kept Bridgwater in contention with a 1.37s improvement to 1:41.20 for bronze.


Senior and Junior Championship Presentations

We have issued a call for any photos from 23 Jan 2022 for our gallery and any received for publication will follow.

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2022 M 200m IM Jnr

M 200m IM Jnr

2022 W 100m Back Snr

W 100m Back Snr


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