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Somerset County Championships 2022 - D1

16 Jan 2022 at Millfield (25m)

How do you measure a gap? Well it's been two years and 2000 website posts since we reported on our last Championships. Competition resumed this year at Millfield on 16 Jan with two sessions featuring 100m IM and SC relays before our long course racing kicks off over the next three weekends.

Our thanks go to all the Coaches, Team Managers, Meet Management Team, Officials and Volunteers who are supporting the event.

Boys 100m IM
2020's Championship final saw Millfield's David O'Loughlin dip under an interim Senior record with 59.04 but ultimately finish second in the final. Dec 2021 saw him clock 57.89 in the National Winter Championships. Roll on to Jan 2022 and O'Loughlin improved on his 59.50 prelim time to win our 18/O final and senior title in 59.37, finishing ahead of Taunton Deane's Dan Raffill (1:01.60) and Farran Gregory (1:02.06).

2020 produced some epic battles between Solomon Williams and Taunton Deane's Oscar Barlow. Millfield's 2020 Junior Champion produced the only sub 1 min swim by a 17 yr old in 2022, 59.42, in the prelims.  Oliver Saunders (Team Bath AS, 1:00.74), Blayne Stanbrook (Clevedon, 1:02.74) and Dexter Poole (Team Bath AS, 1:05.76) repeated their prelim ranking order to finish in the top 3 in the final with Williams not swimming.

The Prelims saw Taunton Deane's Reagan Gallagher entered on 1:04.84. He improved again on his 1:04.25 heat swim to win the 16 Yr final with 1:02.91. Millfield's Richard Jenkins (1:03.52) and fastest qualifier Ivan Hart (1:03.87) completed the podium places.

Lauchlan Parrott enjoyed one of those swims where you enter on 1:16.80 and then qualify fastest for the 15 Yrs final with 1:02.61. The Millfield swimmer went on to finish first and take the Junior title in 1:02.93 as Max Head (Bridgwater, 1:04.26) and Jamie Steadman (Clevedon 1:05.95) gave their Clubs a boost by holding off their remaining competition to record second and third places.

Millfield's Max Higgins knocked over 2.3s off his entry time to qualify fastest for the 14 Yr final which he went on to win in 1:04.27. Joshua Ulyatt (1:04.72) and Reuben Alty (1:06.79) made it a Millfield 1-2-3.

Three of our 2020 10-11 Yr medallists featured in the top four of the 2022 13 Yr final. Theodore Perrin (Yeovil, 1:14.63) is now over 7.5s faster than he was in 2020 and notched up another win by beating fastest qualifier and silver medal winner Caleb Gifford-Groves (Millfield, 1:15.56). Leo Mixer (Millfield, 1:16.29) placed third.

There was a consecutive Taunton Deane 1-2 in the 12 Yr final. Fastest qualifier Tom Barnett (1:16.47) took the win ahead of Oli Hallett (1:22.08) and Street & District's Freddie Macpherson (1:22.30).

Despite being two of the three youngest swimmers in the 10-11 Yr final Taunton Deane's James Sercombe (1:24.43) and JJ Wells (1:24.53) finished first and second, as they did in the prelims.  Charlie Phipps (Millfield, 1:27.98) placed third.

Girls 100m IM
With more twists, turns and breath taking moments than a thriller novel, the contest to capture the senior title was an enthralling affair. Pre-competition, times recorded by Somerset affiliated swimmers over the last 12 months made second ranked Keynsham's Georgia Gussey on 1:05.49 the slight favourite ahead of Taunton Deane's third ranked Chloe Bown (1:05.61) and Team Bath AS' fifth ranked Rue Fowler (1:05.65). 

Fowler showed her intent by delivering a 1:05.57 to head the 17 Yr qualifiers which spurred on Millfield's Lucy Buckingham in the same heat to a 1:06.11, beating her regional Winter Championships entry time by 1.16s to lead the qualifiers for the 16 Yr final after Bown had swam 1:06.46 in the next heat. 

The last heat left Gussey topping the 18/O qualifiers on 1:05.98 to set up a series of races against the clock as the trio lined up for their respective finals.

Bown rose to the challenge with an emphatic 1:05.28 to take the 16 Yr title ahead of Millfield duo Buckingham (1:05.77) and Franke Hatchard (1:08.58). 

Fowler then equalled Bown's time in the 17 Yr final in which second placed Phoebe Armes (Millfield 1:07.25) beat her entry time while 2020 Junior Champion Lara Turner (ANT) in third clocked 1:07.28.

Gussey produced what was needed in the 18 Yr final when it mattered. Her 1:05.10 earns her the Senior title and maintains her place in the rankings. The Keynsham star's trophy was won by Club team mate Rhiannon Bowen in 2017. Clevedon's Ella Jenkins (1:09.50) and Eva Farmery (1:10.20) battled hard for second and third places in the final.

Cardiff talent Sophie Davies got her first Somerset Championships as a Millfield swimmer off to a dream start, beating her 1:10.17 Nov 2020 time with a 1:07.07 which led the qualifiers for the 15 Yr final before unleashing a 1:06.44 which earned her the Junior title. Winner of the 13 Yr title in 2020, Isabel Blackhurst (ANT) continues to show fine progress from a 1:09.26 entry to 1:07.82 and then a second placed 1:07.35. Poppy Williams (Team Bath AS) in third similarly dropped from 1:11.50 through 1:09.43 to 1:09.21.

Millfield seems to have a 14 Yr old talent production line in place with their swimmers taking the first five places in that final. Eva Lawson (1:09.60), Augusta Maddox (1:10.69) and Meghan Higgs (1:11.85) maintained their prelim rankings and took the honours.

In the 13 Yr age group, Evie Twelvetree (1:13.26) and Caty Rizescu (1:14.87) earned Millfield a 1-2 ahead of Grace Williams (Team Bath AS) in third on 1:15.27.

Keeleigh Cooke (Millfield, 1:14.79) beat her Nov 2021 County Qualifier best by 0.08s and took the 12 Yr title, with team mate Vivienne Lubbe (1:16.66) just holding off the challenge of  Ailsa Main (Backwell, 1:16.70) for second place.

The 10-11 Yr final saw another Team Bath AS swimmer earn gold, Annabelle Godson (1:25.32) finishing ahead of Paige Taswell (Taunton Deane, 1:27.25) and Fliss Vincent (Clevedon, 1:27.90).

Girls 4x50m Free Relays
Two years on from our last Open relay, a different Millfield A quartet   - Tamryn van Selm , Nicole De Pree, Elena Pedersen and Darcy Highmore - has emerged victorious in 1:44.87 and they were almost 6s faster than their 2020 counterparts. Team Bath AS A (1:48.78) - Niamh Ward, Tegan Gibson, Katie Butcher and Rue Fowler - placed second but had the consolation of also beating 2020's winning time. Taunton Deane A were third in 1:52.61.

There was a similar improvement and ranking order in the 15&U final. Millfield A - Sienna Franklyn-Miller, Charlotte Hardy, Annabel Chan and Sophie Davies - powered home in 1:49.06, over 3s faster than 2020's winning time. Team Bath AS A quartet (1:57.10) came second and Taunton Deane A (2:00.68) third.

Millfield A - Meghan Higgs, Eva Lawson, Augusta Maddox and Mila Brooke - were the only sub 2 min quartet in their age group. And while Millfield's C and B sides recorded exhibition times of 2:04.07 and 2:05.84 respectively, it was Clevedon (2:09.45) and Keynsham (2:10.33) who finished in second and third places. 

Millfield A - Keeleigh Cooke, Vivienne Lubbe , Maisie Fisher and Iona Murray - won the 10-12 Yr title in 2:06.65 while Taunton Deane (2:13.83) won the battle for podium silver with Bridgwater (2:14.09).

Boys 4x50m Free Relays
In 2020, Millfield A's four Open winners clocking 1:36.84 were Sean Tsai, Clement Kubica, Calvin Fry and Wyatt Walsh. Fast forward to 2022 and it's Alex Painter, Solomon Williams, Matthew Cairns and Evan Jones who look equally set for stardom with 1:31.88. It is encouraging to see second placed Taunton Deane A 1:35.50 (Dan Raffill, Ryan Whitworth, Oscar Barlow and Dylan Gallagher), Team Bath AS A 1:36.43) (Olly Watts, Max Adams, Oliver Saunders and Mark Edmundson) and Millfield B's exhibition time of 1:35.38 all beat 2020's winning time.

Millfield A - Ewan Pedersen, Zac Cooper, Adam White and Lauchlan Parrott - won the 15&U age group in 1:39.90, and in doing so beat their Club's 2020 winning time of 1:44.43. Clevedon (1:54.30) and Bridgwater (1:58.71) added more relay points for their second and third places.

Millfield A - Reuben Alty, Joshua Ulyatt, Max Higgins and Oscar Ryland-Day comfortably won the 13-14 Yr age group ahead of AST Burnham (1:54.41) who were no doubt fired up seeing their Club collect silver in the younger age group. Burnham-on-Sea (2:08.55) had the edge over Bridgwater, finishing third. Millfield B recorded an exhibition time of 1:53.69.

Millfield A - Dorian Lichtenau, James Pearce, Hunter Krynauw and Charlie Phipps - claimed the 10-12 Yr honours with 2:21.61 while AST Burnham (2:24.94) finished in second place and Clevedon (2:27.27) third.

Girls 4x50m Medley Relays
Millfield A - Elena Pedersen, Lucy Buckingham, Zahra Davies and Tamryn van Selm - combined for a 1:57.89 win, improving on Taunton's winning 2020 time of 1:59.76. Team Bath AS A earned second place with 2:00.53, just ahead of the exhibition times of Millfield C (x2:01.62), Team Bath AS B (2:03.06) and Millfield B (2:03.60). Taunton Deane added to their points haul with a third placed 2:04.53.

The 15&U age group was won by the Millfield A quartet of Sophie Davies, Charlotte Hardy, Annabel Chan and Sienna Franklyn-Miller (2:00.95) with Team Bath AS (2:11.94) second  and Taunton Deane (2:16.52) third. Millfield's B team recorded 2:10.02.

Millfield A - Meghan Higgs, Tilly Anderton joined two of 2020's winning 10-12 yr A team swimmers Augusta Maddox and Eva Lawson to secure the 13-14 Yrs title in 2:07.95 ahead of Taunton Deane A  (2:13.61) and Keynsham (2:22.65). 

Millfield enjoyed a clean sweep in the event as their A team of Vienna Townsend, Vivienne Lubbe, Noelle Delin and Keeleigh Cooke also won the 10-12 Yrs category in 2:21.01. Taunton Deane (2:27.98) were second and Bridgwater (2:28.91) came third.

Boys 4x50m Medley Relays
The Millfield A quartet of Matthew Cairns, Elliot Woodburn, Evan Jones and  Alex Painter recorded a 1:40.90, an improvement of 3.19s over the School's 2020 winning time. Taunton Deane took second place with 1:44.66,  demonstrating they are a force to be reckoned with as Oscar Barlow, Farran Gregory, Dylan Gallagher and Ryan Whitworth finished just 0.57s outside 2020's winning time. Team Bath AS' bronze came from a 1:46.77 finish to the event which saw Millfield's B and C teams record exhibition times of 1:47.40 and 1:47.75.

Millfield A  - Adam White, Harrison Cox, Lauchlan Parrott and Ewan Pedersen - claimed the 15 & U win in 1:51.94. Both the School's B and C teams recorded sub 2 min exhibition times but it was Taunton Deane (2:01.93) and Clevedon (2:07.86) claiming silver and bronze.

The 13-14 Yr category was won by Millfield A - Reuben Alty, Max Higgins, Oscar Ryland-Day and Joshua Ulyatt - with 1:58.26, finishing ahead of Taunton Deane A (2:06.91) and A.S.T. Burnham A (2:11.05) who enjoyed a podium finish in third..

In the 10-12 Yr race, Taunton Deane A - Ollie Hallett, David Bown, Tom Barnett and Caleb Crook - denied Millfield another clean sweep across the age groups after blasting out a 2:28.27. Their B team clocked an exhibition 2:36.33 but it was Millfield A (2:41.36) in second with AST Burham (2:51.20) gaining another bronze.

Mixed 4x50m Medley Relays
The final event of Day 1 saw Millfield maintain their momentum with a 1:48.77 win by Matthew Cairns, Elliot Woodburn, Zahra Davies and Tamryn van Selm over Taunton Deane A (1:52.68) and Clevedon A (1:59.32). Millfield B also recorded a sub 1:50 exhibition time of 1:47.58.

Millfield clocked the three fastest times in the 14&U event with only the A team's Augusta Maddox, Max Higgins, Oscar Ryland-Day and Meghan Higgs 2:00.68 swim counting but beating 2020's winning time of 2:01.66. The School's B (2:03.25) and C (2:08.42) times were quickly followed by Taunton Deane (2:09.03) in second place and Team Bath AS A (2:11.92) in third.

Mixed 4x50m Free Relays
As in 2020. Millfield A swam MFMF but Alex Painter, Nicole De Pree, Evan Jones and Tamryn van Selm obliterated the School's previous winning 15&O time of 1:42.61 by clocking 1:37.49. Taunton Deane A's Chloe Bown, Oscar Barlow, Ryan Whitworth and Isla Winslow were close to 2020's winning time with 1:42.93 for second place and Clevedon placed third with 1:46.25. Millfield's H and C teams recorded exhibition times of x1:42.15 and 1:42.84.

Millfield A -  Reuben Alty, Joshua Ulyatt, Meghan Higgs and Augusta Maddox - earned the 14&U title with 1:48.15 ahead of Taunton Deane A (1:54.30) and Team Bath AS A (1:57.40). Millfield's B and C quartets recorded exhibition times of 1:53.08 and 1:54.16.

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* Updated files. If you downloaded the Relay results before 11:18am on 17 Jan, please do so again. Kelly had to go through all the lane sheets to check all swimmers were shown in the correct order, hence the changes.

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