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ISL Season 3 Match 16 - Eindhoven

DC Trident, Energy Standard, LA Current and London Roar competed in the fifth ISL Season 3 playoff Match at the Pieter van den Hoogenband Zwemstadion in Eindhoven over 25/26 Nov 2021.

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Day 1

Video: Match 16 Day 1 highlights.

Sarah Sjostrom (ENS, 55.51) swam under World Record pace for 50m of the Women's 100m Butterfly and proceeded to more than double her lead over second place Anna Ntountounakiin (LAC, 56.33). Loughborough alumna Marie Wattel (LON, 57.05) didn't hold onto third place which went to Linnea Mack (DCT, 57.01).

Winner of Matches 13 and 15, Tom Shields (LAC, 48.99) again dominated the Men's 100m Butterfly in which Energy Standard's Chad le Clos (50.06) made a welcome return to competition, albeit seconds off his best but with a faster finish which denied Tomoe Hvas (LAC, 50.11) second place. The race also featured Brits Adam Barrett (ENS, 50.81) and a jackpotted Duncan Scott (LON, 51.07) in seventh and eighth places respectively.

Energy Standard made it two wins from the first three events as Anastasiya Shkurdai (2:01.77) successfully chased down Kira Toussaint (LON, 2:02.36) in the Women's 200m Backstroke. Ingrid Wilm (LAC, 2:02.77) was comfortably third.

Roar 's form in the Men's 200m Backstroke continued as Christian Diener (1:49.66) and Luke Greenbank (1:51.38) placed second and third behind Match 13 winner Ryan Murphy (LAC, 1:48.10) who dominated this race to give new leaders LA Current a five point margin over Energy Standard.

Annie Lazor (2:18.90) gave Roar their first win of the Match in the Women's 200m Breaststroke. Maria Temnikova (DCT, 2:19.56) finished second and Evgenia Chikunova (ENS, 2:21.02) third. Imogen Clark (LAC) finished outside the time standard.

Ilya Shymanovich (ENS, 2:02.66) stayed on the shoulder of Tommy Cope (2:03.95) for much of the Men's 200m Breaststroke until he unleashed a 31.43 final split which blew away any chances of a first win for DC Trident. Third throughout, Christopher Rothbauer (LAC, 2:04.80) went faster than Match 15 while Roar's Tom Dean (2:07.13) and Ross Murdoch (2:07.19) had their own battle for sixth place.

Energy Standard (3:27.73) enjoyed success in the Women's 4x100m Freestyle as LA Current (3:32.02) were unable to replicate their Match 15 time, finishing third. Isabella Hindley (52.44) is proving her value with a 52.44 split which moved DC Trident from fifth to second place which they retained. Freya Anderson (52.21) and Marie Wattel (52.79) featured for fourth placed Roar (3:32.16), The ENS points haul gives them a 15 point lead over LA Current with Roar five further back.

Kyle Chalmers (LON, 20.82) and Ben Proud (ENS, 20.86) were the only Men's 50m Freestyle swimmers to go sub 21s.

Sarah Sjostrom (ENS, 23.12) came within 0.04s of her own ISL Record in the Women's 50m Freestyle and earned 19 points. Abbey Weitzeil (LAC, 23.78) came second. Team Bath alumna Anna Hopkin (23.98) in third and Isabella Hindley (24.49) in seventh swam for DC Trident while Bath NC's Freya Anderson clocked 24.55 for Roar.

Roar's slow start was given a boost with another 1-2 in the Men's 200m Individual Medley from Duncan Scott (1:52.23) and Vini Lanza (1:54.46) who caught Javier Acavedo (LAC, 1:54.62) on the freestyle leg.

Sydney Pickrem ( 2:06.50) again had the measure of her rivals in the Women's 200m Individual Medley with a win by 1.11s over Mary-Sophie Harvey (ENS, 2:07.61). Katie Shanahan (LON, 2:08.58 2:09.21) improved on her Match 15 time by 0.63s and was looking good for third until Zsuzsanna Jakabos (DCT, 2:08.30) stormed through from fifth to deny her.

Ilya Shymanovich (25.47) and Felipe Lima (26.22) recorded an Energy Standard 1-2 worth 37 points for their Men's 50m Breaststroke swims. Christopher Rothbauer (LAC, 26.72) was third and Ross Murdoch (LON, 27.28) finished sixth.

Alia Atkinson (29.19) restored belief for Roar by winning the Women's 50m Breaststroke comfortably ahead of LA Current's Anastasia Gorbenko (29.68) and Imogen Clark (29.96) in second and third. Tatiana Belonogoff (DCT,30.40) finished fifth.

It was time for a relay and of course an opportunity for the mathematicians to deliver another big points swing. A Roar quartet (3:04.47) featuring Duncan Scott (46.09) was the beneficiary again, winning 38 points but at least it came via a Season 3 best Men's 4x100m Freestyle time. LA Current (3:05.38) went faster than in Match 15 but still placed second with DC Trident (3:08.42) third. Energy Standard finished fourth in 3:08.59 after contributions from Adam Barrett (46.93), Ben Proud (47.64) and James Guy (47.78). Ed Mildred (47.69) and Luke Greenbank (49.40) started and ended Roar's other seventh placed 3:13.57 finish. That leaves the scores Roar (188), ENS (179), LAC (136.5) and DCT (76.5).

A sixth win of the season for World Record holder Kira Toussaint (26.09) extended Roar's lead in the Women's 50m Backstroke. Linnea Mack (DCT, 26.29) and Ingrid Wilm (LAC, 26.44) placed second and third and Georgia Davies (ENS, 26.67) seventh.

After threatening to do so in Match 15, Ryan Murphy (LAC, 22.53) broke his own ISL record from Nov 2020, this time by 0.01s, also setting an American best time in the Men's 50m backstroke. Mark Nikolaev (DCT, 22.70) and Kliment Kolesnikov (ENS, 23.04) placed second and third.

Siobhan Haughey (ENS, 3:58.44) and Joanna Evans (DCT, 4:01.53) were the first two home in the Women's 400m Freestyle. Roar's Freya Anderson (4:06.05) came fifth and Katie Shanahan (4:07.04) sixth and improving on her Match 15 time.

Bath NC's Tom Dean (3:40.20) has been flying under the radar so far this ISL season but he emerged triumphant in the Men's 400m Freestyle, finishing over 5.6s faster than in Match 15 and overhauling Fernando Scheffer (LAC, 3:40.75) over the last 50m. Martin Malyutin (LAC, 3:41.67) was third and James Guy (ENS, 3:42.58) fifth.

Roar (3:47.48 ) again won the Women's 4x100m Medley Relay with Marie Wattel clocking 55.94 before they finished 1.1s ahead of Energy Standard. Tatiana Belonogoff (1:05.41) and Anna Hopkin (51.74) featured in DC Trident's fourth placed 3:51.21 finish. Georgia Davies clocked 57.63 while leading off ENS' other 3:51.45 fifth placed team, racing against Isabella Hindley (58.48) for DC Trident.

Energy Standard responded as Adam Barrett (46.56) anchored their A team to 3:21.36 and 24 points by winning the Men's 4x100m Medley Relay. LA Current (3:23.66) placed second and Roar (3:24.16) were fourth after contributions from Ross Murdoch (58.12) and Duncan Scott (45.64).

Day 1 Standings
1. London Roar - 280
2. Energy Standard - 264
3. LA Current - 221.5
4. DC Trident - 141.5

Day 2

Anna Hopkin (DCT, 52.78), Freya Anderson (LON, 52.86) and Marie Wattel (LON, 53.45) finished fourth, fifth and seventh in the Women's 100m Freestyle which was won comforatbly by Siobhan Haughey (ENS, 51.13) ahead of Madison Wilson (LAC, 52.46)..

Kyle Chalmers (46.23) and Dylan Carter (46.47) earned 16 points for Roar with their 1-2 finish in the Men's 100m Freestyle. Adam Barrett (ENS, 46.86) finished third while team mate James Guy clocked 47.89.

Ilaria Bianchi (LON, 2:06.33) led throughout the Women's 200m Butterfly in which Helena Rosendahl Bach (ENS, 2:06.88) succeeded in overtaking Szuszanna Jakabos (DCT, 2:07.18) to take second.

The return of Chad le Clos (1:51.27) boosted Energy Standard as he finished second in the Men's 200m Butterfly after both he and eventual winner Teppei Morimoto (LON, 1:51.27) overtook leader Tomoe Hvas (LAC, 1:52.45) and Zach Harting (DCT, 1:51.90) over the final 50m.

Although Kira Toussaint (LON, 55.99) recorded a season 3 best last time out, Ingrid Wilm (LAC, 55.91) went out the faster and held on to take the Women's 100m Backstroke win,  reversing their Match 15 placings and producing a 15-point jackpot for LA Current. Brits Georgia Davies (ENS, 58.33) and Isabella Hindley (DCT, 58.94) placed seventh and eighth.

The placings in Day 1's 50m backstroke were also reversed in the Men's 100m Backstroke where Mark Nikolaev (DCT, 49.43) overtook long time leader Ryan Murphy (LAC, 49.61) as the pair finished the only sub 50s swimmers. Evgeny Rylov (ENS, 50.11) placed third.

A controlled swim by Sarah Sjostrom (ENS, 57.94) won the Women's 100m Medley in which Abbey Weitzeil (LAC, 58.46) produced the stronger finish to overtake Mary-Sophie Harvey (58.52) and claim second.

Duncan Scott (LON, 51.78) lowered his own British Record by 0.04s in the Men's 100m Medley in finishing second behind Kliment Kolesnikov (ENS, 51.51). Luke Greenbank (LON, 54.53) was one of three swimmers penalised for missing the time standard, leaving London Roar and Energy Standard now tied on 358 points, LA Current on 296.5 and DC Trident 187.5.

That order soon changed as Roar's Alia Atkinson (LON, 1:04.38) comfortably won the Women's 100m Breaststroke by 0.75s while Imogen Clark (LAC, 1:06.08) and Tatiana Belonogoff (DCT, 1:06.43) finished fourth and fifth respectively.

An ENS 1-2 threw a spanner in Roar's momentum in the Men's 100m Breaststroke as Ilya Shymanovich (55.28) lowered his own World Record from last week by 0.04s. Felipe Lima (57.34), although over 2s behind, contributed 7 of their 37 point haul. Ross Murdoch (LON, 58.59) finished fifth.

ENS followed that with another 1-2 from Sarah Sjostrom (24.72) and Madeline Banic (25.14), delivering another body blow to Roar's hopes in the Women's 50m Butterfly. Isabella Hindley (DCT, 26.29) finished seventh.

Tom Shields (LAC, 22.15) and Ben Proud (ENS, 22.25) were the first two to the wall in the Men's 50m Butterfly. Energy Standard now led Roar by 47 points, with LA Current 58.5 points further back and DC Trident adrift of third by 117.

Siobhan Haughey (ENS, 1:50.65) dealt a hammer blow to Roar's challenge by breaking her own Asian and ISL Records by 0.01s and winning 30 points from the Women's 200m Freestyle. Joanna Evans (DCT, 1:54.36) was the only other swimmer to score points. Bath NC's Freya Anderson (LON,1:56.11) didn't replicate her Match 15 winning form, finishing fifth.

The chance for Roar to make a bigger dent in Energy Standard's lead was reduced as Aleksandr Shchegolev (DCT, 1:41.72) led throughout the Men's 200m Freestyle, relegating Match 15 winner Kyle Chalmers (LON, 1:42.17) to second. James Guy (ENS, 1:43.76) finished fifth.

Energy Standard's FMMF combo (3:33.32) won the Mixed 4x100m Medley in a faster time than Cali had won Match 15. LA Current came second (3:35.87) and Freya Anderson (51.92) anchored Roar's 3:37.17 third place finish as both quartets went MFMF. Luke Greenbank (51.29) led off Roar's fourth placed quartet in which Marie Wattel clocked 57.00. Adam Barrett (51.37) featured in the ENS 3:38.91 fifth place finish. Isabella Hindley (58.99) and Anna Hopkin (52.62) swam in DC Trident's 3:40.01 sixth placed effort.

Sydney Pickrem (4:29.21) improved 1.55s on her Match 15 winning time to earn Roar 21 points from her Women's 400m Medley swim. Bailey Andison (DCT, 4:31.21) was next to finish. Despite swimming over 3s slower than in Match 15 Katie Shanahan (4:38.05) still gave Roar a boost due to her interim time before finishing fifth.

Roar's Duncan Scott (4:01.80) earned 22 points and Tom Dean (4:10.27) 4 for Roar in the Men's 400m Medley. The Scot finished 4.59s ahead of Charlie Swanson (ENS).

It was certainly Ingrid Wilm's day as she won each round of the Women's Backstroke Skins Race 50m with 26.03, 26.67 and 27.67 to give LAC a boost. Kira Toussaint went 26.05, 26.99 and 28.55 while Ali Deloof and Linnea Mack were dropped in Round 2.

And LA Current must have thought Christmas had come early when Ryan Murphy won the Men's Backstroke Skins Race 50m, going 22.71, 23.49 and 24.22. Fourth in Round 1 with 22.96, Energy Standard's Evgeny Rylov won Round 2 in 23.48 but finished 0.16s behind Murphy in the final. Kliment Kolesnikov and Mark Nikolaev were dropped in Round 2.

1. Energy Standard - 561.5 points
2. London Roar – 498.5 points
3. LA Current – 415.5 points
4. DC Trident 289.5 points

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