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The GreenSport Network Launch Webinars December 2021

The GreenSport Network, driving sustainability across community sport and physical activity, will bring together community sports bodies, clubs, organisers, and from across the world, exchanging practical ideas and experiences on how to reduce the carbon footprint from community sport. Small steps can make a big difference

Three launch webinars on 1, 8 and 15 December, all at 10 am GMT

The dream scenario…getting more people active while reducing CO2 emissions

At present, there is a global need to reduce climate gas emissions, and at the same time there is a global call for increased physical activity - so how do we square that circle and develop community sports facilities and events that are both welcoming and sustainable?

We are also experiencing that many people now, and not just Generation Z, expect the places where they go such as clubs, centres and events demonstrate sustainable behaviour if they want them to come back. So, we would like to suggest that by driving sustainability across community sport and physical activity we can become relevant to and attract more, new, participants.

Get going on the sustainability journey, step by step

There is also scope for demystifying the whole concept, model and journey on how to get going on the sustainability journey, step by step. So, information-sharing and story-telling are indeed important factors in motivating and helping community sports providers to getting started on their ‘green’ journey.

We have seen some great examples where smaller clubs have ‘seen the light’ and then gradually start selling local organic products, replace lights with LED lighting, switch over to a renewable energy supplier, switch mechanical equipment over to electric, vegan food options to meat-free Mondays, installing bike parks and give discounts to anyone who arrives by bike, public transport or electric car.

The list goes on and on, and The GreenSport Network will share all those ideas and experiences from community sport from across the world.

The GreenSport Network will
  • bring together practitioners, academics, industry experts, facilities managers from across the world together to exchange ideas, case studies and experiences.
  • run webinars, workshops, conferences and study tours, and, over time, become the information hub and go-to source for community sports providers who are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • collect and disseminate examples of best practice from community sports providers at all stages of their development in becoming environmentally sustainable
  • help train potential green sports providers how to develop and run sustainable activities.

Green sport needs champions and The GreenSport Network will highlight the great work done by so many people within the sector and ensure that they will act as role models and beacons.


1 December 10 am GMT - Getting started

An introduction to how community sport can become more environmentally sustainable.

This 45-minute webinar will provide you with a quick background as to how we can link physical activity promotion and climate action and give you
  • some ideas and tips on how any community sports provider can reduce their climate change impact.
  • examples
    • from non-league football club Shoreham FC who are focusing on the main contributors to climate change energy, transport and food/catering. The first steps include a complete refit of all their lighting with low energy LEDs, not using single plastic and introducing vegan food, amongst others.
    • from Hanwell FC, whose first team play in the Isthmian League - South Central Division (level 8 of the English football pyramid) have just launched Green Geordies, with a commitment to become a net zero carbon football club by 2030.  They have already invested in a climate resilient pitch and installed automated LED lighting among other upgrades.
    • from Castle Climbing Centre in London who are committed to preserving their rock faces and the planet, promoting biodiversity and sustainable practices and addressing social inequalities. Whether this is through supporting organisations such as the Dorset Bolt Fund, striving towards carbon neutral operations, investing in a permaculture garden and vegetarian café or partnering with ethical, sustainable suppliers.
    • from Pentyrch Rugby Football Club has been using solar panels throughout the pandemic thanks to funding from the National Lottery and how they are
    • from one of the pioneers of sustainability in sport, Forest Green Rovers, who have experienced an increase in sponsorship revenue as companies and brands who share their values are looking for a partner – that could work for you too”
    • of how event organisers are working with participants to reduce any waste being dropped and/left after the races and runs.

8 December 10 am GMT -  Experiences from outside community sport and physical – how we can learn from others

 This webinar will look at how sectors such as tourism, hospitality and arts and culture are going green and reducing their climate impact – there are many great initiatives that community sport and physical activity providers can learn from.

You will also hear from Jo Little, Business Development Manager at Planet Mark. 

Planet Mark certification is a recognised symbol of sustainability progress. It demonstrates a business’ commitment to measuring and reducing their carbon emissions, ultimately contributing to their environmental, social and governance. Jo will talk about how for many brands in the sports and leisure industry there is a direct link with the natural world. As our climate changes, our relationship with sport and leisure as we understand it could be compromised. Many sports and leisure brands have realised they can be part of the solution, creating business with a focus on climate to promote healthy and future-ready experiences for their customers.

15 December 10 am GMT - How to get going internally with reducing your climate change impact – setting up a powerful group for change

How to take the first steps on your green journey and how to get people on board and buy into the project 

Hear from Hannah Amor, Plastics and sustainability project officer at Environment Agency. She will be talking about how to prevent plastic pollution in sport, recycling,

The Environment Agency’s Plastics and Sustainability team will be discussing how sports clubs, venues and events can reduce the amount of avoidable single-use plastic they use. Bringing participants, fans, and members along on the journey. By reducing avoidable plastic sport can play its part in tackling the climate emergency and protecting the planet for future generations. 

Mark Curtin, CEO The Lord’s Taverners, the famous cricket charity, will talk about how they are shipping recycled cricket kit to a variety of places including Nigeria, Greece, the Lebanon and Moldova and are currently in the process of fulfilling 6 more cricket and 2 football applications.

Many young people in the UK and abroad find it hard to access sport, with one of the main barriers being a simple lack of access to the right kit and equipment.

Their sports kit recycling programme collects usable kit from across the UK through a network of local ‘collection hubs’. The kit is then sorted and redistributed to partner organisations within the UK and around the world, who can put it to great use in their communities. The benefits of playing cricket and other sports are numerous. Having the correct kit gives more young people the opportunity to play team sport and develop crucial life skills such as teamwork, communication and confidence, alongside improving their overall health and wellbeing. In recent years, they have sent large amounts of kit to projects in India, Germany, Antigua, Brazil, Romania, Rwanda, Uganda, The Gambia, Mexico and across the UK. See the map below for more information.

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