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ISL Season 3 Match 15 - Eindhoven

Cali Condors, Iron, LA Current and London Roar competed in the fourth ISL Season 3 playoff Match at the Pieter van den Hoogenband Zwemstadion in Eindhoven over 20/21 Nov 2021.

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Day 1

Video: Match 15 Day 1 highlights.

Kelsi Dahlia got Cali off to the best possible start in the Women's 100m Butterfly with a 54.89 which beat her own Sep 2021 ISL Record by 0.33s and was just 0.05s shy of her American record. Match 13 winner Emma McKeon (LON, 56.00) was second and Erika Brown's third place in 56.13 meant Cali had collected 25 points from the first race.

With Condors expected to make the final with or without Caeleb Dressel, match 13 winner Tom Shields (LAC, 49.36) took advantage of his absence from this race and dominated the Men's 100m Butterfly. Vini Lanza (LON, 50.06) and Nicholas Santos (IRO, 50.21) placed second and third.

Beata Nelson (CAC, 2:00.91) led throughout and improved on Kylie Masse's recent winning times from Matches 13 and 14 to earn 12 points and a fifth ISL win in the Women's 200m Backstroke Kathleen Baker (LAC, 2:01.77) and Kira Toussaint (LON, 2:03.30) came second and third but an Iron deficiency left their swimmers in seventh and eighth.

Roar enjoyed a 1-3 in the Men's 200m Backstroke thanks to Christian Diener (LON, 1:49.04) and Luke Greenbank (LON, 1:51.18). Match 13 winner Ryan Murphy (LAC, 1:49.34) was second and Bath NC's Brodie Williams (CAC) clocked 1:52.57. At this stage Cali were 9 ahead of LAC who were 5 ahead of Roar. Iron in need of life support had totalled 15.

Lilly King (CAC, 2:16.47) remains the swimmer to beat after a sixth Women's 200m Breaststroke victory. Annie Lazor (LON, 2:18.82) in second improved on her Match 13 winning time and Emily Escobedo (CAC, 2:19.42) in third contributed 6 to Cali's 18 points haul. Imogen Clark (LAC) clocked 2:29.64.

Erik Persson has been Iron's strong man this season and duly won the Men's 200m Breaststroke in 2:02.41 ahead of Nic Fink (CAC, 2:04.47) and Christopher Rothbauer (LAC, 2:05.55). Roar's Ross Murdoch (2:06.54) finished fourth while Tom Dean clocked 2:11.12.

Continuing LA Current success in the Women's 4x100m Freestyle added 30 more points for their 3:27.44 win. Marie Wattel (52.55) and Freya Anderson (52.22) helped Roar (3:29.50) to third place behind Cali's 3:28.43. Alys Thomas (54.48) featured in Iron's other 3:41.50.

Kyle Chalmers (LON, 20.97) enjoyed a Men's 50m Freestyle win over the returning World Record holder Caeleb Dressel (CAC, 21.04). Kristian Gkolomeev (LAC, 21.00) was second.

The closest race of Day 1 came in the Women's 50m Freestyle where Abbey Weitzeil (LAC, 23.90) touched 0.01s ahead of both and Emma McKeon (LON) and Ranomi Kromowidjojo (IRO), Freya Anderson (LON) clocked 24.51. Cali were now 13 ahead of LA Current, with Roar 16 further back but 20 ahead of Iron.

Roar enjoyed a 1-2 in the Men's 200m Individual Medley from Duncan Scott (1:52.35) and Vini Lanza who had tied with Leonardo Santos (1:54.14).

Sydney Pickrem (LON, 2:05.29) won her third Women's 200m Individual Medley this season ahead of Beata Nelson (CAC, 2:06.46) and Maria Ugolkova (IRO, 2:07.02). Anastasia Gorbenko got fourth by 0.01s over Katie Shanahan (LON, 2:09.21). The Scot's 4 point contribution helped move Roar into second place with Cali in their sights just 5.5 points ahead.

Nic Fink (CAC, 26.35) and Christopher Rothbauer (LAC, 26.67) were second and third again behind an Iron swimmer in the Men's 50m Breaststroke but this time it wasn't Erik Persson but Bernhard Reitshammer (26.10). Ross Murdoch (LON, 26.98) finished fifth.

Lilly King (29.36) helped steady Cali's faltering lead in the Women's 50m Breaststroke finishing 0.18s ahead of Alia Atkinson (LON, 29.54). Ida Hulkko (IRO,29.84) took third by 0.02s from Imogen Clark (LAC).

By now you will either be a fan of the giant swings relay points can have on club standings from one race, or not. Roar (3:04.55) were the beneficiary on this occasion, winning 38 from touching first in the Men's 4x100m Freestyle. LA Current (3:06.15) placed second. Caeleb Dressel (47.26) anchored Cali's third place 3:08.19, up againts Matt Richards (47.34) for Iron's fourth placed 3:09.00. Luke Greenbank and Brodie Williams clocked 49.15 and 49.34 for their respective other Roar and Cali quartets. That race result gave Roar a 14.5 point lead over Cali, with LA Current 11 further back and Iron 37.5 adrift.

Roar immediately strengthened their lead in the Women's 50m Backstroke. thanks to a comfortable fifth win of the season for World Record holder Kira Toussaint (25.99). Ingrid Wilm (LAC, 26.31) got the touch for second over Olivia Smoliga (CAC, 26.32).

Ryan Murphy (LAC, 22.63) was close to a season best and also too quick for Christian Diener (22.84) and Guilherme Guido (22.93) in the Men's 50m backstroke. However the Roar duo's 13 point haul extended the lead over Cali by 9 points for whom Brodie Williams clocked 24.77. Murphy's win moves LAC ahead of Cali into second by 3 points.

The lead in the Women's 400m Freestyle kept swapping between Hali Flickinger (CAC, 4:00.82) and Freya Anderson (LON, 4:00.85) before the American managed to overtake the Bath NC star at the finish. Katie Shanahan (LON) finished seventh on 4:08.44. Anderson's interim times meant Roar outscore Cali from the event by 4.

Duncan Scott (LON, 3:39.11) is on a roll and led throughout the Men's 400m Freestyle, finishing 3.84s faster than he did in Match 13. Fernando Scheffer (LAC, 3:42.02), Eddie Wang (CAC, 3:42.20) and Tom Dean (LON, 3:45.87) placed second, third and sixth. The result leaves the pre relay Club standings: Roar 233.5, LA Current 198, Cali Condors 194 and Iron 136.5.

Roar extended their lead further by winning 30 points to Cali's combined 24 from the Women's 4x100m Medley Relay. Loughborough alumna Marie Wattel clocked 55.80 in their 3:46.28 win over Cali by 1.16s and raced against Alys Thomas (57.78) for Roar.

Although Cali won the Men's 4x100m Medley Relay in 3:22.44 to London's second place 3:23.23, the Condors were still outscored in the event by Roar who therfore earn the choice of skins. Tom Shields (LAC) clocked 48.83 racing Caeleb Dressel (CAC, 49.60). Ross Murdoch (57.51) and Brodie Williams (52.44) featured in the other Roar and Cali quartets.

Day 1 Standings
1. London Roar - 287.5
2. Cali Condors - 238.0
3. LA Current - 228.0
4. Iron - 156.5

Day 2

Video: Day 2 highlights

Emma McKeon (LON, 51.51) overtook Abbey Weitzeil (LAC, 51.74) to win the Women's 100m Freestyle race in which Ranomi Kromowidjojo (IRO, 51.81) came third and Freya Anderson clocked 52.00 for Roar.

Kyle Chalmers (45.70) dominated the Men's 100m Freestyle for Roar who picked up 18 points from the race after Dylan Carter (46.64) finished third. Maxime Rooney (46.63) kept LA Current in contention out touching Carter by 0.01s for second place.

Cali’s Hali Flickinger (2:04.62) produced the faster finish after taking over from long time leader Alys Thomas (IRO, 2:06.11) in the Women's 200m Butterfly. Ilaria Bianchi (LON, 2:06.58) placed third.

The points were also shared around in the Men's 200m Butterfly event won by Eddie Wang (CAC, 1:50.83) by 0.92s. Tom Shields (LAC, 1:51.75) and Teppei Morimoto (LON, 1:52.05) came second and third.

Kira Toussaint (LON, 55.45) led throughout and recorded a season 3 best time for the Women's 100m Backstroke. Ingrid Wilm (LAC, 56.21) came second and Roar's 2019 World Record holder Minna Atherton third on 56.52.

The only sub 50s swim came from LA Current's Ryan Murphy in the Men's 100m Backstroke. His 49.51 and Apostolos Christou's 50.16 combined to give LA Current 16 points from the event. Roar's Christian Diener (50.13) raced home for second place. Cali's Coleman Stewart (50.18) was considerably off his WR pace from September while team mate Brodie Williams clocked 52.12.

Top 3 in the Women's 100m Medley were 2020 ISL record holder Beryl Gastaldello (LAC, 57.87), who was half a second faster over the last 50m in overtaking Beata Nelson (CAC, 58.21), and Anastasiya Gorbenko (LAC, 58.23).

If you felt a little underwhelmed by Caeleb Dressel's fleeting appearances so far in Match 15, he proved his value to Cali yet again by winning the Men's 100m Medley in 51.67. That denied Roar's Duncan Scott another win but did earn him a British record 51.82 by 0.1s. Brett Pinfold (LAC, 52.14) belied his ranking to finish third and Luke Greenbank (LON) clocked 53.97. That race left Roar 62.5 points ahead of LA Current, with Cali 1 further back and Iron with a mountain to climb, yet to break the 200 barrier.

Roar's Alia Atkinson has been co-World Record holder since 2014 but Cali's Lily King (1:03.35) justified her pre-race ranking by winning the Women's 100m Breaststroke by 0.76s from the Jamaican. Kotryna Teterevkova (1:05.02) placed third and her LAC team mate Imogen Clark (1:06.02) seventh.

The names were juggled again in the Men's 100m Breaststroke and this time it was Cali's Nik Fink (56.51) out in front, overtaking Bernhard Reitshammer (IRO, 56.80) and leaving Christopher Rotbauer (LAC) and Kevin Cordes (CAC) tied for third on 58.11. Ross Murdoch was Roar's only points scorer, finishing sixth for 3 on 58.52.

ISL Record holder Ranomi Kromowidjojo (24.77) and Melanie Henique (24.91) signalled the start of a new Iron age after their 1-3 placing in the Women's 50m Butterfly. Kelsi Dahlia (CAC, 24.86) came second.

Iron's Nicholas Santos easily subdued London's Roar in the Men's 50m Butterfly with the only sub 22s time. Tom Shields (LAC, 22.26) and Jose Martinez (CAC, 22.72) came second and third and Tom Dean (LON) clocked 24.06.

Bath NC's Freya Anderson (LON,1:53.17) won the Women's 200m Freestyle, ensuring she kept just ahead of her nearest rival Barbora Seemanova (IRO, 1:53.23) throughout. Madison Wilson (LAC, 1:53.70) placed third.

Kyle Chalmers (1:41.68) made it two wins for Roar over the distance in the Men's 200m Freestyle. LA Current’s Fernando Scheffer (1:42.07) and Maxime Rooney (1:43.73) placed second and third.

Cali (3:33.79) were over 2s faster than second placed LA Current (3:35.90) and third placed Roar (3:36.13) in the Mixed 4x100m Medley despite a close opening leg from Coleman Stewart, Ryan Murphy and Dylan Carter. LA Current swimming MFMF were helped to 14 points by Imogen Clark clocking 1:05.41. Ross Murdoch (57.85) and Marie Wattel (57.39) contributed to their Roar quartet's 12 point haul. The surprise of the day came as Cali's other quartet swam FFMM. Beata Nelson, Lily King, Caeleb Dressel and Justine Ress eventually moved up from seventh to fifth on the anchor leg. Luke Greenbank (51.10) swam the opening leg for Roar's other seventh placed quartet.

Despite Sydney Pickrem (4:30.76) winning Roar 11 points in the Women's 400m Medley by taking over the lead after 200m from Hali Flickinger (4:31.75) the latter's score of 13 points was boosted by her interim times as were those of team mate Kathrin Demler's 9 who finished fourth.There was another good swim by Katie Shanahan (4:34.75) which earned 8 more points for Roar for her third place.

Duncan Scott (LON, 4:00.37) and Brodie Williams (CAC,4:07.31) gave Brits something else to cheer in the Men's 400m Medley. Tom Dean (LON, 4:12.18) finished seventh. Scott's 22 point haul means Roar head into the skins 28.5 points ahead of Cali, LA Current are almost 50 further back but 88 ahead of Iron.

Roar's choice of Women's Backstroke Skins Race 50m would rely on strong performances from Kira Toussaint and Minna Atherton. Both made the cut after Round 1 which was won by Olivia Smoliga on 26.11. World Record holder Toussaint and also Melanie Henique (IRO) were dropped in Round 2 with Smoliga again first to the wall with 26.81. Minna Atherton (27.19) denied Smoliga (27.34) the clean sweep, ending Cali's chances.

Roar's Christian Diener (22.83) won Round 1 of the Men's FreestyleSkins Race 50m which also saw both LA Current swimmers Ryan Murphy and Apostolos Christou progress with Iron's Robert Glinta. Murphy responded with a 23.51, 0.27s of Diener as Glinta and Christou were eliminated. That order continued in the final with a 24.32 win for LA Current by 0.67s

1. London Roar – 534.5 points
2. Cali Condors – 474.5 points
3. LA Current – 438.5 points
4. Iron – 327.5 points

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