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ISL Season 3 Match 14 - Eindhoven

Aqua Centurions, DC Trident, Energy Standard and Toronto Titans competed in the third ISL Season 3 playoff Match at the Pieter van den Hoogenband Zwemstadion in Eindhoven over 18/19 Nov 2021. With only the top 4 teams progressing from the play-offs the pressure is on for Aqua Centurions and DC Trident.

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Day 1

Video: Match 14 Day 1 highlights.

Louise Hansson (TOR, 55.91) returned to winning form in the Women's 100m Butterfly, holding off a late challenge by compatriot Sarah Sjostrom (ENS, 55.99). Madeline Banic (ENS, 56.96) placed third.

The teams most in need of a points haul stepped up as the Men's 100m Butterfly was won by Matteo Rivolta (AQC, 49.05) who broke the Italian record. DC Trident's Camden Murphy (49.88) and Zach Harting (50.45) placed second and third. Still missing Chad le Clos, Energy Standard were relying on Brits Adam Barrett (50.76) and James Guy (51.58) who finished fourth and eighth.

Kylie Masse (TOR, 2:01.52) led throughtout the Women's 200m Backstroke and got within 0.07s off her ownn Match 13 Canadian record. Anastasiya Shkurdai (ENS, 2:02.43) and Lisa Bratton (TOR, 2:02.78) completed the top 3.

Energy Standard’s Evgeny Rylov (1:51.47) started as clear favourite and notched up his 10th ISL win in the Men's 200m Backstroke finishing 1.52s ahead of Leonardo de Deus (AQC, 1:52.99) and Jay Litherland (DCT, 1:53.50). Max Litchfield (TOR,1:53.73) improved on his 2019 best time by 0.17s and finished fifth.

Maria Temnikova (DCT, 2:19.38) dominated the Women's 200m Breaststroke as five swimmers battled for second place which was claimed by faster finishing Tess Cieplucha (TOR, 2:21.32) ahead of veteran Jessica Vall (ENS, 2:21.50).

The duels between World Record holder over 50m and 100m Ilya Shymanovich (ENS, 2:02.06) and Arno Kamminga (AQC, 2:02.32) continue to entertain in the Men's 200m Breaststroke. Anton Mckee (TOR 2:04.55) got the touch for third by 0.01s over team mate Fabian Schwingenschlogl. That result gave Titans a 4 point lead over Energy Standard in second.

ENS (3:28.55) were hard pressed by TOR (3:28.85) in the Women's 4x100m Freestyle but their reward was a 24 points difference. Brits Isabella Hindley (53.16) and Anna Hopkin (51.95) led the DC Trident charge for third place which fell 0.19s short to AQC's 3:31.08. Hopkin's split was the fourth best of the 32 swimmers racing. Candice Hall (TOR,53.79) featured in Toronto's other 3:34.66 fifth placed finish.

Bath NC's Ben Proud (ENS, 20.64) broke the British Record in the Men's 50m Freestyle. Lorenzo Zazzeri (TOR, 20.87) and Ryan Hoffer (DCT, 21.26) placed second and third.

Sarah Sjostrom (ENS, 23.08) lowered her own ISL Season 3 record by a further 0.09s in winning the Women's 50m Freestyle ahead of Match 13 winner Kasia Wasick (TOR, 23.38). Mariia Kameneva (AQC, 23.85) and Team Bath alumna Anna Hopkin (DCT, 24.56) finished in third and seventh place respectively.

If you were already experiencing a sense of deja vu in the play offs, Toronto's Alberto Razzetti (1:52.10) and Max Litchfield (1:54.76) confirmed it by repeating their Match 13 first and third placings in the Men's 200m Individual Medley. On this occasion they were separated by Chase Kalisz (AQC, 1:53.95). Toronto's 18 points haul helped their cause as the margins separating the teams had started to widen - ENS 136, TOR 115, AQC 90, DCT 66.

The Women's 200m Individual Medley went to form with Mary-Sophie Harvey (ENS, 2:05.67) and Bailey Andison (DCT, 2:06.43) taking the 1-2. Zsuzsanna Jakabos (DCT, 2:07.77) came third.

Ilya Shymanovich (ENS): 25.74) may be the joint World Record holder in the Men's 50m Breaststroke but he lags Aqua Centurion Nicolo Martinenghi (AQC 25.73) in ISL wins and Match 14 confirmed it . Fabio Scozzoli (25.76) in third continued AQC's form with just 0.03s separated the trio.

Arianna Castiglioni (29.78) took the Women's 50m Breaststroke and Martina Carraro (30.05) made it a 1-2 for AQC beating Siobhan Haughey by 0.01s.Tatiana Belonogoff (DCT, 30.55) came fourth.

Top 3 in the Men's 4x100m Freestyle were AQC (3:06.67), ENS (3:07.56) in which Adam Barrett clocked 46.55, and DCT (3:08.83). James Guy (48.34) and Ben Proud (48.68) featured in the other sixth placed ENS quartet (3:14.24). Despite their other team being disqualified, AQC's 38 point haul for winning has them in second place, 15 behind ENS but importantly 26 ahead of Toronto.

That produced an immediate reaction from Titans as Kylie Masse (26.04) and Louise Hansson (26.31) delivered a 1-2 in the Women's 50m Backstroke. Georgia Davies (DCT, 26.70) placed seventh.

Things hadn't been going too well thus far for DC Trident but Mark Nikolaev (22.67) produced an upset win in the Men's 50m backstroke comprehensively beating ENS high fliers Kliment Kolesnikov (23.19) and Evgeny Rylov (23.31).

Siobhan Haughley (3:57.06) took over the lead from halfway and won the Women's 400m Freestyle for ENS. Summer McIntosh (TOR, 3:57.75) finishing second was in contention and the only other sub 4 min swimmer. Bath NC's Holly Hibbott (AQC, 4:07.00) placed seventh.

There was a Toronto 1-2 in the Men's 400m Freestyle thanks to Match 13 winner Luc Kroon (3:39.53) and Max Litchfield (3:40.40) who improved 2.5s on last time out. Interim times from ENS' Kregor Zirk (3:40.95) helped their cause as Barh NC's James Guy (3:50.23) had been jackpotted in eighth place.

There was another upset in the Women's 4x100m Medley Relay as Toronto (3:49.09) secured 20 points for their win to the 14 of favourite ENS (3:50.06) in second. Anchoring the DC Trident (3:50.94) quartet, Anna Hopkin (52.21) overtook Federica Pellegrini to secure third place after Tatiana Belonogoff (1:04.49) had earlier kept them in contention. Georgia Davies (57.61) led off the other ENS team to a 3:52.88 fifth place finish.

Rylov, Shymanovich, Adam Barrett (50.82) and Kolesnikov won the Men's 4x100m Medley Relay for ENS (3:22.25) overtaking AQC on the final leg by 0.07s. James Guy clocked 51.08 in the other ENS seventh placed finish.

Day 1 Standings
1. Eneregy Standard - 284
2. Toronto - 222
3. Aqua Centurions - 212
4. DC Trident - 186

Day 2

There was an Energy Standard 1-2 from Siobhan Haughey (51.11) and Sarah Sjostrom (51.34) in the Women's 100m Freestyle. Second ranked swimmer Kasia Wasick (TOR, 52.03) finished third. DC Trident's Brits Anna Hopkin (52.44), who seemed to have second place sewn up, and Isabella Hindley (53.27) finished in fifth and sixth places.

In the Men's 100m Freestyle Aleksandr Shchegolev (DCT, 46.38) got the touch over Aqua Centurion Alessandro Miressi (46.61) whose team mate Vladislav Grinev (46.81) came third. Adam Barrett was ENS' best placed finisher in fourth on 47.13

Toronto looks to have found a new heroine in Plymouth Leander's Laura Stephens (2:05.86) who surged from 6th at 100m with metronome timing efficiency to earn her second ISL win in the Women's 200m Butterfly. Helena Rosendahl Bach (ENS, 2:06.69) and Zsuzsanna Jakabos (DCT, 2:07.31) completed the top 3.

DC Trident's good start continued with a 1-3 finish from Zach Harting (1:51.74) and Camden Murphy (1:52.40) in the Men's 200m Butterfly. Pre race favourite Alberto Razzetti (TOR, 1:51.88) came second, James Guy (ENS, 1:54.82) and Max Litchfield (TOR, 1:54.95) seventh and eighth.

Clear favourite Kylie Masse (55.77) led throughout the Women's 100m Backstroke and team mate Lisa Bratton (56.69) made it a 1-2 for Toronto. The finishing order of each team's swimmers went TOR-DCT-ENS-AQC. Georgia Davies clocked 57.66 for ENS in sixth place.

Mark Nikolaev (49.69) produced the only sub 50s swim in the Men's 100m Backstroke which gave DC Trident a big 24 point boost. Evgeny Rylov (ENS, 50.17) and Matteo Rivolta (AQC, 50.35) placed second and third.

Maria Kameneva (AQC, 57.94) improved 0.21s for a successive win in the Women's 100m Medley ahead of Mary-Sophie Harvey (ENS, 58.24) and Kayla Sanchez (TOR, 58.38) in second and third.

Kliment Kolesnikov (ENS, 51.15) won the Men's 100m Medley ahead of Match 13 winner Thomas Ceccon (51.51) while Alberto Razzetti (TOR, 52.15) was third and his team mate Max Litchfield (54.18) eighth.

The standing of Guidford's Tatiana Belonogoff.(1:04.90) continues to rise as she came within 0.01s of her second ISL win for the Women's 100m Breaststroke behind Martina Carraro (AQC). Arianna Castiglioni's third place helped Aqua collect 16 points from the race.

After earning a 1-2 for AQC in Match 13 Arno Kamminga (56.26) and Nicolo Martinenghi (56.62) found themselves chasing Ilya Shymanovich's shadow in the Men's 100m Breaststroke as the Energy Standard swimmer lowered his own Dec 2020 World Record by 0.02s to 55.32. ISL's somewhat random determination of how points can be earned in races will dismay purists of the sport on learning that his World Record earns just 15 points. The race leaves Energy Standard 94 points ahead of Titans with Aqua Centurions and DC Trident breathing down their necks, just 3 and 28 points further back.

ENS dominance continued in the Women's 50m Butterfly with a 1 & 3 finish from Sarah Sjostrom (24.75) and Maddie Banic (25.41). Holly Barrett (AQC, 25.00) placed second.

In form Matteo Rivolta (AQC, 22.47) won the Men's 50m Butterfly while Bath NC's Ben Proud (22.57) finished second, Camden Murphy (22.62) third and Adam Barrett (ENS, 22.91) sixth.

Energy Standard’s Siobhan Haughey (1:50.66) broke her Nov 2020 ISL Record by 0.45s in the Women's 200m Freestyle finishing just 0.23s outside Sarah Sjostrom 's World Record. Federica Pellegrini has had a relatively quiet Season 3 so far but swapped places with Kayla Sanchez over the last quarter of the race to finish second on 1:53.91. Holly Hibbott (AQC, 1:57.03) improved 0.4s on Match 13 and finished seventh.

A second win of the day for Aleksander Shchegolev (DCT, 1:41.01) came in the Men's 200m Freestyle with Match 13 event winner Luc Kroon (TOR, 1:42.85) half a second faster but only second. ENS duo Kregor Zirk (1:44.60) and James Guy (1:44.81), who was second at 100m, finished fifth and seventh respectively.

ENS (3:33.11) were over 1.5s faster than Match 13's winning time in the Mixed 4x100m Medley. The top 3 teams swam MMFF order with AQC (3:36.74) second and DCT (3:37.29) third. Tatiana Belonogoff (1:05.91) featured in DCT's other sixth placed finish.

Bailey Andison (DCT,4:26.75) took over the lead in the breaststroke and finished over 2s ahead of Viktoriya Gunes (4:28.93) in the Women's 400m Medley. Summer McIntosh (4:28.98) in third place had earned 12 points for her interim time.

With ENS uncatchable, the battle for second place was hotting up and Ilia Borodin 4:01.72) kept AQC in the race winning the Men's 400m Medley for 15 points - the same number as Shymanovich had earned for his earlier World Record, albeit this was almost seven seconds slower than Seto's WR in this event. Max Litchfield (TOR) improved 2.28s from Match 13 to 4:02.79 and Alberto Razzetti (4:04.43) came third. Jay Litherland (DCT, 4:05.42) earned the second highest points - 11 - for his interim times and finishing fourth.

Anna Hopkin made it through to Round 2 of the Women's Freestyle Skins Race 50m in third with 23.89 but was then elimiated on 25.36. Sarah Sjostrom (ENS - 23.70, 23.95, 23.98) and Kasia Wasick (TOR - 23..79,24.15, 24.56) dominated the event.

Energy Standard dispelled any doubts that the other teams could carve up a big points haul in the race for second as Kliment Kolesnikov won the Men's FreestyleSkins Race 50m - 21.10 (tied 1st initially with Ben Broud), 21.85 and 22.40. Aleksandr Shchegolev (DCT) got quite close with 21.33, 21.94 and 22.48.

1 Energy Standard - 583.0
2. Toronto Titans - 407.0
3. Aqua Centurions - 390.0
4. DC Trident - 383.0

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