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ISL Season 3 Match 13 - Eindhoven

London Roar competed against Aqua Centurions, LA Current and Toronto Titans in the second ISL Season 3 playoff Match at the Pieter van den Hoogenband Zwemstadion in Eindhoven held over 13/14 Nov 2021.

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Day 1

Video: Match 13 Day 1 highlights.

Emma McKeon opened London Roar's account with a 1 55.57 12 point win in the Women's 100m Butterfly, 0.12s outside Cali's Kelsi Dahlia time from Match 12. Although Louise Hannson (TOR, 56.10) kept pace with McKeon for much of the race, her four winning streak had ended.

Tom Shields (LAC, 49.47) and Matteo Rivolta (AQC, 49.66) - just outside his own Italian record - finished as the top scorers in the Men's 100m Butterfly. All four Clubs had already claimed top two places perhaps indicating how close this Match may turn out.

The first three swimmers home in the Women's 200m Backstroke were all faster than Match 12's winning time. Kylie Masse (TOR,2:01.45) lowered Taylor Ruck's Canadian record by 0.21s, Kathleen Baker (LAC, 2:02.11) placed second and Lisa Bratton (TOR, 2:02.29) third. Roar's ISL event record holder Minna Atherton (2:04.46) and Katie Shanahan (2:08.16) finished fifth and seventh.

Ryan Murphy (1:48.43) timed his race perfectly tracking Roar's Christian Diener (1:50.14) for 150m before unleashing a 27.36 last 50m for a Season 3 best which earned 24 points for his Men's 200m Backstroke victory. Diener and team mate Luke Greenbank (1:52.32) in third scored a total of 13 for Roar. Max Litchfield (TOR) clocked 1:53.94 in fifth place.

Roar's Annie Lazor (2:19.01) recorded her first Women's 200m Breaststroke win by a 2.62s margin. Places 2 to 5 featuring Roar's rival Clubs were separated by just 0.2s.

Arno Kamminga (AQC) produced a 2:02.52 Season best time in the Men's 200m Breaststroke, that's 1.25s faster than Ilya Shymanovich's Match 12 winning time. Toronto pair Anton McKee (2:03.54) and Fabian Schwingenschlogl (2:05.05) placed second and third. Ross Murdoch was over 5s off his best but still the faster of Roar's swimmers, finishing sixth on 2:09.02.

Roar (3:28.04) led throughout the Women's 4x100m Freestyle thanks to Emma McKeon (51.36), Marie Wattel (52.32), Kira Toussaint (52.34) and Bath NC's Freya Anderson (52.02). That result jackpotted places 5 to 8 and was also over a second faster than ENS's Match 12 winning time. Toronto (3:29.80) and LA Current (3:31.89) came second and third. Candice Hall (53.83) featured in the fifth placed Titan quartet and Holly Hibbott (56.08) for AQC's second quartet.

You would be hard pressed to find a closer race than the Men's 50m Freestyle in which London recorded a 1-2. Kyle Chalmers (21.10) finished on top with team mate Dylan Carter and Toronto's Lorenzo Zazzeri tied for second 0.01s behind. Including Match 12 that means seven have now finished on times between 21.04 and 21.11.

Kasia Wasick (23.46) recorded Toronto's first match 13 win in the Women's 50m Freestyle finishing 0.21s and 0.26s ahead of Abbey Weitxel (LAC) and Emma McKeon (LON). Bath NC's Freya Anderson clocked 24.40 for Roar, finishing seventh..

Toronto were given a boost in the Men's 200m Individual Medley as Alberto Razzetti (1:52.86) and Max Litchfield (1:54.32) finished first and third. Roar's Duncan Scott (1:53.77) came second but Tom Dean (1:58.32) was jackpotted in eighth to leave Titans level on points with Roar.

Sydney Pickrem's upward trajectory continued in the Women's 200m Individual Medley with a 2:06.46 win for Roar. Anastasia Gorbenko (LAC, 2:07.27) came second and Katie Shanahan (LON,2:10.83) seventh..

Roar found the going tough in the Men's 50m Breaststroke with both swimmers jackpotted. Aqua Centurions produced a 1-2 from Nicolo Martinenghi (25.78) and Fabio Scozzoli (25.90). Ross Murdoch clocked 27.59.

Winchester City's Imogen Clark pulled off her second Women's 50m Breaststroke win of the season for LA Current in spectacular fashion - a pb by 0.11s in a new British record of 29.32, earning her 19 points and leavingRoar's World Record holder Alia Atkinson 0.22s adrift in second.

Roar's winning Men's 4x100m Freestyle relay quartet (3:05.43) may not have featured any Brits but they blew away the competition - 2.6s ahead of LA Current in second and over 3s faster than Cali's Match 12 winning time. Luke Greenbank (49.90) and Bath NC's Ed Mildred (48.50) featured in Roar's other sixth placed 3:16.75 finish.

The first four swimmers in Match 13's Women's 50m Backstroke. were all faster than the winning time from Match 12. Favourite Kira Toussaint (25.91) duly won in the only sub 26s time. Titans' Louise Hansson (26.12) and Kylie Masse (26.21) placed second and third.

ISL event reord holder Ryan Murphy posted a 22.79 Men's 50m backstroke win with the only sub 23s time. Roar's Guilherme Guido (23.03) and Apostolos Christou (23.14) came second and third.

Canadian record holder Summer McIntosh ( 3:59.30) won the Women's 400m Freestyle. There was plenty of British interest with Bath NC's Freya Anderson (LON, 4:01.67) just outside her pb in second, with Holly Hibbott (AQC,4:05.79) fifth and Roar's Katie Shanahan (4:11.96) seventh.

Max Litchfield (TOR, 3:42.92), Duncan Scott (LON,3:42.95, winning 16 points after interim times) and Tom Dean (LON, 3:46.72) finished fourth, fifth and seventh in the Men's 400m Freestyle won from the flags by Titan Luc Kroon (3:40.96).

In their third relay win of the day, Roar's Women's 4x100m Medley Relay quartet of Kira Toussaint (55.81). Alia Atkinson (1:04.21), Marie Wattel (56.13) and Emma McKeon (51.02) clocked 3:47.17, 1.68s ahead of Toronto. As well as a 38 point haul for the victory, they get to choose the skins race.

The Men's 4x100m Medley Relay produced a similar result as a Roar quartet featuring Ross Murdoch (58.41) clocked 3:23.58. Ed Mildred clocked 51.75 for Roar's other seventh placed 3:27.75 team.

Day 1 Standings
1. London Roar – 280.5
2. LA Current – 246
3. Toronto Titans – 231.5
4. Aqua Centurions – 138

Day 2

Emma McKeon (LON, 51.28), Abbey Weitzeil (LAC, 51.85) and Kasia Wasick (TOR, 51.87) were the first three swimmers to the pads in the opening Women's 100m Freestyle. Bath NC's Freya Anderson clocked 53.02 for sixth place.

World record holder Kyle Chalmers (46.30) made it successive wins for Roar in the Men's 100m Freestyle finishing 0.07s ahead of Vladislav Grinev (AQC). Tom Dean clocked 48.18.

Toronto served up a 1-2 in the Women's 200m Butterfly courtesy of Plymouth Leander's Laura Stephens (2:05.37) - her first ISL win - after team mate Summer McIntosh (2:07.02) had led to the halfway point. Ilaria Bianchi (LON, 2:07.75) came third.

Roar's Teppei Morimoto (1:51.80) got the touch in the Men's 200m Butterfly by 0.01s from long time leader Alberto Razzetti (TOR, 1:51.81) thanks to a storming 28.43 final 50m, 1.5s faster than the Italian. Tom Shields (LAC, 1:51.99) placed third. That result left Roar 37.5 points ahead of LA Current, Titans 7.5 further back and Aqua Centurions languishing 104.5 points off third place.

The Women's 100m Backstroke is turning out to be one of the most tightly contested events. Ingrid Wilm (LAC, 55.78) led throughout to take the win by 0.03s ahead of newly crowned European SC Champion Kira Toussaint (LON, 55.81) and former WR holders Kylie Masse (TOR, 56.01) and Kathleen Baker (LAC, 56.32).

With 8 ISL wins to his name, Guilherme Guido (49.66) has been Roar's go to guy in the Men's 100m Backstroke and looked to be justifying his favourite ranking as he led the field through halfway. But you cannot discount Ryan Murphy after his Day 1 wins over 50m and 200m, in his first competition since Tokyo. Murphy produced a blistering 25.47 second half to take the win and 15 points for LA Current. His team mate Apostolos Christou (50.03) placed third for six more points.

Maria Kameneva (58.15) gave Aqua Centurions' fans a cheer by winning the Women's 100m Medley ahead of chasing LAC swimmers Beryl Gastaldello (58.24) and Anastasia Gorbenko (58.34)

And Thomas Ceccon (51.85) made their supporters think Christmas had come early with another AQC win in the Men's 100m Medley. Duncan Scott (52.09) showed Roar would still be in contention with a 52.09 second place. Luke Greenbank (LON, 55.28) placed seventh. Roar's lead over LA Current was now down to 7.5 points, with the injury ravaged Titans dropping off the pace 62 points adrift of top spot.

Alia Atkinson (1:03.58) and Annie Lazor (1:04.83) produced a 1 & 3 finish for Roar in the Women's 100m Breaststroke with Martina Carraro (1:04.63) in second place for AQC and Imogen Clark (1:05.89) in fifth for LA Current.

Arno Kamminga (56.31) and Nicolo Martinenghi (56.37) enjoyed an AQC 1-2 in the Men's 100m Breaststroke.Titans' Fabian Schwingenschlogl (56.80) came third and Ross Murdoch (LON, 59.24) seventh.

Aqua Centurions' resurgence was starting to have a real impact on the two teams racing for top spot. Their swimmers produced another 1 & 3 finish in the Women's 50m Butterfly courtesy of Holly Barratt (25.31) and Silvia di Pietro (25.55). Anna Ntountounaki (LAC, 25.43) came second and Loughborough alumna Marie Wattel (LON, 25.65) seventh.

While Roar had earned the right to choose butterfly for the upcoming skins race, the other competitors hadn't read their script and Tom Shields took the Men's 50m Butterfly win from Roar's Dylan Carter and AQC's Matteo Rivolta by 0.01s. And with Marius Kusch (22.72) likewise earning fourth spot by 0.01s ahead of tied Kyle Chalmers (LON) and Thomas Ceccon (AQC) things were looking interesting. Roar's lead over LA Current was now 11.5 points.

Brits had plenty to cheer in the Women's 200m Freestyle as Freya Anderson (1:53.00) held off the challenge of the faster finishing Madison Wilson (LAC) by 0.23s for a win. Holly Hibbott (1:57.43) finished seventh.

Luc Kroon (TOR, 1:43.48) won the Men's 200m Freestyle with Vladislav Grinev (AQC, 1:43.61) second, Breno Correia (LAC, 1:43.64) third and Tom Dean (LON,1:45.34) seventh.

Roar's decision to field Guido and Scott first up gave them the lead to the halfway mark of the Mixed 4x100m Medley but after Maxime Rooney's 49.85 split overtook Marie Wattel, LA Current's Weitzel raced home for 3:34.70. Zazzeri (TOR) and Miressi (AQC) chased down Roar's Emma McKeon from 7th and 8th places to finish second and third. Laura Stephens (57.97) and Ross Murdoch (58.60) featured in Titans and Roar's respective seventh and eighth placed efforts. That result enabled LA Current to take a 4.5 point lead over Roar.

There was a Titan 1-2 in the Women's 400m Medley from Summer McIntosh (4:27.87) and Tess Cieplucha (4:30.04). McIntosh added 24 points including 8 for her interim time. Sydney Pickrem (4:30.10) and Katie Shanahan (4:36.04) finishing third and fifth restored Roar's lead.

Top 3 in the Men's 400m Medley were Illia Borodin (AQC, 4:01.75), Duncan Scott (LON, 4:02.83) and Alberto Razzetti (TOR, 4:05.02). Max Litchfield (TOR,4:05.07) and Luke Greenbank (LON,4:13.14) finished fourth and seventh. With just the skins to go, Roar's lead over LAC was 14.5 points.
The turning point in the Match came in the Women's Breaststroke Skins Race 50m which had been selected by Roar. Anastasia Gorbenko (29.53) and Imogen Clark (29.68) took full advantage for LA Current in Round 1. Gorbenko was on fire in Round 2 a 29.90 win by 0.2s over Roar's remaining World Champion Alia Atkinson. The final produced a nail-biting finish, the longer ones belonged to Gorbenko for a victory by 0.03s. LA Current now led Roar 482 to 469.5 with one event to go.

Gorbenko's points haul meant LA Current just had to stay in contention for a calculated win, or in the case of Roar possibly miscalculated. The first Men's Butterfly Skins Race 50m round was led by Roar's Dylan Carter (22.25) with team mate Kyle Chalmers (22.62) progressing in fourth. The consistency of Matteo Rivolta (23.24) and Tom Shields (LAC, 23.31) came back to haunt Roar as both their swimmers were eliminated in Round 2. Rovolta (23.39) beat Shields by 0.45s in the final but LA Current's electrifying skins performances had given them the overall Club win.

1 LAC - 506
2 LON - 494.5
3 TOR - 398.5
4 AQC - 357

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