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ISL Season 3 Match 12 - Eindhoven

Season 1 Champions Energy Standard and Season 2 Champions Cali Condors were joined by DC Trident and Iron for the first ISL Season 3 playoff Match at the Pieter van den Hoogenband Zwemstadion in Eindhoven held over 11/12 Nov 2021.

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Day 1

Video: Match 12 Day 1 highlights.

Cali's Kelsi Dahlia (55.45) justified her pre-race top ranking with a fourth win in the Women's 100m Butterfly event, leading throughout and finishing comfortably 0.77s ahead of her nearest challenger and World record holder Sarah Sjostrom (ENS, 56.22). Erika Brown (56.56) gave Cali's start a boost by taking third place ahead of Madeline Banic (ENS) by 0.28s. With Cali taking 21 points and ENS 12 from the opening race, it was a reminder of the scale of the challenge that would face Trident and Iron.

Two Brits lined up for ENS in the Men's 100m Butterfly. With no Chad le Clos in the event and none of the swimmers having recorded a win so far over the distance, Iron's Nicholas Santos (50.36) took full advantage by holding off the chasing Marcin Cieslak (CAC) by 0.07s. Adam Barrett (ENS, 50.74) didn't manage to hold on to third place as Trident's Camden Murphy got the touch by 0.04s. The race also saw Bath NC's James Guy return to competition after Tokyo and he finished in sixth place for ENS on 51.51.

Favourite for the event, Cali's Beata Nelson (2:03.17) dominated the Women's 200m Backstroke finishing 2.09s ahead of Mary-Sophie Harvey (ENS, 2:05.26) who relegated her team mate Anastasiya Shkurdai (2:05.31) to third.

Cometh the hour cometh the man. So it was good to see Cali's Brodie Williams (1:52.55) step up and take the Men's 200m Backstroke out strongly before Iron's Lorenzo Mora (1:50.92) drew level with 50 to go. Mora pulled away to take the win but the Bath NC star received a huge confidence boost by holding off the chasing ISL record holder Evgeny Rylov (ENS) by 0.02s and finiishing second, three places ahead of team mate and 100 back World Record holder Coleman Stewart.

With DC Trident over 30 points behind, Maria Temnikova (2:18.60) rose to the challenge taking second place in the Women's 200m Breaststroke behind Cali's Lilly King (2:17.43) who remains undefeated. Trident's Tatiana Belonogoff (2:25.89) placed seventh.

Energy Standard's Ilya Shymanovich (2:03.77) continued his good form taking the Men's 200m Breaststroke win at the finish from Iron's Erik Persson (2:03:92). ENS team mate Charlie Swanson (2:04.25) placed third.

All the clubs featured in the top four places of the Women's 4x100m Freestyle - ENS (3:29.12), CAC (3:29.86), Iron (3:32.04) and a DC Trident (3:32.97) quartet with Isabella Hindley (53.54). Georgia Davies (ENS, 55.10) and Alys Thomas (IRO, 55.82) featured in their teams sixth and eighth places.

The Men's 50m Freestyle also saw representatives of four Clubs produce a close finish. Justin Ress (CAC, 21.04) came out on top again, 0.04s ahead of Thom de Boer (IRO) who was 0.01s ahead of Bath NC's Ben Proud (ENS) with Ryan Hoffer DCT) 0.02 further back.

Swimming in lane 1, Team Bath alumni Anna Hopkin (24.02) finished third in a quality field of the Women's 50m Freestyle which was won by Sarah Sjostrom in 23.32 who was close to her own Season best time. Ranomi Kromowidjojo (IRO,23.75) came second and Isabella Hindley (DCT, 24.35) placed seventh..

Winner of the event at the European SC Championships, Andreas Vazaios (1:53.11) comfortably added another Men's 200m Individual Medley victory for DC Trident. Cali team mates Mark Szaranek (1:56.49) and a fast finishing Brodie WIlliams (1:56.74) put points on the board for Cali in fourth and fifth places.

Cali's Beata Nelson claimed her second individual win in the Women's 200m Individual Medley with 2:06.20, overtaking Iron's Maria Ugolkova (2:06.89) on the freestyle.

While the results from some races could be hard to predict, one that did go to form was the Men's 50m Breaststroke in which ENS’ World Record holder Ilya Shymanovich was able to jackpot 5 swimmers with his 25.60 and take 24 points. Teammate Felipe Lima finished second on 26.21 with Cali's Nic Fink (26.36) third.

1-2s weren't solely the preserve of ENS and Cali responded with 22 points from Lilly King (29.44) and Molly Hannis (29.53) in the Women's 50m Breaststroke. Tatiana Belonogoff (DCT, 29.92) placed fifth.

Energy Standard were denied opportunities for a big points haul in the Men's 4x100m Freestyle relay after a disqualification. James Guy (48.12) did feature in their other quartet's 5th place 3:13.60 finish which was 5.14s off Cali's winning time of 3:08.46. Iron (3:09.43) and DC Trident (3:10.14) placed second and third.

Simona Kubova (ENS) and Maaike de Waard (CAC) tied for first place on 26.55 in the Women's 50m Backstroke.. Ali Deloof (DC Trident, 26.69) placed third and Georgia Davies (ENS, 27.07) sixth.

The relay disqualification did seem to fire up ENS. Kliment Kolesnikov (22.93) cruised to the only Men's 50m backstroke sub 23s swim although nearly 0.5s off his earlier Euro winning time. Guilherme Basseto (IRO, 23.01) and Mark Nikolaev (DCT, 23.03) placed second and third while Mark Szaranek clocked 26.09 for Cali.

Siobhan Haughey (3:59.16) produced her Season best and first sub 4m ISL time in the Women's 400m Freestyle. DC Trident pair Joanna Evans (4:01.28) and Leah Neale (4:04.26) placed second and third.

Energy Standard's Kregor Zirk (3:41.13) racked up 19 points in the Men's 400m Freestyle with Cali's Townley Haas (3:41.36) second and James Guy (ENS, 3:44.63) fifth. That left a deficit of 1 point for ENS to chase Cali, and 3 points for DCT to overtake IRO in third.

As so often is the case, the relays determine who will take Day 1 honours and the Women's 4x100m Medley Relay saw Cali's Beata Nelson, Lilly King, Kelsi Dahlia and Erika Brown dominate that event with 3:48.63 - 2.3s ahead of an ENS quartet in second which was turbo charged by a 50.88s finish from Sarah Sjostrom. Tatiana Belonogioff (1:04.68) and an 52.39 anchor leg by Anna Hopkin helped DC Trident (3:52.09) secure a third placed finish. Isabella Hindley (59.18) led off their other team to a 3:55.11 seventh placed time.

Cali (3:23.42) served up another 24 points by winning the Men's 4x100m Medley Relay with DC Trident 0.22 back in second. ENS placed third on 3:23.80 with the remaining quartets over 4.5s behind. Brodie Williams (52.37) led off Calis second team.

Day 1 Standings
1. Cali Condors – 287
2. Energy Standard – 270
3. DC Trident – 179
4. Iron – 164

Day 2

Energy Standard almost halved their Day 1 deficit to Cali after a 1-2 in the opening Women's 100m Freestyle event thanks to Siobhan Haughey (51.46) and Sarah Sjostrom (51.52). Iron's Ranomi Kromowidjojo (51.86) placed third and Team Bath alumna Anna Hopkin came seventh in 51.90.

Energy Standard's European SC Champion in the event, Kliment Kolesnikov (46.11) comfortably won the Men's 100m Freestyle ahead of Justin Ress (CAC, 46.58) and Aleksandr Shchegolev (DCT, 46.81). Bath NC's Matt Richards (47.78) was the faster of the two Iron swimmers and finished sixth.

Kelsi Dahlia won her fourth Women's 200m Butterfly of the season in 2:05.44 to maintain Cali's edge. Alys Thomas (IRO, 2:06.75) came second and Helena Rosendahl Bach (ENS, 2:06.77) third.

Bath NC's James Guy (ENS, 1:54.58) was in contention for most of the Men's 200m Butterfly but faded from 0.37s off second place at 150m to finish seventh. Eddie Wang (CAC, 1:52.00) claimed the win ahead of DC Trident duo Camden Murphy (1:52.71) and Zach Harting (1:53.06). That result left Cali 23 points ahead.

DC Trident continued their good start to Day 2 as Ali Deloof (56.81) won the Women's 100m Backstroke ahead of Cali pair Olivia Smoliga (57.04) and Maaike de Waard (57.46). Georgia Davies (ENS, 57.58) turned in eighth place at 50m but surged to within 0.03s of fourth place which was taken by her team mate Simona Kubova.

DC Trident’s Mark Nikolaev earned his second Season 3 Men's 100m Backstroke win with 49.25, finishing 0.72s ahead of World Record holder Coleman Stewart who had moved up from fourth at 50m to second by taking out Evgeny Rylov (ENS, 50.06) and Guilherme Basseto (IRO, 50.21). Bath NC's Brodie Williams (CAC, 52.70) finished in eighth place.

Beata Nelson (CAC, 58.25) continued her winning form in the Women's 100m Medley event but on this occasion the margin over Mary-Sophie Harvey (ENS) was just 0.01s. Both had overtaken leader at 50m, Anastasiya Shkurdai (ENS 58.53) who finished third. Isabella Hindley (DCT,1:00.08) continues to impress, recording a pb and improvement on her September Season 3 best by 0.26s for fifth place.

Andrey Zhilkin (52.33) helped boost the hopes of ENS with a win in the Men's 100m Medley which saw Andreas Vazaios (DCT, 52.36) and Leonardo Santos (IRO, 52.47) finish as runners up. Mark Szaranek (CAC, 54.54) came seventh.

With no signs ENS were making any real headway into what was now a 16 point deficit, they found both their swimmers' points jackpotted in the next event, the Women's 100m Breaststroke courtesy of another Cali 1-2 from the undefeated Lilly King (1:03.62) and Molly Hannis (1:04.67). DC Trident's Tatiana Belonogoff (1:05.15) reaffirmed her growing reputation with another pb and her ISL Season 3 best time by 0.01s in finishing third.

One event which has scored well for ENS is the Men's 100m Breaststroke. Ilya Shymanovich (55.77) and Felipe Lima (57.43) were separated by Calis' Nic Fink (56.76). That's Shymanovich's third individual win in the stroke in Match 12.

Sarah Sjostrom (ENS, 24.64) came to within 0.05s of taking the Women's 50m Butterfly League record from holder Ranomi Kromowidjojo (IRO) who finished 0.42s back in second on 25.06. Kelsi Dahlia (CAC, 25.22) came third and Anna Hopkin (DCT, 26.57) eighth.

Iron gave themselves a lift in Men's 50m Butterfly thanks to a win from joint World Record holder Nicholas Santos (22.23). Camden Murphy (DCT, 22.50) and Ben Proud (ENS, 22.64) were second and third.

With Cali's' lead now 18 points and DC Trident maintaining third place by just 5 points, the match would need some big swims or relay decisions to determine the final outcome. And the first of those big swims came from Siobhan Haughey (ENS, 1:51.17) who remains undefeated in her Women's 200m Freestyle event and holds the League record. Barbora Seemanova (IRO, 1:55.03) overtook Janja Segel (ENS, 1:55.15) to take second.

DC Trident's big swims came in the Men's 200m Freestyle with a 1-2 for Aleksander Shchegolev (1:42.29) and Velimir Stejpanovic (1:43.64). James Guy (ENS, 1:44.87) and Matt Richards (IRO, 1:46.69) finished in fifth and eighth places respectively.

The next relay shook things up as Evgeny Rylov (50.05), Ilya Shymanovich (55.63), Anastasiya Shkurdai (56.07) and Sarah Sjostrom (50.87) dominated the Mixed 4x100m Medley racking up 30 points with second placed Cali (3:35.04) securing 14. However the ENS second quartet (3:37.80) finished fourth with 10 points after swims from Georgia Davies (57.29) and Adam Barrett (50.15). Tatiana Belonogoff (1:05.60) and Anna Hopkin (52.58) featured in the DC Tident (3:38.98) fifth place finish. With Cali's B team jackpotted, ENS were now 19 points ahead of Cali while DC Trident were 12 ahead of Iron.

A win by 3.04s from Bailey Andison (4:29.60) in the Women's 400m Medley boosted DC Trident as did seventh placed Klaudia Nazieblo (4:39.33) earning 8 points thanks to interim times. Energy Standard extended their lead with Victoriya Gunes (4:32.64) finishing second.

And while DC Trident were on a roll with Andreas Vazaios (4:05.06) also winning the Men's 400m Medley one of those big swims came from Millfield OM Brodie Williams (CAC, 4:07.19) who added 11 points to Cali's total in the race for top spot. Team mate Mark Szaranek (4:11.60) added 4 more in fifth place. That left ENS 25 points ahead of Cali and DCT 39 ahead of IRO with just the skins to go.

While Beata Nelson has been a star performer for Cali this season, her elimination in the first round of Women's Backstroke Skins Race 50m meant Maaike de Waard would have to step up and so she did. Tied for second with Ali Deloof (26.26) in the first round round behind Mary-Sophie Harvey (26.24) she won Round 2 (26.83) by 0.13s and beat Deloof again the final 27.87 to 28.01. That closed ENS' led over Cali to just 4.5 points.

With the Match win up for grabs, Cali's Justin Ress and Iron's Thom de Boer tied Round 1 of the Men's Freestyle Skins Race 50m on 21.10. It was a race of fine margins as ENS were dealt a major blow when both their swimmers Kliment Kolesnikov (21.18) and Ben Proud were eliminated. de Boer (22.28) and Ress (22.30) progressed from Round 2 but the result was the same - a win for de Boer (22.76), this time by 0.54s. And on reviewing the final points tally, you could be forgiven for thinking not much had really changed from Day 1's order and points margins. You'd be wrong though.

1 CAC: 534.5
2.ENS: 522 3.
3.DCT: 359.5
4.IRO: 340

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