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ISL Season 3 Match 8 - Napoli

Energy Standard, LA Current, London Roar and Tokyo Frogs continued their ISL Season 3 campaigns in Match 8 held in Naples over 18/19 Sep 2021.

Report Links: Day 1 | Day 2

Day 1

Video: Match 8 Day 1 highlights.

While Cali's Kelsi Dahlia and Titans Louise Hansson have been setting the pace so far in previous Women's 100m Butterfly races , Roar's Emma McKeon showed she will be in contention, dropping a 55.44 to finish over a second ahead of the chasiing pack which included Match 3 winner Anastasiya Shkurdai (56.59) in second and Marie Wattel (LON, 56.80) in fourth. Keanna MacInnes (TOK) clocked 58.04.

LA Current's Match 5 winner Tom Shields (48.90) controlled the Men's 100m Butterfly finishing 0.68s Chad le Clos (49.58) with the rest of the field over 50s.

Ingrid Wilm (LAC, 2:02.26) clawed back a 1.59s deficit with 50m to go in the Women's 200m Backstroke to sprint past Roar's long time leader Minna Atherton (2:02.54). Katie Shanahan (LON,2:02.54) finished fifth.

Luke Greenbank (1:50.51), with two event wins to his name, and Energy Standard's Match 1 winner Evgeny Rylov (1:50.49) found themesleves having to come from sixth and fifth places with 50m to go in their attempts to chase down the Men's 200m Backstroke early leader Christian Diener (LON, 1:50.12). The German held on to his lead and Rylov and Greebank finished second and third.

Energy Standard's Evgenia Chikunova (2:18.44) improved 0.77s on her Match 1 winning time for another Women's 200m Breaststroke win, finishing 0.26s ahead of Tokyo's Kanako Watanabe (2:18.70).

The Men's 200m Breaststroke saw Energy Standard's Ilya Shymanovich produce a Season 3 best 2:02.10 to deny Daiya Seto (TOK, 2:02.83) a third event win. Ross Murdoch (LON, 2:06.42) finished fifth.

Energy Standard (3:27.65) led throughout the Women's 4x100m Freestyle, adding 38 points. Marie Wattel (52.10) featured in the third placed Roar (3:29.71) quartet that had been lying second for most of the race until the Tokyo (3:29.49) anchor leg.

Roar's Kyle Chalmers (20.80) came the closest yet to Caeleb Dressel's season 3 best 20.67 from Match 4 in the Men's 50m Freestyle. Ben Proud (ENS, 21.04) finished second.

Abbey Weitzel (LAC, 23.44) won the battle of two time Season 3 Women's 50m Freestyle event winners with Sarah Sjostrom (ENS, 23.47) finishing second.

Roar won the Men's 200m Individual Medley courtesy of Duncan Scott (1:52.73). Daiya Seto (1:55.99) failed to improve in the race beyond fifth place. Tomoe Hvas (1:52.87) was subsequently reinstated to second place instead of Vini Lanza (LON, 1:54.00), after a successful LA Current appeal following a meeting of the Italian Swimming Federation (FIN) appeal board on Day 2.*

The Women's 200m Individual Medley was a closer affair in which Mary-Sophie Harvey (ENS, 2:05.15) came back to out touch Roar's Sydney Pickrem (2:05.21). Katie Shanahan (LON, 2:08.87) finished sixth.

Energy Standard's Ilya Shymanovich (25.64) produced another sub 26s time in the Men's 50m Breaststroke which earned 19 points. Winner of Match 4, team mate Felipe Lima (26.08) placed second. Ross Murdoch (26.94) placed eighth.

Alia Atkinson (29.47) kept Roar on track, winning the Women's 50m Breaststroke battle with second and third placed Benedetta Pilato (ENS, 29.51) and Imogen Clark (LAC, 29.57).

Bath NC's Ed Mildred (47.52) anchored Roar (3:05.84) to a Men's 4x100m Freestyle win over Energy Standard (3:06.55) by 0.71s. Adam Barrett (46.79) and Ben Proud (48.09) featured in the other ENS quartet. Luke Greenbank clocked 48.96 in Roar's seventh placed quartet.

LA Current's winner of the 200m event, Ingrid Wilm tied with Roar's Kira Toussaint (26.08) over the Women's 50m Backstroke distance.

Guilherme Guido produced his third Men's 50m backstroke event win for Roar, finishing as the only sub 23s swimmer. Ryan Held (LAC, 23.17) came second.

Siobhan Haughey (4:00.23) has similarly been in form in the Women's 400m Freestyle, gaining 18 more points for Energy Standard and finishing 0.96s ahead of Tokyo's Paige Madden. Bath NC's Freya Anderson (4:09.06) was sixth.

Duncan Scott (3::39.52) dominated the Men's 400m Freestyle with Martin Malyutin (LAC, 3:43.08) over 3.5s back in second place.

Roar (3:48.04) enjoyed more relay success in the Women's 4x100m Medley Relay as Marie Wattel (52.29) held on to anchor a win by 0.01s over LA Current. Imogen Clark (1:04.90) featured in LA Current's other sixth placed team. Harriet Jones clocked 58.11 for Tokyo and Katie Shanahan (59.28) led off Roar's other team.

Energy Standard teams matched Roar's points tallies from the Men's 4x100m Medley Relay. Ross Murdoch (57.59) featured in Roar's 3:22.25 second place and Luke Greenbank (51.22) led off their other fifth placed finish.

Day 1 Standings *
1. Energy Standard, 260
2. London Roar, 238
3. Tokyo Frog Kings, 168
4. LA Current, 164

Day 2

Unlike in Matches 1 and 3 there was no 1-2 from Energy Standard's Siobhan Haughey (51.18) and Sarah Sjostrom (51.65) as they were brought down a place by Roar's Match 5 winner Emma McKeon (51.05) in a Season 3 best time for the Women's 100m Freestyle. Roar's Marie Wattel (53.00) placed seventh.

Roar's winner over 50m on Day 1, Kyle Chalmers (45.65) comfortably won the Men's 100m Freestyle, finishing 0.71s ahead of Tokyo's Nandor Nemeth (46.36).

From fifth place at 150m, Keanna MacInnes (TOK, 2:06.73) recovered almost a second on leader and team mate Leah Gingrich before edging Ilaria Bianchi (LON, 2:06.79) into second place to take the Women's 200m Butterfly win.

If Daiya Seto's Day 1 performances had seemed a little subdued, his first swim for Tokyo on Day 2 was a 1:49.41 Season 3 best Men's 200m Butterfly swim, racing past Tom Shields (LAC, 1:50.39, 2nd) and Chad le Clos (ENS, 1:51.06, =4th) over the final 50m

Ingrid Wilm (55.61) and Roar's Kira Toussaint (56.11) lined up again in the Women's 100m Backstroke but this time there was no tie as the LA Current star completed the backstroke treble, setting her third straight Season 3 best time. Katie Shanahan (LON, 58.93) finished seventh.

Roar's Guido Guilheerme (49.39) controlled the Men's 100m Backstroke finishing 0.19s ahead of Energy Standard's Evgeny Rylov 49.58.

Anastasia Gorbenko (LAC,58.13) won the Women's 100m Medley with the margin over runner-up Mary-Sophie Harvey (ENS) 0.23s.

Roar's Duncan Scott (52.13) earned a Medley double and his second Men's 100m Medley win of the series, finishing 0.18s ahead of Vladimir Morozov (TOK, 52.31). Luke Greenbank (53.75) came sixth.

Alia Atkinson (1:03.93) added to her Day 1 win for Roar over 50m with a Women's 100m Breaststroke win by 0.77s over Kanako Watanabe. Imogen Clark (LAC, 1:05.61) placed sixth.

Energy Standard's Ilya Shymanovich (55.63) did likewise in a Season 3 best Men's 100m Breaststroke time, the only sub 56s swim and 1.15s ahead of a Tokyo double Match event winner Yasuhiro Koseki's 56.78. Ross Murdoch (LON, 58.16) finished fifth.

The Women's 50m Butterfly produced another entertaining battle won by Energy Standard's Sarah Sjostrom (25.16) ahead of Emma McKeon (LON, 25.24) and Abbey Weitzeil (LAC, 25.35). Roar's Marie Wattel (26.10) finished seventh.

The Men's 50m Butterfly went Roar's way as Dylan Carter (22.40) finished 0.07s ahead of Ben Proud (ENS).

Siobhan Haughey (ENS) improved on her Season 3 best to win the Women's 200m Freestyle by over 2.5s from Tokyo's Paige Madden.

Duncan Scott's winning run for Roar continued with a Season 3 best time in the Men's 200m Freestyle. Leading throughout, his 1:42.13 swim was 0.61s ahead of Martin Malyutin (LAC, 1:42.74).

Having a male breaststroker with Ilya Shymanovich's 55.39 speed helped Energy Standard (3:31.96) gain over 8s on their rivals and cruise to a Mixed 4x100m Medley win over Roar (3:34.53) as they swam MMFF vs MFFM. Ross Murdoch (57.81), Marie Wattel (57.80) and Freya Anderson (52.57) featured in the other Roar team which came fourth.

A monster swim by Katie Shanahan (4:31.83) won the Women's 400m Medley and 16 points for Roar. Back in June she had set a 4:39.20 pb so it ranks as one of the most impressive improvements by a Brit so far in Season 3, catapulting her into the top 5 British all time event rankings.

Daiya Seto's resurgence on Day 2 was complete with a dominant 4:00.06 win for Tokyo by 4.55s over second placed Duncan Scott (LON, 4:04.61) in the Men's 400m Medley. Luke Greenbank (4:06.58) placed fourth.

Ingrid Wilm's winning form for LA Current continued in the Women's Backstroke Skins Race 50m. She went 26.39, 26.68 and 26.92, too fast for Mary-Sophie Harvey (26.41, 27.37 and 28.94 and earned 35 club points for her team.

Tom Shields also contributed to LA Current's rise up the points table in the Men's Butterfly Skins Race 50m. He swam 22.55, 23.03 and 23.46, beating Tokyo's Takeshi Kawamoto in the final by 0.43s.
View Match 8 Result.

1 Energy Standard 507.0
2 London Roar 486.5
3 LA Current 395.5
4 Tokyo Frog Kings 379.0

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