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ISL Season 3 Match 7 - Napoli

Cali Condors, Iron, New York Breakers and Toronto Titans continued their ISL Season 3 campaigns in Match 7 held in Naples over 16/17 Sep 2021.

Report Links: Day 1 | Day 2

Day 1

Video: Match 7 Day 1 highlights.

Top ranked in the event, Cali's Kelsi Dahlia (55.54) finished 0.12s behind Titans' winner of Matches 1 and 5, Louise Hannson (55.42) who led throughout the Women's 100m Butterfly. Brits Alys Thomas (IRO, 57.73) and Laura Stephens (TOR, 58.15) finished in seventh and eighth place respectively.

Marius Kusch (TOR, 49.49) improved almost half a second on his second placed Match 5 swim and was the only sub 50s swimmer in the Men's 100m Butterfly. Matt Temple (NYB, 50.16) placed second.

The Women's 200m Backstroke went according to the formbook as Beata Nelson (2:00.55) set a Season 3 best for the event, scoring 19 points for Cali's first win ahead of chasing Titan swimmers Lisa Bratton (2:00.93) and Kylie Masse (2:02.94).

There have been no sub 1:50.00 wins in the Men's 200m Backstroke since Energy Standard's Evgeny Rylov (1:49.61) won Match 1 and that sequence continued as Coleman Stewart (CAC, 1:50.98) touched first, 0.61s ahead of second placed Cole Pratt (TOR, 1:51.59). There was plenty of British interest in the race as Titan and ex-Team Bath swimmer Jay Lelliott (1:53.02) finished fifth, Elliott Clogg (NYB, 1:53.87) sixth and Brodie Williams (CAC, 1:55.20) eighth.

Brits Molly Renshaw (2:19.59) and Abbie Wood (2:20.21) have improved significantly since Match 1, picking up points for New York Breakers with second and third placed finishes in the Women's 200m Breaststroke behind Cali's Lilly King (2:17.59).

If you were wondering how Iron were faring, Erik Persson was considerably faster than his Match 3 and winning times with a 2:03.45 Men's 200m Breaststroke win by 0.37s over Cali's Match 4 winner Nic Fink (2:03.82). James Wilby (NYB) clocked 2:10.77.

The Women's 4x100m Freestyle featured a A Toronto Titans (3:28.56) - Cali Condors (3:29.74) 1-2. Lucy Hope (53.08) anchored the New York Breakers (3:32.18) to fourth place behind Iron (3:31.26). Alys Thomas clocked 55.53 in Iron's other quartet.

With Caeleb Dressel not swimming, Cali relied on Justin Ress (21.16) and Jesse Puts (21.19) in the Men's 50m Freestyle who repeated their first and third placings as in Match 6, on this occasion separated by Iron's Thom de Boer (21.18).

The Women's 50m Freestyle produced a 1-2 for Titans by Kasia Wasick (23.40) and Michelle Coleman (23.84) who finished 0.03s ahead of Ranomi Kromowidjojo (IRO).

Finlay Knox (1:52.32) kept the wins ticking over for Titans in the Men's 200m Individual Medley. Brits Joe Litchfield (NYB, 1:54.46) and Mark Szaranek (CAC, 1:55.07) finished in fifth and sixth places.

Abbie Wood (2:05.08) produced her third Women's 200m Individual Medley win for New York Breakers after taking command of the race over the second 100m from Beata Nelson (CAC, 2:05.82) who finished second.

Nic Fink (26.14) added 15 more points for Cali in the Men's 50m Breaststroke, finishing 0.17s ahead of Kirill Strelnikov (IRO, 26.31). Iron's James Wilby (27.96) finished eighth.

Lilly King's dominance continued with 29.42, the only sub 30s swim of the Women's 50m Breaststroke as she finished ahead of Iron's Ida Hulkko (30.01). New York Breakers Brits Sarah Vasey (30.49) and Molly Renshaw (31.20) placed fifth and seventh respectively.

A Titans-Cali relay 1-2 continued in the Men's 4x100m Freestyle - 3:06.96 to 3:07.75 - with the win earning Toronto 25 more points than their rivals. Brits featured in the event. Jacob Whittle (47.34) maintained second place before NYB's eventual third place 3:08.21 finish and was up against Elliot Clogg (NYB, 48.30). Matt Richards (47.60) and Jay Lelliott (48.70) opened for their respective quartets - Iron (3:09.93) and Titans. Brodie Williams (49.19) and Mark Szaranek ( 48.37) featured in Cali's 3:17.36 seventh place.

Alicja Tchorz (26.38) produced a win for New York in the Women's 50m Backstroke, 0.07s ahead of Titans' Kylie Masse.

Brits Joe Litchfield (23.64, 5th) and Brodie Williams (25.87, 8th) contested the Men's 50m backstroke which Coleman Stewart (CAC, 23.12) narrowly won ahead of Iron's Robert Glinta (23.25) and Guilherme Basseto (23.26).

Julia Hassler (4:01.30) took control of the Women's 400m Freestyle after the first 100m from Barbora Seemanova (IRO, 4:03.29) who held on for second place.

New York's Brendon Smith (3:40.09) won the Men's 400m Freestyle which saw Titans' Max Litchfield (3:41.93) improve again to finish third.

Now if you were thinking relays we must be due another Titans - Cali 1-2, you're wrong on both counts. In the Women's 4x100m Medley Relay Cali (3:48.02) led throughout finishing 1.87s and 10 more points ahead. Molly Renshaw (1:05.70) featured in New York's fourth place finish anchored again by Lucy Hope (53.26). Renshaw was racing Sarah Vasey (NYB, 1:06.75). Laura Stephens clocked 57.87 for Titans' fifth placed team swimming against Alys Thomas (IRO, 59.00).

Cali (3:23.05) similarly took command of the Men's 4x100m Medley Relay from the outset. This time the margin of victory was 1.33s. Brodie Williams (53.64) led off Cali's other quartet whilst Joe Litchfield (51.32), James Wilby (1:00.97) and Jacob Whittle (47.90) powered an NYB quartet.

Day 1 Standings
1. Toronto Titans – 292 points
2. Cali Condors – 283 points
3. Iron – 171 points
4. New York Breakers – 158 points

Day 2

Kasia Wasick got Titans off to a great start with a Polish record 51.44 to win comfortably the Women's 100m Freestyle ahead of Cali pair Erika Brown (51.92) and Natalie Hinds (52.03).

If Cali were to replace many of the points that a fit Caeleb Dressel would bring in, they would need Justin Ress (46.58) and Jesse Puts (46.94) to maximise their opportunities. The pair secured first and third places in the Men's 100m Freestyle, separated by Titans Blake Pieroni (46.70). Bath NC's Matt Richards (IRO, 47.53) finished sixth.

Kelsi Dahlia (CAC, 2:04.85) led throughout the Women's 200m Butterfly with team mate Katerine Savard (2:06.97) in third edging out Alys Thomas by 0.01s at the finish. Laua Stephens (2:07.64) finished fifth.

Titans showed their intent, first with a 1-2 from Alberto Razzetti (1:51.20) and Jay Lelliott (1:52.13) in the Men's 200m Butterfly.

And then Kylie Masse (55.83) and Lisa Bratton (57.05) did likewise in the Women's 100m Backstroke as the American surged from 5th at 50m and found the 0.01s needed to overtake Olivia Smoliga who finished third.

Two Brits featured in the Men's 100m Backstroke won by Cali's WR holder Coleman Stewart in 49.31, a second ahead of Robert Glinta. Brodie Williams (52.75) and Elliot Clogg (52.97) finished seventh and eighth.

Beata Nelson (57.90) has been one of the most consistent performers for Cali and the only sub 58s swim saw off the Women's 100m Medley challenge of Titans pair Kayla Sanchez (58.60) and Louise Hannson (58.72) with Abbie Wood (NYB, 58.92) in fourth.

Finlay Knox completed the medley double for Titans, winning the Men's 100m Medley in 51.77 by 0.13s from Marco Orsi. Joe Litchfield (NYB, 52.29) and Mark Szaranek (CAC, 53.83) finished in third and seventh places respectively.

Cali's Lilly King (1:03.53) has been motoring through her events and dominated the Women's 100m Breaststroke. Team mate Molly Hannis (1:05.05) followed her in second while NYB duo Molly Renshaw (1:05.91) and Sarah Vasey (1:06.63) finished fourth and eighth.

Day 1's winner over 50m, Nic Fink (56.74) also claimed the Men's 100m Breaststroke win for Cali ahead of Titans' Fabian Schwingenschogl (57.25). James Wilby (NYB) was off the pace clocking 1:00.12.

While the battle for top spot was captivating attention, Iron and New York were concentrating on their own contest. Ranomi Kromowidjojo (IRO, 24.90) was the only sub 25s Women's 50m Butterfly swimmer, finishing 0.53s ahead of Arina Surkova (NYB).

Nicholas Santos (22.09) comfortably won the Men's 50m Butterfly ahead of chasing Titans Marius Kusch (22.53) and Grigori Pekarski (22.64). Joe Litchfield (NYB, 22.99) finished sixth.

Iron were rising like a phoenix as Barbora Seemanova (1:54.09) continued their winning run in the Women's 200m Freestyle after leader for the first 150m Marrit Steenburgen (NYB) saw almost the entire field overtake her. Cali's Erika Brown (1:54.49) and Katerine Savard (1:55.33) came second and third.

Matt Richards (IRO, 1:44.98) was back racing in the Men's 200m Freestyle finishing fifth as Titans delivered a 1-2 from Luc Kroon (1:43.15) and Blake Pieroni (1:43.89).

The Mixed 4x100m Medley ended with a win by 0.13s for Titans (3:35.51) over Cali (3:35.64). A Brit powered NYB team featuring Elliot Clogg (53.20, one of only 2 males to lead off), Molly Renshaw (1:05.72) and anchored by Lucy Hope (53.50) finished eighth in 3:42.65.

Abbie Wood (4:27.79) scored 21 much needed points for New York winning the Women's 400m Medley by 1.83s from Tess Cieplucha (TOR, 4:29.62) whose team mate Laura Stephens (4:46.23) finished seventh.

Alberto Razzetti (4:01.59) and Max Litchfield (4:05.33) raced to a Titans 1-2 in the Men's 400m Medley. Brits Mark Szaranek (4:07.42) and Brodie Williams (4:11.21) came fourth and eighth.

And then came the defining moments of Match 7, the skins. Kelsi Dahlia (25.27, 25.48,26.01) and Beata Nelson (25.25, 25.66, 26.08) salied through the Women's Butterfly Skins Race 50m.

Iron's Robert Glinta (23.03, 23.93 and 24.02) and Cali's Coleman Stewart (23.26, 23.80 and 24.22) ended Titans chances in the Men's Backstroke Skins Race 50m.

View Match 7 Result
1 Cali Condors 581.0
2 Toronto Titans 529.5
3 Iron IRO 362.5
4 NY Breakers 293.0

View MVP Standings.

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