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ISL Season 3 Match 5 - Napoli

DC Trident, Iron, LA Current amd Toronto Titans continued their ISL Season 3 campaigns in Match 5 held in Naples over 9/10 Sep 2021.

Report Links: Day 1 | Day 2

Day 1

Toronto's Louise Hannson (55.26) opened with a win in the Women's 100m Butterfly just as in Match 1. Alys Thomas (IRO, 57.49) was sixth, 0.01s outside her Match 3 time, and although Laura Stephens (58.05) was again 8th, she improved 1.36s.

A third successive improvement by LA Current's Tom Shields (48.78) - 0.1s - ended with top spot and 15 points in the Men's 100m Butterfly after having finished scond in Matches 2 and 4. Marius Kusch (TOR, 49.97) came second.

Lisa Bratton (2:01.66) and Kylie Masse (2:01.97) repeated their Match 1 Women's 200m Backstroke double for Titans. Bratton went 0.34s faster and Masse 1.18s.

Fresh from winning the event in Match 4, DC Trident's Jacob Pebley (1:50.39) claimed a comfortable Men's 200m Backstroke win by 1.87s over Cole Pratt (TOR, 1:52.26) whose team mate Max Litchfield clocked 1:55.16, 0.5s outside his Match 1 time, for sixth place.

Second in Match 1's event, DC Trident's Maria Temnikova (2:19.98) went 2.06s faster to win the Women's 200m Breaststroke ahead of Anastasia Gorbenko (LAC, 2:19.22). Tatiana Belonogoff (DCT, 2:22.79) also improved by 1.85s in finishing seventh.

Swede Erik Persson (2:04.24) recorded his second Men's 200m Breaststroke win for Iron, bettering his Match 3 time by 0.42s. Cody Miller (DCT, 2:04.54) came second.

As in Match 1, Toronto Titans (3:28.01) won the Women's 4x100m Freestyle. Anna Hopkin (51.50) contributed to an improved third place finish for DC Trident in racing against Iron's Alys Thomas (54.69).

DC Trident's Ryan Hoffer (21.25) won the Men's 50m Freestyle ahead of Shane Ryan (TOR, 21.37).

Kasia Wasick (TOR, 23.78) won the Women's 50m Freestyle, denying Abbey Weitzel (LAC, 23.87) a third successive victory in the event. Isabelle Hindley (DCT, 24.21) came sixth.

Match 4 event winner Andreas Vazaios (1:52.30) of DC Trident improved over 0.5s to take the Men's 200m Individual Medley by 0.12s ahead of Tomoe Hvas (LAC, 1:52.42).

Bailey Andison (DCT, 2:05.38) found the extra 1.8s improvement over her second placed swim last time out to win the Women's 200m Individual Medley and hold off the challenge of Anastasia Gorbenko (LAC) 0.43s back in second.

There were no sub 26s swims in the Men's 50m Breaststroke but still a tight finish as Felipe Franca Siva (26.07) got the touch by 0.01s over Emre Sakci (IRO).

Imogen Clark (29.86) got LA Current back onto winning form in the Women's 50m Breaststroke as three swimmers went sub-30s including DC Trident's Tatiana Belonogoff (29.97).

Toronto Titans (3:06.60) led throughout the Men's 4x100m Freestyle taking the win over LA Current by 0.76s.

DC Trident's Ali Deloof improved 0.27s on her Match 4 time to go sub 26 and set another Season 3 best - 25.98 - in the Women's 50m Backstroke. Kylie Masse (TOR, 26.16) came second.

Shane Ryan though has steadily been racking up Club points for Titans with a 23.12 Men's 50m backstroke win ahead of Andreas Vazaios (DCT, 23.39).

In a Titans 1-2, Summer McIntosh (3:58.78) produced the only sub 4 min swim of the Women's 400m Freestyle for a Season 3 best and 14 points as she finished ahead of Julia Hassler (4:01.09).

LA Current's Martin Malyutin (3:40.22) again won his Men's 400m Freestyle race, finishing 1.19s ahead of Luc Kroon (TOR) whose team mate Max Litchfield (3:43.45) improved 2s on his Match 1 time to finish sixth.

Titans apparent monopoly on relay wins continued as first they recorded a Women's 4x100m Medley Relay 3:48.42 time, 0.72s ahead of LA Current. Tatiana Belonogoff (1:04.98) handing over a lead and the finally an anchor leg by Team Bath alumna Anna Hopkin (51.84) helped DC Trident (3:49.78) to third place. Imogen Clark (1:05.74) featured in an LA Current (3:56.37) seventh placed quartet.

Then Shane Ryan was first off for the Titans' Men's 4x100m Medley Relay quartet (3:23.67) and they led throughout, leaving LA Current (3:24.22) with second place.

Day 1 Standings
1. Toronto Titans – 284.5
2. DC Trident – 234.0
3. LA Current – 232.5
4. Iron – 161.0

Day 2

Having already secured second places in the event in Matches 2 and 4, consistent times from Madison Wilson (51.72) have delivered an LA Current win in the Women's 100m Freestyle ahead of the two other sub 52s simmers, Titans' Kasia Wasick (51.81) and Michelle Coleman (51.98). Anna Hopkin (DCT) clocked 52.27 in sixth place.

LA Current pulled off a second win as Maxime Rooney (46.68) controlled the Men's 100m Freestyle race, touching 0.04s ahead of fast finishing Blake Pieroni (TOR, 46.72). Bath NC's Matt Richards (IRO, 47.46) finished seventh.

Alys Thomas (2:06.00) won her second Season 3 Women's 200m Butterfly race in 2:06.00, 1.12s ahead of Zsuzsanna Jakabos (DCT). Toronto's Laura Stepehens (2:07.39) placed third, improving 1.88s on Match 1.

Tom Shields (LAC, 1:51.28) was outside his Match 4 winning time but dominated the Men's 200m Butterfly in which Zach Harting (DCT, 1:51.99) placed second and Toronto's Max Litchfield (1:55.22) sixth.

Ingrid Wilm (55.68) produced a big 19 points win for LA Current in the Women's 100m Backstroke, improving on her Season 3 Best from Match 4 by 0.26s. Ali Deloof (DCT, 55.89) was again second and her team mate Isabella Hindley (58.50) seventh.

Iron got their first win of the day in the Men's 100m Backstroke thanks to a 50.09 swim by Robert Glinta. Ireland's Shane Ryan (50.43) placed second for Toronto.

Anastasia Gorbenko (58.08) put two event second places behind her in the Women's 100m Medley, helping secure a 1-2 for LA Current finishing 0.13s ahead of team mate Beryl Gastaldello.

Iron's second win of the day came from Marco Orsi (51.32) in the Men's 100m Medley, who had won Match 3's event and on this occasion finished 0.5s ahead of Toronto's Finlay Knox.

A move from 3rd place at 50m to overtake then leader Ida Hulkko secured Tatiana Beleonogoff a 1:05.16 win in the Women's 100m Breaststroke in which she held off the challenge of fast finishing team mate Maria Temnikova by 0.24s. Imogen Clark (LAC, 1:05.97) finished fourth.

In the time it may take some non-swimming aficionados to attempt pronounciation of Fabian Schwingenschogl's surname, the Toronto Titan had made sure it would certainly be remembered as he led throughout and produced the only sub 57s swim - 56.93 - of the Men's 100m Breaststroke. Felipe Franca Silva (DCT, 57.45) placed second.

Ranomi Kromowidjojo (24.81) secured a Season 3 best time so far in the Women's 50m Butterfly and team mate Emilie Beckmann (25.47) made it a 1-2 for Iron.

Iron's Match 3 event winner Nicholas Santos (22.28) equalled Kromowidjojo's points haul in winning the Men's 50m Butterfly ahead of Toronto's Marius Kusch (22.32).

That burst of success continued to galvanise Iron as Barbora Seemanova (1:53.98) and Veronika Andrusenko (1:55.48) placed second and third behind LA Current's Madison Wilson (1:53.77) in the Women's 200m Freestyle.

While LA Current's Martin Malyutin (1:42.58) and Fernando Scheffer (1:42.89) have recently been enjoying success over the longer freestyle distances, it was DC Trident's Aleksandr Shchegolev (1:42.26) who led throughout this Men's 200m Freestyle event. Matt Richards (1:44.52) placed seventh.

Anna Hopkin (52.11) anchored DC Trident's quartet (3:35.85) to a second placed Mixed 4x100m Medley finish behind LA Current (3:34.15). Alys Thomas (58.11) featured in Iron's fourth placed 3:38.48 team.

Bailey Anderson (4:26.39) was just 0.08s outside her Match 4 Season 3 best time and secured 16 points for DC Trident in the Women's 400m Medley. Summer McIntosh (4:29.81) placed second.

Titans' Alberto Razzetti (4:01.57) improved 2.64s on his Match 1 second placed time and won the Men's 400m Medley ahead of Tomoe Hvas (LAC, 4:02.85) in second and Max Litchfield (TOR, 4:05.71) in third.

Louise Hansson (TOR) won each round of the Women's Butterfly Skins Race 50m going 25.19 and 25.86 before unleashing a 26.27 which was 0.5s too quick for Ranomi Kromowidjojo in the final

With Toronto pair Shane Ryan and Yuri Kisil tied for second place on 22.72 behind Round 2's Men's Freestyle Skins Race 50m Iron man leader Thom de Boer, all three made the final but it was de Boer who emerged victorious on 23.36 with Ryan (23.83) second.

View Match 5 Result
1 Toronto Titans 536.0
2 LA Current 452.5
3 DC Trident 416.5
4 Iron 374.0

View MVP Standings.

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