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ISL Season 3 Match 4 - Napoli

Aqua Centurions, Cali Condors, DC Trident and LA Current continued their ISL Season 3 campaigns in Match 4 which was held in Naples over 4/5 Sep 2021.

Report Links: Day 1 | Day 2

Day 1

Kelsi Dahlia (55.22) opened Cali Condors' account with a win and a 0.41s improvement on her Match 2 winning time in the Women's 100m Butterfly. Elena di Liddo (AQC, 56.37) finished second.

Caeleb Dressel (48.53) and Tom Shields (48.88) went 0.5s and 0.79s respectively faster than their Match 2 times and delivered another 1-2 for Cali Condors in the Men's 100m Butterfly event.

Having set a highest ever Club match score in their last appearance, Cali Condors winning points scores gained more momentum as Beata Nelson (2:01.11) added 19, finishing 2.87s faster than last time out for another Women's 200m Backstroke victory, with Ingrid Wilm (2:03.30) again second, also 1.15s quicker.

DC Trident's Jacob Pebley (1:50.29) was slightly slower than his second place in Match 1 but it was enough to win the Men's 200m Backstroke by over a second from Leonardo de Deus (AQC, 1:51.34). Bath National Centre swimmer Brodie Williams (1:54.07) finished sixth.

Lilly King (2:17.66) and Emily Escobedo (2:19.02) produced their second Cali Condors' 1-2 in the Women's 200m Breaststroke event. Tatiana Belonogoff (DCT, 2:24.10) finished seventh.

Nic Fink (2:03.82) made it five wins for Cali from the first six events by storming home from 6th at 150m to edge out DC Trident's then leader Tommy Cope by 0.01s in the Men's 200m Breaststroke.

Both top 2 Women's 4x100m Freestyle quartets had changed from Match 2. And both went considerably faster but the result was the same - an LA Current (3:29.44) win over Cali Condors (3:30.79). Second after her her swim, Team Bath alumna Anna Hopkin (52.12) kicked off DC Trident's challenge before team mate Isabella Hindley swimming third handed over a 0.34s lead but they ended 0.2s back in third.

Caeleb Dressel (20.67) repeated his win for Cali Condors in the Men's 50m Freestyle, again the only sub 21s swim and 0.19s faster than last time out. Team mate Justin Ress (21.24) made it a 1-2 for Condors.

LA Current's prowess in the freestyle relay unsurprisingly continued into the individual Women's 50m Freestyle with Abbey Weitzel (23.63) and Madison Wilson (24.19) recording a 1-2 for their Club. Anna Hopkin (DCT, 24.56) came fifth.

Cali team mates Mark Szaranek (1:55.67, 5th) and Brodie Williams (2:00.79) both featured in the Men's 200m Individual Medley won by Andreas Vazaios (1:52.85) of DC Trident.

With no Abbie Wood to stop her on this occasion, LA Current's Anastasia Gorbenko (2:05.04) went one place better in the Women's 200m Individual Medley finishing 2.14s ahead of Bailey Anderson (DCT, 2:07.18).

Nicolo Martinenghi (AQC, 25.74) earned a narrow Men's 50m Breaststroke win over Nic Fink (CAC, 25.84).

Although Molly Hannis (29.40s) did swim a faster time than in winning Match 2, it was only good enough for third place on this occasion as team mate Lilly King (29.15) produced a Women's 50m Breaststroke ISL season best, beating Match 1 winner and second placed Arianna Castiglioni (AQC) by 0.16s. Imogen Clark (LAC, 30.04) and Tatiana Belonogoff (DCT, 30.07) finished fifth and sixth respectively.

Match 1 winners of the event, Aqua Cenurions featured the same quartet in the Men's 4x100m Freestyle and the result was another win, 3:06.46 - faster by 0.38s - over Cali (3:06.21). Mark Szaranek (48.97) featured in the other seventh placed Cali foursome.

Despite Ali Deloof (26.25) setting a Season 3 best winning time in the Women's 50m Backstroke, it only scored 9 points but with Linnea Mack clocking 26.26, DC Trident did enjoy a 1-2.

Cali Condors' Coleman Stewart (22.98) again produced the only sub-23s swim in his Men's 50m backstroke race, finishing 0.36s ahead of Apostolos Christou (LAC, 23.34).

There was nothing to separate pace setter Leah Neale (DCT) from Madison Wilson after the LA Current swimmer raced from third with 50m to go to tie the Women's 400m Freestyle top spot on 4:02.98. Wilson scored 2 points more than Neale and prevented Joanna Evans (4:03.38) from securing an LAC 1-2.

LA Current did achieve a 1-2 in the Men's 400m Freestyle thanks to Martin Malyutin (3:40.39) and Fernando Scheffer (3:41.15).

Olivia Smoliga was the only change to Cali's winning quartet in the Women's 4x100m Medley Relay but despite transferring Beata Nelson to thir other line up, Cali were unable to repeat their 1-2 from Match 2 due to an Aqua Centurions (3:49.24) finish. Tatiana Belonogoff clocked 1:05.19 in a DC Trident (3:50.58) fifth place finish which was anchored by Anna Hopkin (52.08). Imogen Clark (1:06.89) featured in the seventh placed LA Current (3:54.33) quartet while Isabella Hindley (59.18) led off a DC Trident (3:56.07) effort.

Nic Fink replacing Oleg Kostin was the change for another winning Men's 4x100m Medley Relay Cali Condors (3:20.68) line-up which went over 2s quicker than in Match 2. Aqua Centurions relay teams placed second (3:24.52) and third (3:24.54).

Day 1 Standings
1 Cali Condors - 266
2. LA Current - 242
3. Aqua Centurions - 210 4.
4. DC Trident - 191

Day 2

Anna Hopkin (DCT, 52.06) was in second place behind Abbey Weitzeil (51.62) after 50m but Madison Wilson (51.68) came through to enable a repeat LA Current 1-2 in the Women's 100m Freestyle with all three swimmers improving by a few hundredths.

Caeleb Dressel (45.47) dominated the Men's 100m Freestyle, going 0.47s faster than his Match 2 winning time. Match 1's Aqua Centurions winner Alessandro Miressi (46.45) was second.

Cali's Kelsi Dahlia (2:03.95) added the Women's 200m Butterfly title to her Day 1 win over 100m. Alessia Poliera finished 2.03s back in second for AQC.

Second in Match 2, LA Current's Tom Shields (1:50.24) improved 2.64s to win the Men's 200m Butterfly. Andreas Vazaios (DCT, 1:51.35) prevented an LAC 1-2 by 0.15s. Mark Szaranek clocked a 1:57.74 effort for Cali.

LA Current's Ingrid Wilm (55.94) swam to a Season 3 best sub 56s in the Women's 100m Backstroke ahead of rivals Ali Deloof (DCT, 56.22) and Olivia Smoliga (CAC, 56.46).

Having set the World mark of 48.33 in Match 2, all eyes were on Coleman Stewart in the Men's 100m Backstroke. In this race, he did produce the only sub 50s swim - 49.38 - finishing a second ahead of team mate Justin Ress for a Cali 1-2.

Beata Nelson (58.02) went one place better than last time out, taking the Women's 100m Medley win over DC Trident's Anastasia Gorbenko by 0.23s.

Caeleb Dressel (50.68) lopped 0.33s off his Match 2 winning time for a comfortable victory in the Men's 100m Medley over Match 1 winner Thomas Ceccon (AQT, 52.09).

Day 1's 50m event placing order was repeated in the Women's 100m Breaststroke as Cali team mates Lilly King (1:03.57) and Molly Hannis (1:04.39) were again separated by Arianna Castiglioni (AQC, 1:04.04). However the placings of Brits in this race did change - Tatiana Belonogoff (DCT, 1:05.40) finished fifth and Imogen Clark (LAC, 1:06.19) seventh respectively.

Day 1 winner over the 50m distance, Nicolo Martinenghi (AQC, 56.85) again saw his main opposition in the Men's 100m Breaststroke come from Nic Fink (56.86). On Day 1, just 0.1s separated them. Double the distance and now the Cali swimmer ended just 0.01s apart.

Holly Barratt (25.40) earned a win for Aqua Centurions in the Women's 50m Butterfly with Beata Nelson (CAC, 25.51) second.

Caeleb Dressel improved to 22.23 for a Cali Men's 50m Butterfly win ahead of Tom Shields (LAC, 22.32).

Madison Wilson (LAC, 1:53.75) tracked Federica Pellegrini (1:53.86) before producing a burst of speed over the final 50 of the Women's 200m Freestyle to achieve another win in an almost identical time to that set in Match 2 where she had led throughout.

Top 2 placings in Day 1's 400m Men's 400m Freestyle were repeated in the Men's 200m Freestyle as Martin Malyutin (1:42.33) and Fernando Scheffer (1:42.62) raced to another LA Current 1-2. Mark Szaranek (CAC, 1:45.52) came eighth.

Cali's tinkering with their Match 2 line-up was undone with a 1-2 from LA Current (3:33.81) and Aqua Centurions (3:36.14) in the Mixed 4x100m Medley. Anna Hopkin (51.86) moved DC Trident (3:36.49) up one place as they finished 4th. Her team mate Tatiana Belonogoff (1:04.94) featured in their 6th placed quartet.

It seems Bailey Anderson (4:26.31) has laid down a challenge to Brit Abbie Wood's dominance in the Women's 400m Medley after finding an extra gear to win 26 points for DC Trident in a Season 3 best time, finishing 5.66s ahead of Beata Nelson (4:31.97).

Ilia Borodin (AQT, 3:59.57) produced the only Men's 400m Medley sub 4 min effort, beating team mate Chase Kalisz by 4.08s. Millfield OM Brodie Williams clocked 4:10.22.

Cali's Kelsi Dahlia went 25.38, 25.45 in the two Women's Butterfly Skins Race 50m opening rounds before unleashing a 25.66 to quash the threat in the final of Linnea Mack (DCT, 27.30).

It was business as usual for Cali in the Men's Freestyle Skins Race 50m with team mates Caeleb Dressel (21.79) and Justin Ress (22.69) fighting out the final.

View Match 4 Result
1 Cali Condors 594.0
2 LA Current 444.5
3 Aqua Centurions 375.5 4 DC Trident 359.0

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