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ISL Season 3 Match 3 - Napoli

Iron and London Roar started their ISL Season 3 campaigns against New York Breakers and Match 1 winners Energy Standard in Match 3 held in Naples over 2/3 Sep 2021.

Report Links: Day 1 | Day 2

Day 1

Energy Standard sent out a clear message that they were looking to add another Match win by taking the first two events. Anastasiya Shkurdai (56.53) won the Women's 100m Butterfly while Loughborough Uni alumna Marie Wattel (56.76) put London Roar's first Club points on the scoreboard with a second placed finish. Alys Thomas (57.48) finished in fifth place

Chad le Clos (49.75) went 0.48s slower than in Match 1 but it was enough to see off the Men's 100m Butterfly challenge of Roar's Vini Lanza (50.07) and fast finishing Jakub Majerski (NYB, 50.14).

There were London Roar 1-2's in the 200m Backstroke events as Minna Atherton (2:01.98) touched first and then Kira Toussaint (2:04.86) beat Mary Sophie Harvey (ENS) to the pads by 0.05s in the Women's 200m Backstroke.

Roar's Luke Greenbank (1:50.15) led throughout a quality field of the Men's 200m Backstroke, getting close to Evgeny Rylov's 1:49.61 time set in Match 1 but more importantly finishing 1.13s ahead of team mate Christian Diener (1:51.28), Robert Glinta (1:52.94) and Kliment Kolesnikov (1:53.92).

Energy Standard's Evgenia Chikunova (2:17.82) went 1.39s faster than her Match 1 time in winning her second Women's 200m Breaststroke title, finishing 2.37s ahead of Roar's Annie Lazor (2:20.19). Brits Abbie Wood (2:21.11) and Molly Renshaw (2:21.26) picked up points for New York Breakers finishing fourth and fifth.

Swede Erik Persson (2:04.66) recorded a first win for Iron in the Men's 200m Breaststroke, finishing just 0.12s ahead of Ilya Shymanovich (ENS, 2:04.78) after they both overtook NYB's Marco Koch (2:05.26). Roar's Ross Murdoch (2:07.28) finished fourth.

Energy Standard's winning form in relays continued as they improved 0.06s on Cali Condors Match 2 time in the Women's 4x100m Freestyle. They clocked 3:31.23 ahead of a London Roar quartet which featured Marie Wattel (53.39). Lucy Hope's 53.79 opening swim helped NY Breakers (3:33.78) to third place. Georgia Davies (54.58) and Alys Thomas (54.75) featured for ENS and IRO respectively.

Energy Standard then notched up two sprint wins. Ben Proud (20.86) equalled Caleleb Dressel's Match 2 time and was the only sub 21s swimmer in the Men's 50m Freestyle, improving 0.29s on his Match 1 victory.

Sarah Sjostrom (23.17) also upped her game in Women's 50m Freestyle not only improving 0.33s on her Match 1 winning time but racking up 24 Club points. She took out the 23.29 Meet record set in 2019 by Ranomi Kromowidjojo who on this iccasion could only finish third in 24.04. Siobhan Haughey (23.80) made it an ENS 1-2, finishing 0.63s behind while Roar's Marie Wattel (24.50) came fifth.

Duncan Scott (1:52.63) tracked Iron's Leonardo Santos (1:53.55) until 100m and then took over the lead to win the Men's 200m Individual Medley with the fastest event time of Season 3 so far. Joe Litchfield (NYB, 1:55.64) finished fourth.

Abbie Wood (2:05.98) should soon be getting the freedom of New York after notching up her second Women's 200m Individual Medley win and 19 points for Breakers. As in Match 1, Energy Standard's Mary-Sophie Harvey (2:07.03) finished runner up. Roar's Katie Shanahan (2:08.45) came fourth.

The only sub 26s Men's 50m Breaststroke swim saw Energy Standard's Ilya Shymanovich (25.41) rack up 24 points. Roar's Ross Murdoch (27.29) finished fifth.

London Roar won the Women's 50m Breaststroke and picked up 15 points courtesy of Alia Atkinson (29.73) being the first of three sub 30s swimmers to finish. Molly Renshaw (NYB, 31.63) finished seventh.

Just when some may have begun to wonder if NY Breakers were going to continue to struggle to get points on the board, up popped their Men's 4x100m Freestyle quartet led off by Jacob Whittle (47.35) for a 3:07.02 win. Even having Duncan Scott (46.72) chasing them down in the anchor leg for London Roar (3:07.62) didn't stop Breakers picking up 30 Club points. Adam Barrett (47.36) and Ben Proud (47.73) also featured in Energy Standard's quartet fourth place. Matt Richards (47.77) led off Iron's 5th placed team and Ed Mildred and Luke Greenbank clocked 48.25 and 48.04 for their Roar foursome.

Dutch star Kira Toussaint (26.28) won the Women's 50m Backstroke for London Roar. Energy Standard's Georgia Davies (26.93) came fifth.

Roar's Guilherme Guido produced the Season's best Men's 50m backstroke swim of 22.60 in a comfortable win by 0.51s over Kliment Kolesnikov (23.11). Joe Litchfield (NYB, 23.64) came sixth.

Siobhan Haughey (4:02.59) was over a second slower than her Match 1 time but importantly notched up 3 more points - 16 - for ENS in the Women's 400m Freestyle, That same points tally was awarded to second placed Iron's Barbora Seemanova (4:03.22). Katie Shanahan (LON, 4:09.94) and Lucy Hope (NYB, 4:19.91) placed 5th and 8th respectively.

Brendon Smith (3:40.41) went over 2s faster than his Match 2 winning time to take 15 Club points and the Men's 400m Freestyle win for NY Breakers. Ed Mildred (LON) and Matt Richards (IRO) clocked 3:52.35 and 3:56.08 respectively.

There was an Energy Standard 1-2 in the Women's 4x100m Medley Relay. Sarah Sjostrom ancored the 3:48.43 quartet which had led throughout. Georgia Davies (57.54) led off their other team which overtook London Roar (3:53.62) as its challenge faded to a 5th place finish. Alys Thomas (IRO, 57.37) and Molly Renshaw (NYB, 1:06.09) featured in their teams respective third and fouth place finishes.

Day 1 ended as it had started with an Energy Standard (3:24.05) win. Their nearest rivals, London Roar (3:24.63) in the Men's 4x100m Medley Relay were brought home by Duncan Scott whose anchor leg 45.83 swim was the only sub 46s swim of the event. Joe Litchfield (51.02) and Luke Greenbank (50.48) led off their respective third and fourth placed NY Breakers (3:25.62) and London Roar (3:26.76) quartets. Adam Barrett (50.52) featured for ENS and Jacob Whittle (46.76) anchored a NY Breakers effort.

Day 1 Standings
1 Energy Standard ENS 341.0
2 London Roar LON 214.0
3 Iron IRO 181.5
4 NY Breakers NYB 160.5

Day 2

Video: Day 2 Highlights

Siobhan Haughey (51.64) and Sarah Sjostrom (52.28) repeated Energy Standard's 1-2 in the Women's 100m Freestyle but in slower times than those recorded in Match 1. Loughborough alumna Marie Wattel (53.50) finished fifth and Lucy Hope clocked 53.85 for NY Breakers.

Duncan Scott (46.80) eased home to win the Men's 100m Freestyle for Roar. Matt Richards (IRO, 47.71), Ed Mildred (LON, 47.83) and Jacob Whittle (NYB, 48.08) occupied places 5 to 7.

Alys Thomas (2:06.11) boosted Iron's points tally with her Women's 200m Butterfly margin of victory over New York Breakers' Match 2 event winner Svetlana Chimrova 1.10s.

Roar's Teppei Morimoto led throughout the Men's 200m Butterfly to record a comfortable win by 1.27s over Chad le Clos.

Day 1's 50m winner Kira Toussaint (56.13) recorded the fastest Women's 100m Backstroke event time of Season 3 so far as Minna Atherton (56.86) ensured a Roar 1-2. Georgia Davies (ENS, 57.69) finished fourth..

Roar's prowess in backstroke was emphasised by 50m winner Guilherme Guido (48.95) adding the Men's 100m Backstroke title but outside of Coleman Stewart's 48.33 mark set in Match 2. Kliment Kolesnikov (ENS, 49.83) and Robert Glinta (50.64) came second and third, with Roar's Luke Grenbank (50.90) fourth.

As in Match 2, winner over 200m on Day 1, Abbie Wood (NYB, 58.96) came third in the Women's 100m Medley, on this occasion behind a a close Energy Standard 1-2 from Mary-Sophie Harvey (58.79) and Anastasiya Shkurdai (58.88).

Marco Orsi (51.66) and Leonardo Santos (52.24) produced a Men's 100m Medley 1-2 for Iron. Joe Litchfield (NYB, 53.14) came fourth as in Match 2.

Roar's winner over 50m, Alia Atkinson (1:04.09) continued to amass points with victory in the Women's 100m Breaststroke over Evgenia Chikunova (ENS, 1:04.86). Molly Renshaw (NYB, 1:06.91) finished seventh.

Ilya Shymanovich (55.86) ratcheted up the so far subdued points scoring of Day 2 by adding 24 for Energy Standard in the Men's 100m Breaststroke. Team mate Felipe Lima (57.38) also placed second. Roar's Ross Murdoch () clocked 59.15 in seventh place.

Normal service seems to have been restored in the Women's 50m Butterfly as Energy Standard's Sarah Sjostrom (25.11) continues her comeback from injury with another win, beating Ranomi Kromowidjojo by 0.04s.

Iron's Nicholas Santos (22.18) beat runner-up Ben Proud (ENS) by 0.25s in the Men's 50m Butterfly. Joe Litchfield (NYB, 23.15) came seventh.

Siobhan Haughey (ENS, 1:52.82) went 0.06s faster in the Women's 200m Freestyle than her Match 1 winning time but this time the victory added 30 points instead of 10. Barbora Seemanova (IRO, 1:55.03) and Marie Wattel (LON, 1:57.71) placed second and third, while NY Breakers' Lucy Hope clocked 1:58.44 in finishing seventh.

Roar's Duncan Scott (1:42.60) took over the lead from Iron's Luiz Melo (1:44.12) after 100m to win the Men's 200m Freestyle. Jacob Whittle (NYB) clocked 1:46.41.

Energy Standard (3:35.89) fielded different Mixed 4x100m Medley quartets than in Match 1 and the result was an improvement of over 3s. Alys Thomas (57.41) featured in Iron's second place. Fresh out of retirement, Adam Barrett (50.83) helped the other ENS foursome to fourth place.Joe Litchfield (51.78) led off NYB's seventh placed effort, and team mate Molly Renshaw clocked 1:05.87 in their other lane.

You could be excused for having a sense of déja-vu watching the Women's 400m Medley. Abbie Wood had already delivered 21 points for NY Breakers in Match 1's win by almost 5s. Admittedly this time she was 0.01s slower on 4:29.89, but the points total was still 21 and her winning margin over Roar's second placed Katie Shanahan (4:34.26) narrowed half a second to 4.37s.

Brendon Smith (NYB, 4:03.96) went almost 2s faster and finished 1 place higher than in Match 2 to win the Men's 400m Medley for NY Breakers ahead of Roar duo Duncan Scott (4:04.25) and Luke Greenbank whose last swim in this SC event came in Nov 2016. Yes, he got a pb - 4:07.06, beating his old mark of 4:24.30 from 2014 by over 17s and scoring 15 points in the process.

A sub 24s tie for Energy Standard swimmers Sarah Sjostrom and Siobhan Haughey in Round 1 strongly suggested they would be contenders for the Women's Freestyle Skins Race 50m title. The pair also led Round 2 and Sjostrom emerged victorious in the final following up 23.98 and 24.09 with a 24.22 to finish a second ahead of her team mate.

Ben Proud's 24.04 swim in Round 2 of the Men's Butterfly Skins Race 50m wasn't enough to make the final. After leading Rounds 1 and 2 Iron's Nicholas Santos (24.69) lost out to Roar's Vini Lanza (24.14) in the final.

View Match Result
1 Energy Standard ENS 640.5
2 London Roar LON 436.5
3 Iron IRO 405.5
4 NY Breakers NYB 278.5

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