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International Swimming League Season 2 Match 2

Match 2 of the new International Swimming League season in Budapest featured London Roar, Aqua Centurions, Washington D.C.-based DC Trident and local outfit Iron.

Victorious London Roar’s general manager Rob Woodhouse admitted there is room for improvement across the team as 10 days of training get underway in the ISL athletes bubble on Margaret Island in Budapest. DC Trident, LA Current and Tokyo Frog Kings are their competition in the next match on 30-31 Oct.

“A few events we finished towards the back of the field but we were also four people down,” he says. Bath National Centre stars Freya Anderson, James Guy, Holly Hibbott and Tom Dean flew into the Hungarian capital on Monday to join the team after being forced to quarantine in the UK following contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus.

“That’s going to help us, we will get stronger. They will be swimming in the next match. That gives us not only greater depth but allows our multi-event swimmers to be more rested for their main events,” Woodhouse explained. “That’s where there will be some improvement as well.”

The ISL has inked broadcast deals to screen Season 2020 in more than 140 countries and territories. ISL-AND is not subscription-based but available for FREE on the website Island.isl.global and via apps for IOS and Android.

It will offer live competition feeds only for those watching outside of the territories with broadcast deals, to ensure exclusivity for rights-holders. Video of all events will be uploaded to the platform for all to view within 72 hours of a match being completed.
Day 3


Relay victories provided some of the highlights for British athletes as London Roar made an early statement of intent at the start of the second International Swimming League (ISL) match of the season. The Roar – led by National Centre Loughborough Lead Coach Mel Marshall – find themselves a hefty 97 points clear of Aqua Centurions at the halfway stage of this contest in the Duna Arena’s Budapest bubble, thanks in part to some brilliant relay swimming from Siobhan-Marie O’Connor, Anna Hopkin, Adam Peaty and Duncan Scott.

O’Connor and Hopkin – now teammates after the latter’s switch to the Loughborough National Centre this summer – both produced strong legs in the Women’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay, with Hopkin bringing her London quartet home for a big win. 

That pair also played their part as Roar finished fourth in the Women’s 4x100m Medley Relay later in the evening, while O’Connor notched another fourth in a strong 200m Individual Medley field. 

The Medley Relay would produce more British success in the final race of the night. This one saw Peaty and Scott teamed up, just as they were in helping Britain’s men make history at the World Championships in 2019. Peaty – who recorded a pair of second-place finishes in the Men’s 50m and 200m Breaststroke contests earlier in the session – stormed to the front on the breaststroke leg, with University of Stirling star Scott finishing it off in style to end the day on a high for the Brit-heavy outfit.   

There were promising individual results, too, on another night of intense competition.

Luke Greenbank – a World Championship medallist under Marshall a year ago – placed third for Roar in a Men’s 200m Backstroke race that saw the top three athletes separated by a mere 0.1 seconds after 150m. Kathleen Dawson (London Roar) put in a strong performance and was fourth in the women’s category. 

Aimee Willmott’s efforts in the Women’s 400m Freestyle race brought her and Roar a fantastic third-place finish, a result that was mirrored by Aqua Centurions’ Tain Bruce in the opening race of the night, the Women’s 100m Butterfly.

The two medley relay wins for London were of added importance as they now get to choose which stroke will be swum in tomorrow's skins races - an event that can earn triple points. That means we could see Peaty going in the skins for the first time if Head Coach Marshall decides to choose breaststroke in the men's category.

Day 3 Winners:

1. Women’s 100m Butterfly – Marie Wattel, London Roar – 56.45
2. Men’s 100m Butterfly – Szebasztian Szabo, Aqua Centurions – 49.93
3. Women’s 200m Backstroke – Amy Bilquist, DC Trident – 2:02.23
4. Men’s 200m Backstroke – Christian Diener, London Roar – 1:49.51
5. Women’s 200m Breaststroke – Annie Lazor, London Roar – 2:18.85
6. Men’s 200m Breaststroke – Kirill Prigoda, London Roar – 2:04.60
7. Women’s 4x100m Freestyle – London Roar (Wattel, O’Connor, Kameneva, Hopkin) – 3:30.91
8. Men’s 50m Freestyle – Maxim Lobanovszkij, Iron – 20.92
9. Women’s 50m Freestyle – Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Iron – 23.64
10. Men’s 200m Individual Medley – Philip Heintz, Aqua Centurions – 1:58.78
11. Women’s 200m Individual Medley – Sydney Pickrem, London Roar – 2:07.31
12. Men’s 50m Breaststroke – Emre Sakci, Iron – 25.74
13. Women’s 50m Breaststroke – Alia Atkinson, London Roar – 55.65
14. Men’s 4x100m Freestyle – Aqua Centurions (Santos, Chierighini, Correia, Miressi) – 3:05.94
15. Women’s 50m Backstroke – Linnea Mack, DC Trident – 29.20
16. Men’s 50m Backstroke – Christian Diener, London Roar – 22.76
17. Women’s 400m Freestyle – Valentine Dumont, Aqua Centurions – 4:00.37
18. Men’s 400m Freestyle – Zane Grothe, DC Trident – 3:39.79
19. Women’s 4x100m Medley Relay – London Roar (Toussaint, Atkinson, Wattel, Kameneva) – 3:50.27
20. Men’s 4x100m Medley Relay – London Roar (Guido, Peaty, Kusch, Scott) – 3:23.18

Team Standings Through Day 3:

1. Cali Condors, 567
2. Energy Standard, 463
3. LA Current, 420
4. London Roar, 294
5. NY Breakers, 266
6. Aqua Centurions, 197
7. Iron, 194
8. DC Trident, 181
9. Tokyo Frog Kings
10. Toronto Titans


Day 4


Duncan Scott and Adam Peaty picked up their first individual International Swimming League (ISL) victories of 2020 to round off an excellent afternoon for British athletes in Budapest that saw London Roar clinch a convincing match win.

Roar duo Scott and Peaty had played their part in helping the UK-based franchise into a dominant lead by the end of racing on Sunday – and they backed it up in the Duna Arena on Monday afternoon, with Anna Hopkin, Kathleen Dawson, Emily Large and Aimee Willmott also contributing well.

Three-time world champion Scott recaptured the form that saw him anchor London’s Men’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay team to first a day earlier in powering to an impressive 200m Freestyle triumph. The win owed much to a brilliant middle 100m, before the University of Stirling man held on well as DC Trident’s Zach Apple powered back late on.

Within 20 minutes or so, Britain had their second individual victor of the session. This time, it was the turn of Peaty to secure his maiden ISL win of 2020, touching first in the Men’s 100m Breaststroke to make it four wins in that event since the start of last year’s championship.

On the success, the Olympic champion and world-record holder said: “It’s always hard coming in against world-class guys, especially when they’re short-course swimmers – but it’s all part of the training, I guess.

“I know on top of the water I’m confident. Around the turns, especially with no races since February, those race skills have just dropped back a bit – but I’m happy with that swim. Everyone’s in different places and it’s great to come back with a win.”

This was arguably the best ISL session so far this season from a British perspective – and National Centre Loughborough newcomer Hopkin made an early statement with a brilliant swim in the Women’s 100m Freestyle opener. 

Hopkin started well to finish second in that one, before going on to produce a big effort in the third leg of the Mixed 4x100m Freestyle Relay, setting teammate Marie Wattel up to bring her Roar quartet home in second. 

"I had so much fun racing tonight, and especially being part of London Roar and for the team to do so well on our first match - it's exciting to see where we can build from here!" said freestyle specialist Hopkin.

"It definitely took a few races for me to blow away the cobwebs but it feels so good to be back racing and hopefully we can only get better from here."

Shortly after Hopkin’s first success of the night, Emily Large caught the eye in a brilliant Women’s 200m Butterfly race. Pushing Olympic legend and home favourite Katinka Hosszu all the way in a nip-and-tuck affair, Large – who trains under David McNulty at the National Centre in Bath – earned London six points towards their massive final tally by finishing third, having vied for the lead with Hosszu for much of the contest.

Stirling-based Kathleen Dawson also enjoyed a memorable evening in the short-course pool by helping Roar to a one-two finish in the Women’s 100m Backstroke, teammate Kira Toussaint the only person to touch ahead of her.

In the Women’s 400m Individual Medley, Aimee Willmott – a busy swimmer across the two-day event and another trained by Stirling’s Steve Tigg – led after 300m of an intriguing race, before eventually finishing third. 

Day 4 Winners:
21. Women’s 100m Freestyle – Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Team Iron – 52.00
22. Men’s 100m Freestyle – Zach Apple, DC Trident – 45.74
23. Women’s 200m Butterfly – Katinka Hosszu, Team Iron – 2.07.04
24. Men’s 200m Butterfly – Vini Lanza – 1.51.75
25. Women’s 100m Backstroke –Kira Toussaint, London Roar –56.24
26. Men’s 100m Backstroke – Guilherme Guido – 49.89
27. Women’s 100m Individual Medley – Maria Kameneva, London Roar – 58.86
28. Men’s 100m Individual Medley –  Marco Orsi, Team Iron – 51.69
29. Women’s 200m Freestyle – Marie Wattel, London Roar – 1.54.65
30. Men’s 200m Freestyle –Duncan Scott, London Roar – 1.42.74
31. Women’s 50m Butterfly – Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Team Iron – 24.74
32. Men’s 50m Butterfly – Szebasztian Szabo, Aqua Centurions – 22.00
33. Women’s 100m Breaststroke –Alia Atkinson, London Roar – 1.04.21
34. Men’s 100m Breaststroke – Adam Peaty, London Roar – 56.38
35. Mixed 4x100m Freestyle – DC Trident (Apple, Howard, Geer, Perry) – 3.18.82
36. Women’s 400m Individual Medley – Katinka Hosszu, Team Iron – 4.30.52
37. Men’s 400m Individual Medley – David Verraszto, Team Iron – 4.04.25
38. Women’s 50m Backstroke Skins – Maria Kameneva, London Roar, beat Linnea Mack, DC Trident – 27.67
39. Men’s 50m Backstroke Skins – Christian Diener beat Guilherme Guido, both of London Roar – 25.19
The overall result saw London well clear at the top of the standings with 609.5 points to their name. Team Iron (392.5) took second, with DC Trident (350.0) third and Aqua Centurions (344.0) fourth. 

View full results, standings, MVP for Match 2 here.

A four-day break in the season now follows, before the Centurions and LA Current do battle with ISL newcomers Tokyo Frog Kings and Toronto Titans at the weekend. London Roar, meanwhile, return to action in match five on 30th and 31st October - with Emily Large looking forward to that after a promising start. 

"Being back racing was such a good feeling and one that we’ve all been waiting a long time for!  I can’t wait to race again in a week's time and just get more race practice under my belt. We can only get better!"


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