Join the Swim England family and support its fight to get back in the water

Swim England has launched an exciting way to join its 200,000-strong family to support, campaign and champion the fight to protect the long-term future of pools and aquatic sports – and its vision of a nation swimming.

The recognised national governing body has unveiled three new packages which have been created to give everyone the opportunity to help Swim England in its continued fight to save our pools.

Hundreds of swimming pools across the country are at risk of permanent closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, leaving the future of clubs in grave danger, the risk of recreational swimmers missing out on the physical and mental health benefits of aquatic activity and a generation of youngsters facing the prospect of being unable to learn a vital life skill.

Now, from as little as £1.25 a month, people can help fund the battle to ensure swimming, diving, artistic swimming and water polo don’t become leisure’s forgotten activities – and financially support all of Swim England’s inspiring work to help a nation to safely enjoy the water.

Jane Nickerson, Swim England chief executive, said the Supporter, Campaigner and Champion packages are vital to aid the organisation’s work in all areas of aquatic activity.

While Swim England receives some Government funding, it has to generate cash to support many of its programmes including learn to swim and its lobbying work.

Jane said: “As a registered charity, we rely on our members, our partners and pools for revenue as much of our income is self-generated.

Voice will become louder and harder to ignore

“Every single penny we raise is put back into our work – whether that be participation in the sports we love, helping our affiliated clubs, our health and wellbeing model or learn to swim programmes.

“However, these challenging times have also put a massive strain on our own finances which will impact on our ability to achieve that.

“By joining the Swim England family, your annual contribution will be crucial to assist us in our ongoing lobbying for financial support for the sector and ensure we remain the vocal champion in the #fightforpools.

“It will also help assist our clubs, protect the sports we love and ensure we can achieve our goal of a nation swimming and enjoying the water and it’s many physical and mental benefits safely.

“Our much-needed community facilities and the sports we love are sadly under real threat in many parts of the country.

“We’ll continue to stand up on behalf of all swimmers, divers, water polo players and artistic swimmers – and our voice will become even louder and harder to ignore with your support and backing.”

"If you’re already part of our 200,000-strong Swim England family, we thank you. This campaign is to provide you with even greater support and benefits.

"Please encourage your friends, family, work colleagues to join us – the more we have backing us, the harder it will be to ignore us. Of course, you can join too if you want!"

The three packages are:
To sign up to one of the packages, click here.

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