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Last chance to nominate your Young Volunteer of the Year!

Fiona Bowen, Somerset ASA Secretary has forwarded the following email from our President Kelly Podbury* on 26 June 2020 to our affiliated Clubs to action.
* pictured at our 2019 AGM

Kelly Podbury"Whilst I'm sat watching TV I thought I'd ask Fiona to send an email out to all clubs to encourage you to nominate your Young Volunteers for this annual award.

"I've been so fortunate to work with so many great Young Volunteers in the time that I've been involved with Somerset - they are so motivating and I learn so much from them. So now is the best time to thank them for their commitment and recognise all of their efforts.

"So far we've had five nominations from five of our 30+ clubs, surely there are more worthy Young Volunteers who can be nominated.

"I recently asked my cohort of volunteers at Burnham-on-Sea to answer a few questions on volunteering for a project I'm doing. The response below clearly shows how much our young people love what they do, love the responsibility and are very clear about the skills they are learning.
  • Why did you want to volunteer?
    • I started volunteering for my bronze DofE and still do so three years on, being an older member of the club it’s great to interact with younger swimmers and pass on your enthusiasm for swimming. 
  • How have you found your time as a volunteer so far?
    • Being a volunteer is great fun, getting to interact with younger swimmers and building great relationships, passing on your own skills and knowledge to others that may do the same in the future. 
  • What would you say to one of your swimmers who may like to volunteer in the future?
    • 100% do it, it helps increase your confidence, communication and other social skills whilst having fun and teaching something you love. It’s a great thing to do to take your mind off other things and the club will always support you in further training qualifications in the future.

"So I would ask as your President, please put your thinking caps on and nominate away.

"Please continue to stay safe and look after one another."

Kelly Podbury
Somerset ASA President

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