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Somerset ASA and preparations for a return to the water

Fiona Bowen, County Secretary has sent the following email to Clubs on 22 May 2020 and looks forward to hearing from you.:

Dear all

As always, I hope you are all keeping safe and well, along with your friends and families.

Since I last emailed you there has been another major funding initiative announced involving crowdfunding.
My main reason for contacting you now is to begin to look at and prepare getting back into the pool.  Swim England are looking at this but have not yet released any guidelines.  The BSCA have released some guidelines which provide some food for thought.

I can only begin to imagine how you are all feeling at this time.  There have been some brilliant initiatives to keep in contact with your athletes, to keep them in contact with each other and to keep everyone motivated.  However, I am sure you are all experiencing major worries about how your club will survive financially as any return will be far from normal and how you are going to ensure you keep as many members as you possibly can for that return.

There will be more guidelines - probably plenty of it and confusing at the time.  What I would like to do is speak to each club individually to get an idea of how you are coping now and your worries for the future - logistically, financially - anything!  We can then get a good picture of concerns in the County and start to look at solutions and how we can help you.  We have invested in GotoMeeting as a platform to hold forums and my idea would be to move then to running forums, similar to those currently run by the region but more local, to discuss and formulate plans.

So - I’d love to speak to either your Chair, Secretary or a member of your committee over the next couple of weeks to begin to gather all the information.  Please could you come back to me with the name, position in the club, email and contact numbers of that someone who has knowledge currently of how the club is coping and your concerns moving forward.  I will then contact them to arrange a good time for us to have a chat.

Then around the first week of June, we will start to look at running some group chats so that we can all help each other as we hopefully move towards a return to the pool.   So if you could let me have names and contact details asap that would be great.

Look forward to hearing from you.  

Stay safe and well.


Fiona Bowen
Somerset Secretary 
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