Practical ideas for helping children and babies with their physical development at home

Loughborough University academic, Dr Janine Coates, has shared practical tips to help parents and guardians deliver physical development opportunities to children at home following the closure of nurseries and other childcare facilities.

Dr Coates says, as well as keeping children’s mind active during this difficult time, it is important that parents remember to keep children moving and exploring. This is because these activities aid with physical development, which involves developing control of muscles and physical coordination. It is the primary function in all other life skills and enables children to complete simple tasks such as sitting still, holding a pencil, putting on shoes and reading.

In a bid to help parents with children now at home, Dr Coates has shared a selection of activity ideas from the Early Movers website – a free online resource she designed with early years practitioners, external consultants, Loughborough Campus Nursery and SSEHS academics.

The full activity list, plus additional information on understanding child physical development, can be found on the Early Movers website at

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