Information / Action Required re Stronger Affiliation

Post Publication Note 25 Feb 2020:
Fiona Bowen, County Secretary has forwarded the following email from Chris Vickery at Swim England South West on to our Clubs.Please read the details below and especially if you are unaware of Stronger Affiliation / not involved directly with running your club.

Please find below details of Stronger Affiliation and how it will affect clubs going forward.  Please can you ensure this correspondence is forwarded to every club in your County at your earliest convenience.

For your clubs which already have SwimMark no action is required apart from maintaining their SwimMark accreditation.  All other clubs need to listen to the webinar which will guide them on the simple process of Stronger Affiliation.

With regard to the Webinars which the region are delivering as detailed below, can you please encourage your clubs to sign up to the webinar as they will find the information extremely useful.  The process for the webinars is easy and the relevant member can simply sit and listen to the information being delivered and can at the end of the presentation ask questions if they so wish to do so.

Below is the email which Andy Jack (Club Development Officer) has asked to be circulated and actioned accordingly.

Please get in touch with me if you have any queries or questions regarding this.

Thank you for your help with this.

Chris Vickery (Mrs)
Swim England South West Office Co-Ordinator
Events Officer
T 01823 666792
Chelston Business Park Castle Road
Wellington Somerset TA21 9JQ

Dear (insert club name)

Please see important information below regarding minimum Swim England affiliation requirements coming into effect.

What is Stronger Affiliation?

Swim England is bringing in new guidelines for its affiliated clubs in a bid to show they have the highest standards of safe and effective practice in place.
The Stronger Affiliation process is being introduced so new and existing members know clubs are well run and their personnel have the necessary safeguarding checks in place to ensure members’ safety. For further information please visit -

What will it mean for my club?

If your club is already SwimMark accredited, you just need to maintain your accreditation.

Clubs who have not completed SwimMark will have to provide six pieces of evidence to stay affiliated to Swim England on an annual basis. The six pieces of evidence are:
1.     Approved Club Constitution
2.     Risk Assessments
3.     Club Personnel Record (to include qualifications, valid DBS and approved Safeguarding training) – including information on the Coaching & Teaching Register
4.     Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Time to Listen certificates for the Club Welfare Officer.
5.     Welfare Officer compliance statement
6.     Club Chair compliance statement

If a club provides all of the above information, then they will be compliant for Swim England changes in 2021. Further guidance is included in this Stronger Affiliation Matrix document. 

Failure to meet this new minimum standard of compliance will result in a club being suspended temporarily or permanently at the beginning of 2021. 

What are the next steps for my club?

All clubs that are currently SwimMark accredited will not have to provide the six pieces of evidence as they have already met this standard as part of their SwimMark process.

However, this is under the proviso that their SwimMark accreditation is maintained.

Clubs who do not have the SwimMark accreditation will need to complete the Stronger Affiliation process. The South West Region are holding 2 online live webinars to demonstrate how clubs can complete the Stronger Affiliation process:
To book onto either of these webinars please email providing your name, club name and your position within the club. You will then be emailed a link to access the live webinar. You are also welcome to join any other live online webinar hosted by other regions, a full list of the schedule is available on the following webpage -

The South West Region are also willing to deliver face to face Stronger Affiliation workshops based on demand.  

When is the deadline for completion?

All non SwimMark clubs will be able to submit evidence for Stronger Affiliation to an online from 1st June 2020 and all evidence will need to be uploaded by 16th November 2020 so this can be checked and approved by the region ahead of the national deadline 1st  December 2020.

Andy Jack
Club Development Officer
M 07583 115556

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