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What do we want? When do we want it?

Most people will recognise when a sport / sporting nation / region / county / club is on an upward trajectory. That rise will rarely be down to just one person.... 

When the performance culture and models which help shape success can withstand for example athletes retiring, coaches and volunteers moving on, competitors continually improving etc. you know you are on top of your game.

The extent to which the interplay between nature and nurture factors affect individual trajectories of talent development has been debated for over a century. 

Yes genetic endowment, physical factors, psychological factors such as commitment, and environmental factors such as family support do contribute to the emergence of excellence, but they can all change over time. Family, education and facilities alone do not explain why very few go on to demonstrate the exceptional performance required to achieve success at Olympic level.

What is key is understanding an individual’s potential and capacity to excel in any sporting discipline(s) requiring special skills and training. 

Teaching skills that swimmers will need and should focus on at a young age is fundamental to the process of shaping talent development. Those skills will be refined and built on higher up the athlete talent pyramid.

Should the motivations of swimmers ever exceed those of our Clubs and Coaches, the local pyramid is liable to collapse. 

So that is why we need 6 skills coaches in 2020. NOW!

Please apply here before the closing date of 17 Feb 2020.

We want to look back proudly in years to come and say that our investment in the Pathway Programme laid firm foundations which contributed to:
  • individual swimmers achieving their potential
  • fostering and mentoring coach development
  • improved performance

Together Everyone Achieves More

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