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Somerset ASA Championships & Age Group Competitions 2020 Day 4

The second weekend of 2020's long course sessions continued at Millfield on 1 Feb with B 400m Free, G 100m Free, B 50m Back, G 200m IM, B 100m Breast and G 50m Fly.

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Session 7

Boys 400m Free

Both Senior and Junior titles in this event have been the preserve of Millfield in 2018 and 2019. And with Millfield OM Kieran Bird, Jakob Goodman (Millfield) and four Bath Uni swimmers Luke Turley, Thomas Dean, Cameron Kurle and Will Ryley currently leading the Somerset rankings, it is a pedigree line that is continually improving.

Davide Arioli, already Senior Champion over 800m, continued the tradition by adding the 400m title won by over 6s in a 4:06.69 finish. Jeffery Chen (Bath Uni, 4:12.86) and Alexander Sargeant (Millfield, 4:15.24) led the chasing pack, earning silver and bronze respectively.

Our 2020 Junior Champion Solomon Williams (4:19.62) also from Millfield, improved 0.35s on team mate Will Ellington's 2018 Junior mark. Oscar Barlow (Taunton Deane, 4:22.55) came second and Maxwell Adams (Team Bath AS, 4:29.11) third.

Top 3 in the 14 Yr age group, Joshua Jones (Keynsham, 4:44.68), Jonathan Turck (Millfield, 4:46.02) and Jack Butler (Taunton Deane, 4:46.27) all improved on their seed times. 

The top 3 12 Yr olds from 2019 were again medal winners but on this occasion the improvement of over 24s a year later by Street's Harvey Pike to 4:48.63 secured gold, leaving Adam White (Millfield, 4:50.47) with silver.  Jamie Steadman (Clevedon) went sub 5 mins with 4:59.05 for third place.

In 2019 Dexter Townsend won the 10-11 Yr age group by a margin of 2.26s. A year on and now representing Millfield, he has won 12 Yr gold in 5:27.48 with Zachary Powell (Academy Swim Team Burnham, 5:29.31) claiming silver. A 30s improvement over his fourth placed 2019 time sees Bridgwater's Malakai Prothero capture bronze with 5:30.01.

The price of gold may be approaching a seven year high but Millfield's Jack McMeekin's medal haul to date could well be having an impact. He collected the first 10-11 Yr age group winner's medal of Day 4 after clocking 5:42.25. Reuben Thomas (Taunton Deane, 5:57.73) and Caleb Gifford-Groves (Millfield, 6:04.48) placed second and third.

Girls 100m Free

Back in 2017, Olivia Halcox had set the Senior mark at 59.00. It may have lasted three years but with Laura McNab and Jess Podger already producing faster swims over the last 12 months, there was every prospect it would be downed this weekend. And it didn't take long for McNab (Bath Uni) and Podger (Millfield) to unleash 58.09 and 58.25 respectively in the prelims with 2019 Senior Champion Rhiannon Bowen (Team Bath AS) third fastest qualifier on 59.25. A halfway lead for McNab of 0.64s over Podger helped her finish as Senior Champion in 57.88 as Podger (58.13) chased her down the last 50m to win silver with Bowen (59.45) earning bronze.

Para-swimming legend Stephanie Millward (Team Bath AS, 1:07.35) clocked up 740 points for her S9 prelim swim.

With Rachel Anderson's 1:00.03 Junior mark in their sights, ANT swimmers Lara Turner (1:00.10) and Leah Evans (1:00.12) kept spectators for the 15 Yr final on their feet as both swimmers came within hundredths of a second of beating the mark or winning the Junior title. Street's Isabella Moore placed third with 1:01.67.

The 14 Yr age group is offering up plenty of excitement as Frankie Hatchard (Millfield, 1:01.13) won gold ahead of the fast improving times by Jessica Lawton (Keynsham, 1:02.35) and Chloe Bown (Taunton Deane, 1:02.41) in second and third.

Already 9th fastest 13 Yr Brit over the last 12 months after setting 1:02.34 in May's SW regional championships, Isabel Blackhurst (Weston-super-Mare) improved first to 1:01.02 in the prelims and then to 1:00.08 in the 13 Yr final, finishing just 0.05s outside Rachel Anderson's Junior mark from 2017. Her final swim catapults her to the top of those rankings and wins her the Junior title to add to gold over the 400m distance. Isobel Nethercott (Keynsham, 1:04.25) and Phoebe Olesen (Bath Dolphin, 1:04.67) placed second and third.

Fastest qualifier Eva Lawson (Millfield, 1:05.00) led throughout to add another 12 Yr freestyle gold following earlier wins over 800m and 400m. That meant 2019's 10-11 Yr winner Augusta Maddox had to settle for silver in 2020 with 1:06.00. Evie Linden (Taunton Deane, 1:10.12) won bronze.

Progressions from seed to heat to final times earned Alesha Nisbet (Street, 1:10.52) and Amelia Vincent (Clevedon, 1:13.23) gold and silver respectively with Daisy Hay (Team Bath AS, 1:14.65) in third place.

Boys 50m Back

Just 0.27s separated fastest qualifiers David O'Loughlin (Millfield) and Ryan Whitworth (Taunton Deane) after the prelims with O'Loughlin only missing Oliver Willis' 2018 Senior mark by 0.15s. However it was Whitworth who seized control of the final, becoming our Senior Champion in 27.69. O'Loughlin (28.07) and team mate Alexander Sargeant (28.25) finished with silver and bronze respectively. 

Having already produced sub 30s swims in the prelims, fastest qualifiers from Millfield, Solomon Williams and Adam Graham again went 1-2 in the final with 29.16 and 29.40 respectively, making Williams our new Junior Champion. Oscar Barlow (Taunton Deane) then joined the sub 30s swimmers with 29.80 for bronze.

You could say that Millfield's 14 Yr Boys seem to have got the hang of racing 50m Backstroke as they took six of the eight available places in the final. And gold and silver went to the School's Ethan Payne (30.76) and Martindale (31.94). Not to be outdone, Street's Finley Hunter-Clarke  saw off the challenge from the remaining Millfield swimmers clocking 32.71 for bronze.

The prelim rankings carried through into the 13 Yr final and improving times from Adam White (Millfield, 31.01) and Max Head (Bridgwater, 32.41) were rewarded with gold and silver. Daniel Heath (Millfield, 34.55) finished third.

Fastest qualifier Riley Price (Clevedon) comfortably won the 12 Yr final with 36.32. Luca Gregory (Taunton Deane, 37.56) and Kaleb Allom (Street 37.67) both enjoyed progressive times from seed through to final for second and third place.

G-S-B for the 10-11 Yr age group went to Jack McMeekin (Millfield, 37.63) and following good progressions Luke Seymour (Wellington, 39.31) and Isaac Soverall (Weston-super-Mare, 39.54).

View Session 7 results.

Session 8

Girls 200m IM

Georgia Gussey (Keynsham) twice came within touching distance of Lily Booker's 2:22.37 Senior mark set in 2019. Just 0.02s slower in the final than her 2:22.43 heat swim earned Gussey the Senior title and the eighth fastest time a by a 16 Yr Brit over the last 12 months. Charlotte Emery (2:23.86) and Jessica Podger (Millfield, 2:24.41) gave chase, claiming silver and bronze.

An improvement of over 3s on her entry time to 2:24.32 saw Lara Turner (ANT) enjoy a victory margin of 4.74s and a top 10 time for a 15 Yr Brit over the last 12 months in the final to become our Junior Champion. Isabella Woollard (Millfield, 2:29.06) placed second and Street's Ruby Varney captured bronze this year with 2:29.57. 

Fastest qualifier Eleanor Broughton (Millfield, 2:31.96) found herself still with plenty of work to do in the 14 Yr final after Chloe Bown (Taunton Deane, 2:32.32) and Jessica Lawton (Keynsham, 2:32.43) had touched just ahead of her with 50m to go. Not to be outdone the Millfield swimmer came back strongly for gold leaving Bown and Lawton, 13 Yr winner in 2019, to complete the podium places.

2019's 12 Yr silver medallist has gone one better in 2020. Weston-super-Mare's Isabel Blackhurst (2:37.30) led throughout the 13 Yr final. A stronger second 100m enabled Theoni Kane (Bridgwater, 2:43.83) to secure silver after overtaking Charlotte Lang (Team Bath AS) whose 2:44.44 secured third.

Eva Lawson (Millfield, 2:43.95) won the 12 Yr gold as both team mate Sydney Boyde (2:50.34) and Olivia Barlow (Taunton Deane, 2:53.12) clocked over 5s and 6s improvements to replicate their seond and third placings respectively from 2019.

The ranking order from the prelims followed through into the 10-11 Yr final. Fastest qualifier Alesha Nisbet (Street, 2:56.37) improved just under 8s overall to win gold. Daisy Hay (Team Bath AS, 3:05.94) came second with Katie Sercombe (Taunton Deane, 3:06.77) seeing nearly 10s progress on her entry rewarded with bronze.

Boys 100m Breaststroke

2019 Senior Champion Marcus Gardiner (Street) had led the 2020  prelims with 1:05.90 but it is William Mitchell (Millfield, 1:06.40) who takes our 2020 Senior title after maintaining his halfway lead over Dylan Gallagher (Taunton Deane, 1:07.39) to the wall. Wyatt Walsh (Millfield, 1:08.60) claimed bronze.

Having opened up nearly a 1.5s halfway lead, Richard Jenkins (Millfield, 1:17.69) managed to fend off the challenge of Reagan Gallagher by just 0.15s after the Taunton Deane swimmer had chased him down over the home straight to finish with 1:17.84 and silver. The time makes last year's 14 Yr gold medallist Jenkins our new Junior Champion. Millfield's Thomas Agar (1:19.82) came third.

2019's 12 Yr 1-2 continued into the 13 Yr final as Harvey Pike (Street) produced the sixth fastest time for a 13 Yr old over the last 12 months of 1:17.85 for gold. Taunton Deane's Harry Ryder (1:19.35) and Szymon Wyrozumski (1:22.31) completed the podium medal placings.

Runner up in the 10-11 Yr age group in 2019, Riley Price (Clevedon) went one better in 2020 winning gold by over 2.5s in 1:27.78. Also showing big improvements in a year were Zachary Powell (Academy Swim Team Burnham, 1:28.64), sixth in 2019 but taking silver in 2020 and Luca Gregory (Taunton Deane, 1:29.11) in third place.

Yeovil enjoyed success in the 10-11 Yr final as Theodore Perrin (1:31.85) eclipsed the field, improving 8.55s for a win by over 4.5s worthy of the seventh fastest by an 11 Yr Brit in the last 12 months. Caleb Gifford-Groves (Millfield, 1:36.39) placed second and a 3.77s improvement to 1:41.93 by Perrin's team mate Joshua Hudson determined the bronze.

Girls 50m Butterfly

With six Millfield swimmers contesting the Senior final, it was 2020 Senior Champion Alice Gouldby (28.81) followed by Yasmine Hamerlaine (29.18) who secured the top two places for the School ahead of Hannah Denny (Bath Univ, 29.21).

The 15 Yr age group offered up plenty of fast times as 2019's 14 Yr gold medallist Leah Evans (ANT) first went under the 29.56 Junior record - set last year by Rhiannon Evans - with 28.98 heat swim. She immediately lowered the mark again in the final to become our 2020 Junior Champion in 28.62 - the fourth fastest time by a 15 Yr old Brit over the last 12 months. Street's Isabella Moore (29.37) also swam under Rhiannon Evans' old mark for silver and Millfield's Phoebe Armes (30.59) placed third.

Records were likely to be under threat as Jessica Lawton (Keynsham) had already swum the second fastest time (28.71) by a Brit for her age group at Swim England's National Summer Meet in August after just missing a sub 30s time in our own 2019 13 Yr final by 0.04s. As a 14 Yr swimmer in our 2020 Championships she went 29.08 in her heat - still the fouth fastest 14 Yr recency ranked swim and under our 2019 29.56 Junior mark. Lawton (29.42) then repeated the feat to win the final, finishing ahead of Martha Sell (Clevedon, 31.07) and Tate Green (Millfield, 31.38).

Winner in 2019 as a 12 Yr old , Isabel Blackhurst (Weston-super-Mare, 30.95) led the the fastest qualifiers home to repeat her achievement in our 13 Yr final. Nomuunaa Ganbaatar (Millfield, 32.09) and Jasmine Porter (Taunton Deane, 33.96) placed second and third.

There was a Millfield battle for top spot in the 12 Yr age group which 2019's 10-11 Yr gold medallist and fastest qualifier Augusta Maddox (32.96) won by 0.13s ahead of Eva Lawson (33.09). Francesca Hanson (Taunton Deane, 35.23) got the bronze.

Laura Ball (Keynsham) turned in a 2.88s progression over the heat and final to 34.92 to add 10-11 Yr gold to her earlier win over 200m in the stroke. Alesha Nisbet (Street, 36.68) and Katie Sercombe (Taunton Deane, 38.62) came second and third.


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