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Safeguarding - Guide to training and funding and dates for courses

Please download this updated guideline document on Safeguarding training which Fiona Bowen, County Secretary has emailed to Club Secretaries for the attention of Somerset's Club Welfare Officers and relevant officers of the club.

The main changes clarify 
  • which courses will be funded by Somerset ASA and the Region and 
  • the process when booking a Safeguarding course organised by the Region (such as the one running on 29 February 2020).

For renewals, these only apply if people have already done the initial face to face UK Coaching Safeguarding course.

Please share details within your Club and network and ensure that those booking on these courses are aware of the processes involved.

Thank you.

Fiona Bowen
Somerset Secretary 
Tel: 01275 877412
Mob: 07970 736225
Email: fiona@bowenfamily.me.uk
Fiona Bowen, County Secretary had emailed information to Secretaries of our affiliated Clubs with a request they also forward the information on to their Welfare Officers:

Somerset ASA has been delighted at the response to our Safeguarding workshops which will be held at Millfield on 9 February 2020. Both sessions are now fully booked. Thank you!

Please download the following documents which will assist you in accessing Safeguarding courses for your volunteers and workforce:

1. Approved Courses by Swim England - details of courses which are approved by Swim England.

2. Updated guide to training and funding and dates for courses (published 30 Jan 2020).

3. Somerset ASA Welfare Officer presentation at our General Meeting of Clubs 2019 - with details on contacts and other information on Safeguarding.

We have recognised the importance of our clubs being able to evidence Safeguarding qualifications on the new teacher / coach register and to avoid suspension if not able to provide this evidence. 

Somerset ASA and the Region are investing a substantial amount to ensure that the cost of these courses are not a barrier to obtaining this ESSENTIAL qualification. The Region has undertaken to cover costs over £20 per candidate and Somerset ASA is committed to providing the balance of £20 or under. Please follow the updated guide document which calrifies the process to follow when booking a course or applying for a reimbursement. All we ask is that you respect the costs incurred and ensure that people are committed to attending.  If anyone does not attend, or gives very short notice, we will ask the club to cover the cost in most cases.

The updated guide above clarifies how this will be managed which will depend on who organised the course, and advises who to contact.

We will be looking to provide more courses throughout the year, for example at our Development Meet in October, but also at other times.  If your club has a number of people requiring Safeguarding Courses then please email Fiona Bowen, County Secretary and we may be able to run one in your area.

Please remember that if someone has already done a face to face Safeguarding course, they can now renew that course online as long as it is within three years of the face to face course.  The link is on the attached Safeguarding Course guidelines.

We hope this is clear but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Fiona and if she doesn’t know the answer herself, she will be able to find out!

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